There are fewer joys in the world that match the joys of seeing your small business scale the heights that you had once only dreamed of achieving!    

According to the findings of a recent study conducted by Forbes, “Customers form an impression of the business in the first seven seconds of contact.” This usually boils down to the live or automated attendant that greets potential customers.

Prospective customers would prefer the availability of a human attendant on the other side of the chatbox. 

Here lies the trick, you need to strike a subtle balance between human and AI automation to ensure the spread of the goodwill of your business. The first step here would be to choose the perfect VoIP phone system

Let us walk you through the benefits of VoIP based automation for acing your business growth needs.


Advantages of opting for automated cloud-based communication systems

The following are the significant reasons why biz owners are making the switch to a more digitally automated business communication system;

  • Save on employee remunerations: The best thing about having an intuitive and automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is that, bootstrapped business ventures can save on employee hiring and maintenance costs. Simple issues such as account balance information can quickly be resolved by a well-planned, customizable IVR system such as the one offered by CallHippo. 
  • Ensure an excellent first impression on customers: When you make an effort to record a personalized message for your callers or choose a piece of soothing on-hold music, the caller will appreciate the difference. Happy customers bode well for businesses, whether big or small! 


  • Enhance employee efficiency & productivity: The trick to taking note of here is to channel the hassle of attending, and being on watch for incoming calls is to automate the same. This simple step ensures that employees focus on other areas of the business that require their expertise. Another concern that many organizations report is the lack of CRM integrations with their VoIP software. CallHippo provides the choice to integrate the software with 100+ popular platforms such as Shopify, HubSpot, etc.

So whether you are a homegrown brand hoping to expand globally, or a seasoned player in running a business, you need to get a small business VoIP solution. We are going to help you with just that in the following section. Stay hooked to know more!

Five features to look out for in the perfect VoIP based business automation solution.

Now that you have realized the importance of incorporating an efficient cloud based VoIP solution for your small business, you could probably use some help in zeroing down on the perfect provider.

Spark Automation

The following is an indicative list of the must-have features to look out for in your automation solution hunt!

  • A customizable IVR system: Investing in a VoIP phone number for your small business that comes with an Interactive Voice Response will prove to be a beneficial decision. CallHippo provides a customizable Multi level IVR system for your business. An IVR ensures that the automated machine resolves simple queries and offers an agent’s help only when human intervention is required for a particular concern. This is a win-win situation for both your business and your customers. The customer gets the right resolution for his/her query, whereas the business doesn’t need to overextend its capacity.
  • Customizable on-hold music: Lower your call abandonment rates by adding soothing or rejuvenating tunes while the call connects with a suitable agent.  CallHippo, a trusted name in the field of providing virtual phone numbers for small businesses, brings you the option to add welcome music as well as a customizable message.
  • CRM integrations: In the era of digitalization with an increasing number of CRM platforms, it is essential to ensure a single platform for all your CRM as well as calling needs. To improve your team’s productivity, CallHippo has introduced the 100+ integrations app marketplace


  • Smart call forwarding: Ensure seamless customer grievance resolution by transferring the call to a well-equipped agent who can handle and solve issues. The smart call forwarding feature offered by CallHippo comes with an option to enable, disable, or customize the call forwarding facility. You also have the freedom to integrate smart extension menus based on the work shift of employees.


  • Voicemail greeting: When you are unable to attend to a particular customer’s concern, the call gets transferred to voicemail. You can add the personalized touch by recording a warm, customized voicemail greeting, which lets the customer know that he/she is essential to the company and will receive a callback. CallHippo also gives the administrator the freedom to customize the call queue waiting time. You can set the time frame anywhere between one to five minutes before the call gets transferred to the voicemail. Lower the waiting time, the quicker the grievance resolution; the higher are the levels of customer satisfaction.


Play on your strengths and accentuate your company’s growth trajectory by automating your business processes wisely. Want to know more about setting up your support center? Send us a mail at, and we would be more than happy to help!

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