There are many occasions within your role or for the business, where a report needs to be made and presented. It could be a sales report on the money made for the business over the last year or if you’re someone who works in social media, you may need to make regular reports on your recent campaigns or initiatives.

Whatever the reason, a report is a regular occurrence within business and so you want to make it as interesting and engaging as possible. Thankfully, there are numerous tools and software out there that can create professional and appealing reports that need no design skills for the most part. With these tools, you can create something that will impress whoever receives and reads it.

Here are six tools to create an engaging report, whether it be for a client or your boss.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great platform for many businesses to collect data on whatever site they implement the code supplied by this tool. It’s used by many to gather data that might be important to use, especially when feeding back on campaigns or particular projects that might be of interest to include in your report.

For many, data can be a good indication of where things are going but to also project on certain aspects of the business. The more data you can utilize when it comes to your reports, the better and that’s why Google Analytics is the best tool to use. There’s so much that it can collect regarding your demographic and where it’s coming from.

The tool measures a lot of data including who your audience are, where they come from, and how they engage with the content. Not only does it measure advertising ROI but it can also be useful for video and social media networks too.

Google Analytics is free to use, hence why so many want to take advantage of this platform. It’s a great thing to refer to when it comes to the creation of your report, particularly when incorporating your data as evidence.


In order to create your report, you want a report maker that can provide you with visually engaging features that will be interesting for those reading it. A report maker can make your reports a lot easier to understand and digest in the way they’re laid out and presented.

Piktochart is one of those report makers that is loved due to its ease of use and professional templates on offer. A lot of the time, it can be hard enough just to think of ways to lay out your report in order to avoid boring the reader, so Piktochart can help do it for you.

The drag and drop editor is simple enough to use that it doesn’t need any prior training to understand it. So even those who perhaps don’t have much of an idea when it comes to editing tools, will still be able to formulate a report by using the pre-made templates.

Having the ability to create professional-looking reports with very little customization needed is certainly something you want when you’re looking for tools to create a report. With Piktochart, they also offer a range of price points, from free to $29 per month for an individual user and $99 per month for five users.

For anything above five, they’ll offer a demo to find a plan that suits you best.



To create a report, you need to have access to the right data. A report that weighs in all aspects of your work will help you get a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. But collecting all data can be a tough task. Here comes the role of a report generator. Not only does it make your reports a lot easier to understand, but they also help you present your data in a better manner.

CallHippo is one of those report makers that have gained popularity due to its ease of use and high customization capabilities. Many times, it can become difficult to segregate the data and layout your report.

CallHippo provides you with four different reports. These include activity call feed, abandonment rate report, embedded reports, availability report.

Some platforms need you to log on to their platforms and then download the report. Interestingly, with CallHippo, you only need to set the frequency of getting reports, and you will receive them in your inbox.  You can receive weekly, monthly, and even daily reports. 


In order to create a report, it’s a process that might involve more than just yourself. You may need to collaborate with additional team members within the organization or even clients externally. Whoever is involved, having a tool or platform that you can refer to can certainly be helpful.

Slite is a great tool that helps you manage your report building process from start to finish with the use of a project charter. What is a project charter? Well, it’s a document that’s developed at the beginning of a project’s life cycle that’s used as a guide and reference point for your project. In this case, it’s to help you navigate through the creation of your report.

This tool has an editor that’s fast and flexible for whatever stage you’re at in your report building process. Whether you’re at the beginning, where you’re jotting down ideas to delegating tasks to those that are involved with the creation of the report.

Slite can also be very helpful when it comes to sourcing data or documents that you have for the report itself. With the tool’s structure, you can easily find what you’re looking for without having to go to the effort of organizing everything in a regimented fashion.

The tool offers a relatively affordable pricing point at just $6.97 a month per person or it’s free for those who might not need anything extra that the premium options offer.


A report’s visual appearance is important but it’s also the content that really counts. That content should be professionally written, structured correctly and with the right tone that reflects the company’s brand.

For that to be successful, it’s good for any report creator to use a grammar and spelling tool to proof-read the report. Grammarly is one of those tools that’s not only available in a web page format but can also be downloaded as an app and added as a web-browser extension.

It helps to grammar and spell check any content in order to correct any mistakes. That way, when you hand it over or distribute the document, you can rest assured that it will read well and sound professional.

With Grammarly, it’s an easy to use tool that if implemented into your web browser or your phone, it can be good for editing on the go. It’s free to use but offers a premium version and business version depending on how many will be using it.

I Done This

Who doesn’t love a to-do list? For those that are perhaps creating a report on their own, I Done This can be a useful tool for showing you what you’ve accomplished. It can also be good for those working together in a team and to monitor each other’s progress. It works as an inverse to-do list where it shows you what you’ve done and not what’s left to do.

This can be a great tool to take advantage of because it can help you understand what’s been done by yourself and by others who are collaborating on the report. It works by sending you and your teammates an email to show you what’s been done by each person. This helps to save time on meetings that would have happened otherwise.

I Done This is a tool that you’ll want to incorporate in your report building process because it will allow all those involved to have a balanced contribution to the report itself.

There’s a free trial available to take advantage of or you can get the standard subscription for $9 per month, per person. They’ve also got Plus and Enterprise as levels up the subscription.

To create an engaging report, you want to ensure that you’ve got everything needed to deliver the important information that’s required. These tools will help ensure it gets done efficiently, looks visually pleasing and provides the reader with something that they can utilize or learn from.

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