Communication – is the key to success in the business world. You will be left behind in the competitive rat race if you do not follow the best practices to ensure smooth two-way communication with suppliers, partners, stakeholders, and clients.

Since there are many emerging technologies in the field of telecommunication, it is often difficult to keep pace and know what trend to follow. However, if there is one buzzword that has been making waves for quite some time now, it is definitely Voice-over-internet-protocol.

Virtual telephony has transformed the way modern corporate organizations communicate by bringing about efficiency and transparency in all procedures. Instead of placing calls through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN- also known as landline network), the VoIP phone system places telephone calls through the Internet. Sound and data packets are sent through the Internet, and this results in superior voice quality at an economical rate.

We know that making international calls is vital for all businesses. However, dialing international phone numbers to communicate with clients or overseas executives can burn a huge hole in any company’s annual budget. Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol technology, international calling that was once considered to be a luxury, is now extremely convenient and cost-effective.

VoIP international calling has gained prominence in the last couple of decades. Many companies across the globe have now switched over to VoIP phone platforms to get benefit from innovative features and apex call quality.

International phone numbers are now a must to have an asset and are especially necessary for organizations that are operating in overseas markets at multiple locations. Let us understand better with the help of an example. Let us suppose that your organization has its headquarters in the United States, but you have commenced business operations in London, United Kingdom. You can opt for a virtual phone number with a local area code of the city where your organization is operating from – this will help you gain credibility amongst your United Kingdom customers and manage international calling between the US and UK at an economical rate.

How to utilize VoIP international calling:

If you are still hooked on to the traditional copper wired phone lines, it is high time to make a change. Move over to virtual phone systems to enjoy making voice over IP calls at the lowest possible prices ever. 

So, if you have made up your mind, how do you go about it and what do you need to do? Well, the first step is to research all the available options in an organized manner so that you are aware of the various offerings in the market. Make a detailed analysis of your phone system requirements so that you are clear about the volume of international calls that you will be making on a daily basis. It is also a smart idea to research the various features of VoIP phone solutions so that you are aware of what essential ones you will absolutely need to conduct routine operational transactions.

Once you have made a mental map of your communication requirements, the next step is to choose a credible VoIP phone system provider. You need to invest your time, energy, and money in a reliable vendor who will be willing to go the extra mile to provide you with the best options for international calling. Most business VoIP phone service providers also customize packages to suit specific business requirements and modify the features list to make it more compatible with budget restrictions. It is important to opt for a phone service provider that will provide excellent after-sales support, and give your staff members the required training so that they can implement the new system smoothly.


Benefits of an international phone number

Every year organizations spend millions of dollars on making international calls. Investing in a VoIP powered international calling application is a holistic solution that can save the company’s tons of money that can be channelized to more important functional domains. Here are some instantaneous advantages that any organization can accrue by utilizing VoIP international calling for their overseas communication:

Save on phone bills:

Every organization needs to keep a strict watch on their phone bills or they may eat into business revenues. If you spend too much on communication, other functional areas will suffer due to lack of budget. However, any business that is operating in multiple geographical locations needs to make a high number of calls to partners, clients, and prospects. Investing in a VoIP phone system will facilitate seamless international calling at a reasonable price. Your service provider will ensure that you get a suitable package that aligns with your corporate communication requirements. The incoming and outgoing calling costs are extremely cost-effective and will surely cut down your communication expenses by a gigantic amount.

Enhance accessibility:

We live in a digital era where our customers expect 24*7 accessibility, irrespective of where your organization headquarters are located. If you do not open multiple lines of two-way communication for your clients, they will surely view your company in a bad light and lose faith. Investing in an international phone number means that your support representatives will be available round the clock to answer queries and provide technical assistance to clients. There will also be no question of open office hours that is especially difficult when organizations are operating in different time zones, rather clients can just pick up the phone and dial, anytime that they need to connect with company representatives. They will not have to wait in long telephonic queues, rather they will be quickly diverted to available call agents – speedy problem resolution is bound to keep all your customers delighted and retain them in the long run

Provide timely customer service:

Customer is a king – businesspersons need to accept this adage and work towards providing an exceptional customer experience. VoIP international calling can help your call agents work effectively at giving superior quality support to your valued clients. Since VoIP phones can operate from any location in the world as long as there is a high-speed Internet connection, your organization will not have to depend only on the local workforce. You can open a call center in any geographical region in the world, and equip it with the right resources and trained staff. Virtual phone solutions largely increase remote work, facilitate seamless data sharing and team collaboration. This ensures that customers are given first preference, and work teams collaborate effectively to give forth a high level of customer service.

Plan communication better:

It is never easy to operate in different time zones. Getting an international phone number will aid executives in planning their communication in a more structured manner. Call planner is a specialized feature that allows managers to check on the time zone before they make an international call. It enables employees to make sure that they are making calls or planning business conferences at a time of mutual convenience, rather than a highly inappropriate time. This will give your organization a professional reputation, and also allow for convenient business communication between international destinations.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with your own venture, or part of a mid-sized organization, or working up the ladder in a giant conglomerate, you need to set up a powerful communication system. This becomes all the more critical if you need to make a large number of international calls. 

Do not remain stuck in a loop and keep clinging on to your traditional phone system. Harness the power of modern technologies such as Voice-over-Internet-Protocol to accrue transformational benefits and enjoy economical calls. The best part about adopting a VoIP phone system is that it will not only allow you to make incoming or outgoing calls, but also give access to novel features such as call recording, voicemail, call planner, and interactive voice response. 

So go ahead, and revolutionize your communication practices by investing in an international phone number. It will surely be the best decision for your organization and lead to a dramatic increase in your brand recognition abroad, along with enhancing all vital bottom-line results!

Updated : July 23, 2021


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