If you are an entrepreneur or part of a small business, the chances are that you know how challenging it is to manage all operations! There are a million things that you have to handle at one time – finances, manpower, resources, strategy, and advertisement.

Now, if there is one aspect that you need to pay attention to, it is your communication structure. Since productivity increases up to 25% in organizations with connected employees, a small business organization should ensure to open multiple two-way communication channels for teams, vendors, clients, and other external stakeholders.

Businesses need to plan smart when it comes to communication, and they can’t afford to be slack as that can put them on a backfoot. If there is one radical innovation that can enhance your overall business communication, it has to be VoIP technology.

Virtual phone systems have taken over the business world by storm. The voice-over-internet-protocol market size will reach over 55 billion USD by the year 2025. Affordability, safety, and an impressive array of features are what make VoIP phone service highly popular amongst modern businesses.

In the current digital age, the advent of remote work and globalization has made it essential for small businesses to remain connected in real-time. Virtual phone solutions are displacing the traditional copper-wired phone set up in all fields. Healthcare, banking, infrastructure, medical, and retail are some common industrial sectors that utilize VoIP phone services to gain agility and speed in consumer service.

Can Your Small Business Benefit By Investing in VoIP Phone System?

While the world is moving towards VoIP technology, there are still many hurdles in the path of its smooth implementation in small enterprises and start-ups. Sometimes senior management does not have buy-in and is happy with a conventional phone set up. At times, managers have perceptions that VoIP phone platforms are highly complicated, expensive, and require heavy maintenance; hence, they do not want to opt for the service.

It is time to dispel all the myths surrounding virtual telephony. In reality, VoIP phone solutions are highly user-friendly, hassle-free, and has no complex hardware or software requirements. Many service providers in the market excel in customizing VoIP packages. All you need to do is conduct detailed research, chalk out your business requirements, and they will personalize a VoIP package that will suit your organizational needs.

Since most businesses are satisfied using copper-wired telephone systems, it is a difficult task to convince them to make the switch. However, once managers find out about the various advantages that they can accrue by adopting virtual phone platforms, they readily make the transition.

Virtual telephony is the current buzzword and has transformed the way people communicate in the corporate sector. So, if you are also on the lookout for a cloud-based phone system, here are some compelling reasons to invest in a VoIP phone service for small businesses:


Mobility All The Way: With the advent of the internet, the boundaries between nations have reduced – many companies expand operations to international commercial destinations to breakthrough new markets and reach out to a global audience. In such a scenario, it is imperative to have a communication solution that enhances accessibility and mobility

Office phone systems can be used from any corner of the globe – all that you require is a working high-speed internet connection to connect to your laptop, personal computer, or mobile device. The best part about VoIP phone platforms is that it gives your employees a vast degree of freedom. They do not need to be stuck to the physical office premises, and can conduct business communication anywhere, anytime!

Access To Functional Features: To compete in the current fast-paced business environment, any business needs to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology in all fields, including communication. Business phone number comes power-packed with a diverse range of functional features that aid businesses to rise above the sea of competition. These features will help your employee base reduce effort and energy on manual tasks, thereby saving tons of time.

Call recording, voicemail, call cascading, call queuing, planner, call forwarding, and interactive voice response are some standard features that increase task flow management and streamline daily business operations in organizations. Most modern VoIP systems also have sophisticated call analytics; hence, marketers can find outcall duration, location of the caller, and monitor the service level provided by agents to improve performance.

High Degree of Personalization: Customization is the name of the game today – if you don’t take extra steps to personalize the customer experience, they will gladly shift to business rivals. VoIP phone services can ensure that you forge a better rapport with your trusted client base.

Simple gestures such as a recorded birthday greeting sent to them or a welcome message that is played when they dial your customer support toll-free number can have a lasting impact on clients. You can also program your VoIP phone service to play on-hold music or play messages for clients while they wait to be attended by a support representative. A high degree of personalization will provide more customer satisfaction and ensure that they keep coming back to your organization.

Economical Pricing Plans: If you want to rake in profits quickly, investing in a VoIP phone service for business organizations is a must. Your organization will spend a fortune on international calls through a traditional phone line. With an office phone system, you will benefit as most service providers chalk out subsidized pricing plans that fit within the organizational budget.

Your organization can choose a plan that works for them. For example, if you receive a high volume of calls from customers, you can select a plan that provides free incoming calls. However, if your agents need to make cold calls, you could choose a pricing plan with low-cost international call rates. There is no doubt that VoIP phone solutions are a strategic asset and will yield a high return on investment in the long run.

Excellent Customer Experience: The modern customer is demanding and wants a comprehensive service experience in all aspects. With a business phone system, your small business can boost its customer service by ensuring that customers can get in touch with support representatives at any time of the day. They will not need to wait in telephone queues for unending long periods of time; rather, office phone systems can divert the phone call to any available call agent.

Business phone systems are also a boon for companies that operate in overseas destinations. Organizations can purchase an international virtual phone number with local area code to compete with local businesses. This helps them build a credible reputation and carve a niche identity in an unknown market space.

For example, if your organization has just commenced operations in the United States of America, the best thing to do would be to purchase a US phone number. This will help you make calls to clients in the USA at a nominal cost and give them a channel to get in touch with your company representatives too. Your team members will be able to communicate from anywhere in the world; hence, even if employees are at the head office in some other country, they will still be able to make/receive calls.

Virtual phone systems are the future of telecommunications. If you want to surge ahead of business rivals and gain a sharp competitive, do not delay. Invest in the best VoIP phone service. Not only is it convenient and flexible, but it will reduce your monetary expenses on communication to a large extent.

Information is power. Make an informed choice after weighing all the pros and cons of business phone systems. It will surely be a decision that will yield revolutionary benefits for your organization and increase all vital bottom-line results!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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