The first quarter of 2020 has been full of surprises that saw path-breaking mergers and acquisitions, unique product innovations, mega-funding rounds, and start-up growth. 

Despite the world getting hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are approaching the second quarter of a phenomenal year for IT service companies. The stage has already been set full of hurdles for the IT service leaders to grow their tech community despite having their employees working remotely. 

We have picked up 10 leaders from the ever-growing tech service community that are steadily working through their visions of the future and preparing everyone and themselves with their best skills, knowledge, and team collaborations.

1. Saptarshi Halder, COO, Unified Infotech

Saptarshi has been working in Unified Infotech for the past six years, where he joined as a Senior Project Manager. Today, with his ultimate focus in helping to plan and define the strategic direction of the company, Saptarshi Halder has been a COO for almost three years in Unified Infotech. 

He leads all the departments to develop a winning culture through revenue-generating activities, which are characterized by accountability, high performance, operational excellence, and result orientation. 

He also believes in giving his inputs to the admin and HR departments in helping incentivize employees. This, in turn, helps the firm engineer better solutions for various enterprises and start-ups.

2. Hiren Dhaduk, VP, Simform

Hiren is a versatile leader who has been assisting Simform since 2010 to extend the company’s tech capabilities. Started as a Team lead in development and delivery, today, Hiren Dhaduk as a VP excels at showcasing leadership through Simform’s development teams across various technologies.

Through these ten years at Simform, Hiren has been able to help organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500s and NGOs featured in WHO through his diverse experience in business intelligence, analytics, SaaS platforms, and IoT. 

He believes that working closely with the team members helps to maximize the user experience and develop a better company from scratch.

3. Igor Izraylevych, CEO, S-PRO

Igor is an entrepreneurial CEO who founded S-PRO in 2014 with a couple of friends to change the Ukrainian tech community. Today, Igor, with his core technical expertise and 150+ full-time professionals, has completed more than 100 projects in AI, BigData, and Blockchain. 

Although, being a guy in his late 20s, Igor never imagined he would be able to deliver market-altering products into the world so fast. Thanks to his humility and confidence, he states to be the engine of his company to help push it to a whole new level.

Igor Izraylevych loves to communicate with his existing and new clients to concoct new ideas and find ways to bring them into reality.

4. Arkadiusz Kwasny, Founder & Board Member, Selleo

Arkadiusz might look like a young adult who might have just started his entrepreneurial journey until he opens his mouth to take you into a journey of e-business environments. With 20 years of serial entrepreneurial experience, Arkadiusz Kwasny has been walking with a beacon of leadership in Selleo for almost 14 years now.

He supports SMEs in their efforts through Selleo to develop robust IT infrastructures for a better servicing community. Selleo develops, designs, and integrates custom web & mobile applications with the help of a cross-functional team and experts.

5. Nick Thompson, MD, DCSL Software

Nick has been a one-company man ever since he started DCSL Software back in 1997 in London and Farnborough. The company specializes in creating custom-built applications ever since the dot com bubble to help solve a range of client-specific business problems.

Nick Thompson predominantly believed to service only UK organizations first to achieve at least a dozen active customers. But when he led to delivering consultancy, software development, hosting services, and support, clients shot up from a dozen to a multifold.

This happened because Nick adamantly believes in delivering quality services strictly from in-house teams, which is why in six years, the company shot from 12 employees to a house of hundred.

6. Dmitriy Umen, CEO & Co-founder, Brights

Dmitriy has been a co-founder of Brights ever since the idea struck him when he was working as a software developer in some other Ukrainian tech company. 

Dmitriy Umen wanted to give the best service in mobile and web development to Ukraine, which led him to start Brights as a software development company in the Kyiv region.

He leads a team of 72 experts in helping various go through their stages of product software development cycle. 

With eight years of conception, Dmitriy has successfully superhumanly delivered more than 370+ projects with the help of his team. This shows that nothing can stop his hunger from making his company become number one all over Europe – with or without the pandemic.

7. Renat Khasanshyn, Founder & CEO, Altoroslabs

Renat founded Altoroslabs in 2002 to become one of the infamous organizations today headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. 

With over five global offices, Renat has been marching with a torch of leadership in front of 400+ full-time engineers leading them to a new era of AI technologies and blockchain development.

With 18+ years of expertise, Renat believes in disrupting new fields of crypto-economics, game theory, insurance product design, and licensing insurance entities with the help of his team. 

Renat Khasanshyn interests include building reliable architecture for platform-based ecosystems, creating neural networks based on risk modeling, and many such jargons related to sophisticated computing. A day with Renat would feel like a lifetime of future which is why his company is light years away from the current tech economic scenario

8. Konstantin Boyko, CEO, Justcoded

In 2007, Konstantin started to pursue his passion for all things tech along with his two friends and started a small-time web development agency. Although he claims he didn’t face many challenges, back then, the Internet was not that complicated. Today, he manages more than a team of 80 tech experts, and they all are not just coding. 

Konstantin Boyko believes in evolving along with his employees to help grow the company. He states that the key to keeping his team working and facing challenges head-on is by pushing them through all the difficulties that every innovation brings.

9. Illia Pinchuk, CEO, Diceus

Diceus was founded in 2010 to cater to custom software development, QA of applications, product design, and IT consulting. In one incomplete decade, Illia has been able to pull up the company from a few handful people to a 250+ team of engineers and specialists dedicated to more than 30 clients worldwide.

Illia Pinchuk knows that it wouldn’t have been possible without the employees that work with him and not for him. He clearly states that people who work as a team can achieve more than leading them in a direction as a leader.

10. Yuriy Shamrey, CEO & Founder, Sumatosoft

Yuriy already had over eight years of experience working in the IT field until he realized how passionate he was about working on his own software development company someday. He founded Sumatosoft in 2012 to be able to give the best customer experience across seamless software solutions to all clients. Today, with over 100+ projects completed through the help of merely over 50 employees, Yuriy Shamrey believes there’s no stopping them from becoming a No. 1 app development company in Minsk.

Updated : June 20, 2022

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