In our endeavor to deliver the best Business VoIP phone services, we are happy to present our monthly update with a range of new features. 

Ranging from an option to enable the Sticky Agent feature to activate voicemail during a call queue, the August edition is truly a rocker of an update!

Allow us to walk you through the latest developments-

1. Ability to direct incoming calls to preferred agents:

Ensure enhanced customer experience by enabling the Sticky Agent feature in your application. If the user enables this feature, a recurrent customer’s call is connected with the last agent that they spoke to. 

This simple yet practical feature allows for faster query resolution and also greater customer satisfaction as they don’t have to explain their situation again to a different agent. 

2. Allot a custom ringing time on each number for incoming calls:

It is a number specific feature wherein users have the freedom to set ringing time duration on a particular number (USA number, for instance). The ringing period can be set anywhere in the range of 10-30 seconds. 

This comes as an upgrade on the earlier fixed incoming call ringing duration of 30 seconds.


3. Call transcription facility for each call in Activity Feed:

Are you tired of analyzing call recordings of an unendingly large number of calls? Well, you can now relax, as the latest update comes with the super-efficient Call Transcription facility built right into the call logs visible under the Activity Feed section. 

Users can now view speech to text, call transcriptions for each call in the call log.


4. Option to filter calls made via power dialer in Activity Feed:

Users now can view calls made via power dialer by using a dedicated filter in the activity feed. It helps to keep a tab on the calls placed using the power dialer.


5. Add feedback for each call in the Activity Feed:

Users can now add comments or feedback in front of each call in the call log under the Activity Feed section. The name of the commenting user is also visible right next to the input given.


6. Credit addition limit updated to $1000 from web application:

Make and receive calls without worrying about your credit balance, as you now have the choice to add up to $1000 credit from your web application.


7. New and improved Activity Feed user interface:

We believe in coming up with even better UI and UX for our valued customers. Staying true to the same, we have revamped our Activity Feed section with a smoother, cooler, and feature-enriched user interface. Some of the unique additions include a call transcription facility and feedback delivery option.


8. Option to add a voicemail and exit the call queue:

Ensure customer satisfaction even when all your agents are busy and unable to attend calls. Want to know how?

With the latest update, the caller can leave a voicemail by pressing * and exit the queue.


What more to expect?

Expect more awesomeness in the future updates, which is much in sync with our ongoing endeavor to offer best-in-class VoIP solutions. Stay tuned in for more upgrades coming your way!

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