Switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one smart decision that small business owners are making nowadays. And here, cost plays a huge factor in this decision. The monthly saving on Telecommunication for a company may vary from 20% to 40%, depending on the service provider. The monthly plans include unlimited local and long-distance calling by paying a flat monthly fee with meager rates per country. Some monthly plans include free international calls as well.  

There are pretty good reasons why small businesses are switching to VoIP. Primary goals include features like voicemails, call waiting, toll-free numbers, call forwarding, and remote operation. You can easily find a host of other features that is helpful for a small business.  

Talking about the management of monthly call traffic, one must be able to transfer calls immediately and efficiently. The capacity of a system to do these things without any hassle is the main reason businesses are upgrading to the latest feature-rich phone system. The business phone system will let the small business transfer calls to another executive with the touch of a button. As there will be at least more than two phone lines, there can be another caller at the same time too. 

If we talk about the general advantage of this system, then we need to mention how scalable it is. It gives you the power to easily add, move, and change phone numbers to accommodate your growing team. And it also allows your voice and data network to merge into one single system making the overall management very simple. 

You need to consider your business phone system as a mission-critical tool. In this scenario, a company must pick the best phone system that will not only benefit them in the present but for the years to come. 

With so much at stake when you try to choose a feature-rich phone system, it gets tricky as there are so many competing products in the market. But before you take any big decisions, always remember that it is essential to have the basics covered.  

Then, it will make it easy to distinguish between the differences (and price points) with unusual or advanced features. Other than predominant features like management and scalability, a VoIP system offers a bunch of standard and optional features that can boost collaborations, employee productivity, and customer service.  

Now let’s talk about the top 10 key features to look out for in a business phone system: 

i) VoIP Based Functionality:

It is as simple as “ABC” that the companies that are using an analog phone system will be saving around 40-80% on their phone system once they switch to VoIP service. We say it’s time to cut the cord and move to the IP based phone system as there are predictions that landlines are going to be obsolete in a year or two.

We understand that some of you don’t feel convinced enough to move to an unknown territory without any proactive reason for it. But you need to understand that by merely upgrading your core technology, you will be saving money that you didn’t even think of saving. This system will eliminate outdated infrastructure with new technology.  

Think again, do you want to waste money by paying for an obsolete technology? 

ii) Auto Attendants:

A small business cannot even imagine how beneficial an auto attendant is for them. Be it a professional greeting, call routing to cell phones, or converting voicemails to emails, this phone system can do it. We do agree that live interaction is more preferable, but in case of runtime calls, it is the most complimentary. And keeping a person to attend calls is not affordable for all companies. 

In short, if you use an auto-attendant, it will save you money and will make you look more professional in front of that international client that you wish to work with. This will allow you to route calls and give 24×7 assistance to customers. 

iii) Mobile Twinning

As remote work is a talk of the town, this is a feature that all companies must have. This feature allows you to use mobile devices as an extension to your Business phone system. To simply put it out, it is like you have never left the office. You will not have to skip a beat before you answer, transfer, or make calls from your mobile phone while you are using your business configuration and infrastructure. 


Here are a few benefits-

  •  Roaming – You can easily roam around the office.
  •  Save on data & calls – Cut data costs by twinning off your Wi-Fi.
  •  Mobile remains 100% active
  •  Save capital on international calls – You can make calls by using Wi-Fi.
  •  Strong communicationStrengthen your communication as you will never miss an urgent call again.
  •  Access to outlook – Now, you can easily access vision from your mobile devices.  

iv) Voicemail to email or Text

Do you know how many times an average person checks their email account in a day? Around 15 times or more. So this is a feature that can benefit you in more than one way. Your voicemail will be sent directly to the email address that can increase the efficiency and reduce the amount of time you would waste on a voice call otherwise. 

v) Tailored Music & On-Hold Messages

There is no denial to the fact that no company or its employee ever wants to keep customer’s calls on mute and keep them waiting while you are struggling to solve their query. It seems unprofessional. We are not saying that making them listen to a sound will suddenly raise the bar, but it will definitely make them think that you are interested in helping them.

Sometimes the customer might wonder if their call will ever get online or not. Pretty embarrassing right? 

There have been many surveys that claim that callers will disconnect the call within 40 seconds if no audible cues is playing. And we rest our case.  

Also, this is a great time to tell your customers about the products and services that you will be launching soon. Or you can also make them feel interested by telling them about an upcoming contest and reward points. This feature is available on all VoIP phone numbers

vi) Call Accounting & Recording

Every small business aims at fulfilling customers’ needs without hampering their budget and staying true to the core. When a company gets the opportunity to dissect the peculiar details of customer conversation, they can attain the unattainable level of understanding. 

This is the magic of a simple feature like call recording. 

The bottom line is that by using call recording and accounting, it will get more comfortable for a small business to improve the all-in-all experience of the customers. And once that is attained, it will empower the employees to do an even better job.

vii) Remote Support & Warranties:

We know how difficult it is for small and growing companies to hire a full-fledged IT team. In such cases, it is most suitable to employ remote technical support. In case if there is an administrative change on the phone, the respective engineers should take care of it who has programmed the system in the first place.   

As we are aware that small companies don’t have large IT staff; instead, they have a knowledgeable team that gets designated to fight the battle. They try to understand the nuances of the business phone system. That is a waste of time and effort. You can simply connect with CallHippo, and we can guide you on how to improve performance and have stable growth. You can save thousands by optimizing the workflow of your team.  

viii) Multi-Linked Sites / Remote Workers

One of the most desirable features to have is being able to work remotely. By this, we mean that if your system is connected to the cloud, your workforce is mobile and can work from anywhere possible. These things were not possible with the traditional phone systems. The most exciting thing is that your workforce has access to all the features that will help them to stay productive irrespective of where they are working. 

The companies have realized that spending money on hardware and infrastructure is unnecessary and is an extra burden for the company. But if correct measures are taken, it can be stopped. 

Now your employees are working with the restrictions of a traditional landline. Instead, they are empowered by the flexibility of the cloud system. The transition into the cloud system is happening whether you embrace it sooner or later is up to you. 

As we have already explained a lot about why the best VoIP phone service is necessary for your business, we would like to conclude by saying that no matter how big or small your company is facing a downtime repetitively will make your growth cripple. We are surprised that there are still many companies that follow hit and trial before they upgrade to a VoIP system, considering how important it is. If an excellent Business VoIP phone service is installed in time, then you can stay stress-free on the busiest days.

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