Organizations all over the globe are on the lookout for innovative ways to monetize their brand and attract customers. In the cut-throat competition, companies are often unable to get their target clients effectively.

 So, is there any way to get your business in the limelight and get noticed? Affiliate marketing programs could be the answer to all your problems. In fact, affiliate marketing programs generate over 15% of the total digital media advertising-income. It is a tremendously popular tool that can help businesses increase visitor traffic and enhance personal engagement.

What is the hype about Affiliate Marketing?

The latest trend in the corporate world is affiliate marketing. Different companies from diverse industries have started affiliate marketing programs to divert traffic to the website, store, and social media accounts. This may cause you to wonder what all the hype regarding affiliate marketing is all about? Well, it is a potent marketing asset where organizations pay commission to loyalists for traffic or sales that they obtain through affiliate referrals.

Companies are investing a lot of efforts by starting affiliate marketing programs that are unique. Affiliate marketing spending is bound to grow by 10% in the next few years. If you are a growing business, it is vital to building an army of brand ambassadors who will promote your products or service to get you desired sales results.

Your affiliates are a loyal tribe of followers who promote your brand in innovative ways. They give you positive publicity and word-of-mouth recommendations. This is bound to divert your target audience to your brand and keep them hooked for the long term. Affiliate marketing also ensures that the affiliates earn considerable money through monetary commissions and keeps them involved with the organization’s growth journey.

What Are The 10 Best Affiliate Programs In The Market?

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to stay engaged and earn some extra bucks. However, it can be a confusing task to choose the ideal program. There are tons of options available in the market, and all have varying terms and conditions. It is important to pick a perfect match so that you enjoy playing the game field. To make the process a bit easier, here is a simple list of the 10 best affiliate marketing programs in 2019:

1) CallHippo Affiliate Program:

CallHippo is a leading virtual phone system service provider that has tons of happy customers worldwide. The CallHippo Affiliate Program caters to creating long-lasting bonds with fellow affiliates. The affiliates get access to a referral link, and the more leads that they generate, the better is the end pay-out. Since CallHippo is the market leader in VoIP phone system, it is a smart idea to associate with such a reputed firm. It also offers the highest commissions – that is sure to be a motivating factor for affiliates to push harder and generate more inbound traffic.

Commission Structure:

CallHippo has a transparent payment policy for affiliates. It gives 20% recurring commission on the purchase of every plan made by affiliate referrals.

2) Hubspot:

This innovative organization’s main objective is to help other businesses grow and improve business processes. It has various components such as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a robust CRM solution that aims to provide an excellent customer experience. Hubspot has a creative affiliate marketing program that gives affiliates access to a large inventory of products. The most compelling part about their affiliate program is that the commission of affiliates depends on the tier of the product that their referral has purchased. This leads them to be more powerful and persuasive in their approach.

10 best affiliate program

Commission Structure:

Flat Rate – Up to $1,000 per product purchased

3) AWeber:

A leading autoresponder since 1998, AWeber is the first choice of millions of global businesses. It is a smart platform that enhances performance through newsletters and emails drip campaigns. AWeber has a customized and well-designed affiliate marketing program that helps to build brand loyalty and target customers from all over the world.

Commission Structure:

Affiliates of AWeber can earn money through these two options:

  1. An In-house affiliate marketing campaign that offers a 30% lifetime commission.
  2. You can earn up to $300 per account through CJ Affiliate. But the cookie life with this option is only 45 days.

4) ConvertKit:

A new organization in the email marketing world, ConvertKit is an intelligent corporate asset. It facilitates an increase in target customer-base via website landing pages, client forms, and email drip campaigns. ConvertKit has a wide variety of product plans that aim to target a diverse client base. This gives its affiliates a high-income potential which motivates them to engage deeply with the organization.

Commission Structure:

The ConvertKit affiliate program offers a 30% lifelong commission for every referred paying customer.

5) LeadPages:

This is a novel online tool that allows users to create customized and attractive landing pages. This boosts their lead conversion rates and pushes up the sales pipeline. LeadPages gives its affiliates complete access to banners, live links, sidebar images, and social media pages. It offers a lucrative commission and aims at building a healthy two-way relationship with affiliates.

Commission Structure:

Each referred customer carries a lifetime commission rate of 30%.

6) GetResponse:

This is a sophisticated platform that can help organizations improve marketing campaigns and lead to higher sales. It offers a range of services such as email marketing, drip campaigns, landing pages, and webinar hosting. GetResponse has two affiliate programs, both of which provide great opportunities to earn money.

Commission Structure:

  1. GetResponse has a self-hosting program that offers 33% recurring commission rate.
  2. Affiliates can also earn up to $135 for every confirmed sale referred through CJ Affiliate.

7) SEMRush:

A specialized digital marketing business venture, SEMRush boosts search engine optimization and builds a variety of competitive analysis tools. They give promotion material in five different languages and offer a high commission rate to provide maximum incentives to loyal affiliates.

Commission Structure:

SEMRush offers a recurring commission rate of 40% over the lifetime of a referral customer subscription. This means that affiliates can earn up to $160 per month per referral.

8) Kajabi:

This unified marketing solution allows users to design landing pages, launch new product campaigns, build websites, and create unique online courses. The Kajabi partner program is open to loyal users who want to make a difference to the brand reputation by promoting its products widely. There are many rewards and bonuses to enhance affiliate performance and ensure that they put in their best.

Commission Structure:

Kajabi offers a 30% lifetime commission to affiliates for any lead that remains active beyond the free trial period.

9) Coursera:

The leader in online courses, Coursera, offers a huge variety of programs in varied fields. It has courses in SEO, financial management, digital marketing, PR, and Data Science. Course material comprises puzzles, videos, and online seminars. Coursera has a curated affiliate program that offers attractive commissions. It gives access to tailor-made banners and a monthly newsletter with customized content to loyal affiliates.

Commission Structure:

Coursera has a flexible commission rate ranging from 20%-45%, with stable performance incentives.

10) Teachable:

An online learning platform, Teachable designs and sells courses to millions of students worldwide. It is a credible e-learning solution and has over 186 thousand online courses. Teachable enables users to learn niche subjects and tries to attract a wide user-base through its curated affiliate marketing program.

Commission Structure:

Teachable pays a recurring commission of 30% on a referral lead’s monthly subscription.

If you are running a business in the current competitive arena, you surely need to try out every tactic in the book to attract new clients. Affiliate marketing can bring about a positive transformation to your bottom-line results by boosting sales and getting you tons of new clients!


11) Pabbly Affiliate:

Pabbly Affiliate Program is a beginner-friendly, non-confusing affiliate program for both novice & masters. Pabbly has a series of marketing products and you can promote these products anywhere through the affiliate links available on your separate dashboards.

This is the only affiliate program where if a user reaches on a product through your affiliate link but buys some other Pabbly product then in that case too you’ll get the commission. As it uses a single cookie to track all sales from a merchant. So, no matter which product you promote, you’ll get a guaranteed commission on selling any Pabbly product. Also, this way you don’t need to refer your customers repetitively for different products.

Commission Structure:

Flat 30% recurring commission

Flat 20% Commission on Lifetime Deals


Updated : May 6, 2021


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