Last few years have seen a meteoric rise of startups in Cloud telephony and hosted VOIP industry. It is estimated that 688 businesses are in the VOIP industry. The growth of the VOIP industry is predicted to reach a CAGR of 9.1% between 2016-2021.

These VOIP vendors use various tools to advertise their product and services to potential customers. And one such alternative which is in too much trend is Affiliate marketing. And this is quite obvious as 16% of online orders are generated through affiliate marketing.

CallHippo Affiliate Program

The splendor of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you refer someone to buy an online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation you earn a commission. Businesses don’t need to invest in the marketing and promotion of their product or services, someone else sitting miles away is taking care of that. The affiliate earns their commission and the company gets to sell its product and the customer gets the product he desired. This is what makes Affiliate marketing one of the most inexpensive and value for money online marketing practice.

CallHippo- a leading VOIP provider has also extended a lucrative affiliate program that will transform your small business and will bring in good money by just doing a bit. Within just two years of inception, CallHippo has 1500+ customers buying Virtual Phone numbers for 50+ countries. All credit to their outstanding sales team and their marketing efforts.

Anyone can participate in Affiliate Marketing because

1) It is free of cost

Affiliate marketing needs no investment. Marketing any product online is inexpensive since it is created by someone else. Also, you don’t need to hire a team or have an office to promote a product. A laptop and a robust internet connection would suffice.

2) No customer support

This is absolutely not required as you are not the one who created the product

3) A simple way to make passive income

This can be a side business if you have a normal daytime job. Once you have established it, you can earn steadily even when you are not online.

4) Work from home opportunities

If you are capable of making a healthy income from affiliate marketing, you can make it your full-time job and enjoy working from your bean bag at home.

5) No headaches of maintaining the product

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to generate income streams online. You only have to highlight the product and services you love to use without having to do a lot of work as you are not creating or maintaining the product yourself.

CallHippo Affiliate Program

CallHippo Affiliate Marketing

So interested in selling products on your website? CallHippo affiliate program can be a good option. It is easy, fast and free- plus, it gives you an opportunity to earn money in a snap. CallHippo will offer you all the necessary promotional materials, tools, and support needed to maximize your earning potential.

We assure that all the customers referred to CallHippo will be personally and efficiently taken care of. Our whole and sole purpose is to make owning and running small businesses easier, affordable and more profitable for our customers. So what are you waiting for, this is the best time to promote CallHippo and make a profit with CallHippo affiliate program

Becoming a part of CallHippo Associate program has distinct advantages than similar programs in the industry. There will be no low payment threshold and monthly payouts. Some virtual Service providers restrict payouts to a certain type of sign-ups or only if a new subscriber purchases a certain type of service. With CallHippo you don’t have to worry about such issues.

What Does A CallHippo Affiliate Marketing Program Do?

Very simple. You Refer. CallHippo sells. You get paid

Painless selling

All you have to do is recommend CallHippo’s innovative and affordable communication service to your customers, business clients, and professional network. Simply mention the product and connect them with us, CallHippo will take care of everything from here. We will sell them the account and will make sure the implementation is successful. CallHippo’s robust features and top-rated customer service will ensure that the customer is happy and satisfied with the services.

Big commissions

Who doesn’t like commissions for such an easy task? They have different plans such as basic, silver, gold, platinum. If you become an affiliate partner for Callhippo you receive a massive 25% of recurring commission rate per closed deal.

An Impressive Product

The loved ones that you have referred will benefit from our cutting-edge virtual phone system. It has some amazing features such as call forwarding, call recording, multilingual IVR, number porting, dynamic number insertion etc. CallHippo’s Virtual Phone system will genuinely benefit the people you refer.

Strong Reputation

You have partnered with the best in the industry. CallHippo is a leading VOIP provider in the market.

There are various platforms where members can advertise the referral link or the affiliate ID. The link can be added on relevant websites, individual pages or blogs. If your business sends out newsletters to the current and potential subscriber on a regular basis than adding banner ads and text links can be a good idea.

So what are you waiting for? Think no more and become a part of CallHippo’s Affiliate Marketing Program. Such affiliate programs benefit both the service provider as well as the participants. Its a win-win for both the parties.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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