In this current era of increased expenses day by day, for better financial security, side business ideas can never be overlooked. For women who are doing 9 to 5 jobs in order to have better financial freedom; home-based side businesses can be quite profitable. It boosts your financial status, helps you take better care of your family and your own needs, and most importantly, it allows you to be your own boss with maximum work freedom. There are plenty of opportunities currently for women to earn money through side income along with keeping up their regular 9 to 5 job.

According to the journal review-business opportunities and ideas for ladies, these are some of the most profitable home based side business opportunities for women.


To start with a profitable blogging business, you need to seek the right web hosting service provider first to set up all the technicalities required for monetizing the blog before publishing contents. WordPress is the best platform for creating attractive blogs. The next thing to focus on is topic selection. Do keyword research, polling on social networks to analyze what kind of topics audiences are most interested in. Once you find it, focus on creating engaging content that can add value to readers. Also, make sure you are consistent with your blogs and do maximum user-interaction. This will create a quality fan base of readers to let your blog make profits.  

Web Design & Development

This one is for the women working in IT technical profile. If your regular job is into Design and Development work, you stand an excellent opportunity to make huge profits by Freelancing. You can join the freelancing websites like People Per hour, Upwork, Guru to find plenty of small and big projects on Designing and Web Developing. You can even generate leads through social media like LinkedIn for the design and development works. You will find plenty of small and medium scale projects on Graphic designing, Logo designing, Website Designing, PHP, Dotnet, Android, Java projects, and so on. Choose one as per your skills and go ahead.

Online courses

This is another profitable side business idea with less investment. You need to have expertise on any subject that can help students learn from you. For those who are into teaching professions and the ones having core expertise in academic subjects or technical ones like Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Development languages, SEO and so on, Online courses are the perfect side business. You can follow the 8-hour long video of Udemy on ‘How to Create an Awesome Online course’ for complete assistance on creating, hosting, and selling online courses in the digital platform. Online courses have enormous demands currently and will let you make higher profits.

Affiliate Marketing

Those who are into blogging, affiliate marketing is a revenue booster. It is the technique of promoting services and products of other brands in your website/blogs and earning a commission from them in return for each sale made through you. If you don’t have blogs, invest in building a good affiliate website, and promote products from several brands. You can join the Amazon affiliate program or enter product name+affiliate in Google to find several affiliate programs. Promote the products by being customer-centric with PPC ads or provide referral links on your website/blogs. Whenever someone clicks on your reference links/ads and purchases product from the brand website, you earn a commission for each sale, and thus you can add up your profits.

Go for Youtube Channels

You need to create a Youtube channel first and be consistent in posting contents that are either interesting or something that can benefit the viewers. You can go with tutorial videos, travel videos, mythological videos, recipes, technical videos, dancing videos, and anything that serves entertainment. Once your channel earns more than a thousand subscribers, you can turn on the monetization option for your channel by accepting YouTube’s monetization terms and conditions. Once Youtube verifies and approves your request, your video is all set to make money. More the likes, comments, subscriptions, and views on each video, higher is the profit you generate.

Updated : September 10, 2021


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