Remember when it was mandatory to go to some dusty old office in order to work or run a business? Well, not anymore! In the digital age of today, technology provides for you to work from anywhere in the world with the help of various online tools. 

Such online tools offer unimagined flexibility and can be customised according to the needs of different individuals. No matter what industry you work in, these tools will help you transform your kitchen table into your very own office desk. 

How do these online tools work?

For those not-so tech savvy people out there, wondering how one can possibly run a business sitting at home, let me tell you a little more about how these tools work.

All you need to get your set of online tools up and at your service is an active internet connection. As the name suggests, all your work will be done online. Most of these tools use the cloud to store and manage your data and keep you connected with your co-workers. 

Many of these tools can be personalised according to the needs of the user. One can pick and choose the functions or features that he would like to use, and pay for those features alone.

Now, for those of you thinking that these online tools must cost a fortune, let me tell you that they are in fact very pocket friendly. You only really need to pay for a good internet connection. 

What are the best online tools in the market today?

There are several different tools available on the internet today. However, some are more efficient and useful than the rest. After thorough research, we have handpicked a few tools that are at the top of their category. 

Here are some of the tools that are an absolute must-have for all businessmen today:

1. Boomerang for Gmail

This tool is especially useful in covering thousands of miles worth of differences of time zones in just seconds. Whether you are one bitten by the travel bug or have customers all across the globe, Boomerang for Gmail helps you keep your mailbox professional.

So what exactly does this tool do? It allows you to type out your email and schedule it to be sent at your desired time. How does this benefit your business? Imagine if you were to receive business emails in the middle of the night at 2 am. Not very professional, is it?

This tool is absolutely invaluable when you are dealing with clients and workers from different time zones. It helps you remain professional in your dealings. Apart from the schedule feature, this tool also allows you to do a variety of other things like prioritise emails and organise your inbox.

Boomerang for Gmail is available for both android and iOS users, so there are no limitations whatsoever!

2. Trello

Trello is one of the best online tools designed for task management available in the market today. Having a tool to organise and manage pending tasks is a must, especially when one is out of the discipline of working in an office. 

One can use this software on a computer as well as a mobile phone. It has a very user friendly interface and allows the user to customise it according to his needs. A task manager tool helps you to get ahead of your schedule and prevents you from missing out on chores. It increases the productivity of a person manifold.

The Trello tool allows you to create separate lists for separate projects or teams. It helps you keep track of all the different projects that you are working on and monitor your progress. 

It even allows you to prioritise your tasks according to what requires your immediate attention. It helps you set a clear vision for your day and go about your tasks in an organised manner.

3. CallHippo Phone Services

CallHippo is the one stop solution for all online tools related to VoIP services, virtual assistants and so on. Keeping all bias aside (not that there was any to begin with!), CallHippo offers exceptional phone services that will help you run your business from anywhere on the planet. 

You can avail of this online phone service from any device with a working internet connection. One does not need any specific hardware or phone system to access VoIP services. You can stay connected with your employees and clients – anytime, anywhere and with any device!

For a bare minimum subscription fee, you will have the freedom to take business calls on the go. It will also help you boost customer service and keep your customers satisfied. Employees will also enjoy the flexibility to work as per their convenience. 

One can even get virtual local numbers of any country across the globe and make international calls without racking up huge phone bills. VoIP hosts your entire phone system on the cloud. Such a set up keeps everyone connected and up to date.

Online tools

4. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is another online tool that is rapidly gaining popularity because of its wide range of applications. Problems arise in every business. However, some problems become tricky to deal with when you are not physically with your co-workers.

This tool helps bridge that gap by enabling two or more PCs to share their screens with each other. The mobile application of this software is also available. Using this software, you can monitor what the other person is doing on his computer.

When you have employees who work from home from various parts of the world, it can be difficult to explain how to go about some tasks. This is where the AnyDesk software comes in. Using this, you can easily demonstrate certain processes that might be hard to explain overcall.

This tool enables you to easily troubleshoot problems and help out your fellow workers. In case of IT companies, it is especially useful in helping customers solve queries. And the best part is that its absolutely free! 

5. Google Analytics

In this world dominated by technology, it is a must for every business to have its own website. However, simply having a website is not enough! You need to monitor its performance and make changes as required. Google Analytics helps you do just that.

It lets you track the traffic on your website and find out which sections of your website are attracting attention from visitors. It also provides other important information such as page speed, uptime, monthly reports and so on.

If an error comes up in your website, then this tool will help you diagnose the problem and get to the root cause. All in all, it helps you keep tabs on the performance of your website and provides useful insight in terms of modifying and improvising it. 

Google Analytics helps you customise your website and drive more traffic to it. It enables you to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience to your customers.

6. PayPal

Making international payments can prove to be quite a hassle, especially with different conversion rates in various parts of the globe! This is why you need PayPal, an essential payment tool for your business.

PayPal is a universally accepted mode of payment. It enables you to transfer money internationally without worrying about exchange rates. And it is extremely easy to set up and use!

One can create a business profile on PayPal and link his bank account to it. Once your profile is set up and verified, you can start making and receiving payments to and from anywhere in the world. 

The best part about using PayPal is that one does not necessarily need to be on it to receive payment. Your customers do not need to have a PayPal account and you do not need to have a merchant account. 

PayPal only allows verified users to actively make transactions using the app. Thus, being on PayPal can also serve to instil trust in customers about the legitimacy of your business.

Put together, these online tools make up a very user-friendly ecosystem for your own portable work space. These online tools will help you manage all aspects of your business efficiently. While these are, in my opinion, some of the best online tools available for remote workers and business owners, there are also a bunch of other good tools out there that you can use. 

Confused about which of these online tools are a good fit for your business? Our experts at CallHippo are available round the clock to help you out. Sign up now to get in touch with us!

7 Drag for Gmail

Communication and collaboration are some of the biggest challenges for those with a hybrid or remote work lifestyle, especially if a lot of the workload is email-driven. Relying on forwarding, CC`ing, and copy + pasting messages to keep your team updated on tasks is very risky as miscommunication is bound to happen.

To fix these problems and save your time you should try Drag. This app adds new features to your Gmail, turning it into a task management software with shareable boards. But it is still your email, so you can just Drag your incoming messages into your boards and turn them into task cards. These cards can be shared, assigned, have attached files and notes to keep all the information in one place.

Say goodbye to the constant switching of tabs, copying + pasting stuff from one app to the next. Instead, keep it all together in the place where it all starts, your email inbox.

Updated : November 24, 2021


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