Sales play a major role in the success of the business; in the same way, communication works as a game-changer in the successful running of your business. Be it an in-house customer care team, or outsourcing to a contact center, your interaction with customers, decides the success of your sales. The Telecom industry has made great technological advancements, which led to enhanced office productivity and sales with the use of call forwarding, tracking and recording, high call quality, and more. These tools have made it easier to maintain a cordial relationship with customers through business calls.


Business communication consists of internal and external calls. Internal calls are the correspondences between the company and its team members, whereas external calls refer to the incoming and outgoing calls between the company and its client. A good Business Phone Call system ensures a better running of the business communication system, and with good quality tools, you can attract more customers and run a successful business. 


Convenience and good customer service are important contributing factors to the success of the business. 92% of all the customer interactions happen on the phone. Good customer service develops trust in the eyes of the customers because they believe that you can solve their issues if it arises. Most appreciated calls are Welcome and follow-ups as they make the customers feel valued.


There is a wide range of tools available in the virtual phone system which are used and customized in such a manner which fulfill your corporation’s need. These wide ranges of tools include call distribution features like Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ringing, Time of Day Routing to direct calls to different destinations, and locations. These tools ensure that if one employee is unavailable on call, another one can attend the call. The main aim of this virtual phone system is to make sure that your business is accessible to your customers without any trouble. Tools like Call Recording, Analytics, and Call Tracking helps you improve and strategize your business communication calls. Call Recording helps in training new employees and act as a refresher for current employees.


While on the hand, Call Tracking and Analytics gives you an insight into important call stats and metrics like the number of calls occurring over a day, week, or month; Average handle times (AHT); Customer effort score (CES); Average speed of answering (ASA); Queue times; Where incoming calls are coming from, etc. 


Global Call Forwarding is the leading provider of virtual phone numbers in the business field. It has now announced the Call Recording feature for their Outbound Calling service, which can record outbound calls for future reference, compliance purposes, and to conduct employee performance analysis. Users making outgoing calls are now able to see the caller ID of any virtual phone number registered on their account. Businesses buying a virtual phone number for the first time will be able to activate outbound call recording, which would enable them to record employee-customer interaction, which would enable them to make the required improvements needed in the area. It would also help the companies to streamline their sales and customer care efforts and also keep a record of the customer interaction. This feature of call recording comes with a 30 days storage period for recorded calls and will record 100% of the calls made. 


Apart from the outbound call recording technique, Global Call Forwarding has designed another voice communication system that is more efficient for businesses across the globe. Telecast and support are an important factor in the successful running of the global business system and is a further essential step towards improved communication. 


Internet Business Phone System

Internet business phone system, also called Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to make and receive calls through the internet. It converts your sound voice into a digital signal that can be sent over the internet. Internet business phone system is considered to be the best business system because they offer different attractive features like caller ID, call forwarding, call management, voicemail, call waiting, conferencing, video calls, and more. It is majorly used by many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to take the success of their business to another level. There are different internet business phone systems which include Nextiva; RingCentral;; Vonage; Voiceshot; CallHippo; RingCentral, etc.


Business Phone system

A business phone system is all about a dedicated number through which your customers can reach out to your organization, thus enhancing your availability and connectivity. The business phone number is a better alternative to a traditional business phone system which helps you build your client base and provide better business communication facilities. Business phone numbers can help your business build a global presence irrespective of the fact where it is located. A business phone number is essential if you want your customers to connect with your organizations at any point in time. Even Google provides a phone number for your business through Google Voice, which provides you a free phone number for making calls, sending texts, and voicemails. You can use the apps on your computers and smartphones, and link your number with either your mobile number or landline.


Google Call Forwarding has announced toll-free numbers for new markets, and one of these markets is the vibrant economy of Mauritius. Toll-Free numbers are the virtual numbers which charge the receiver instead of the caller for making calls. This free to contact service not only attracts customers but builds a strong base of your business. Being a business owner, you are liable to make your business strategy and approach easy and reachable to the customers. A number easy to dial for the customer is the first step towards it, and Mauritius toll-free numbers give an important opportunity to the businesses to work with new markets and demographics and improve their experience as well.

Updated : March 22, 2021


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