If a business is battlefields then call center software are the front lines.

If leveraged efficiently call center of 21st Century can be used to promote the ongoing sales opportunities- such as up-selling, cross-selling, taking order requests, improving product knowledge of customers, making appointments, etc. In short, there is an extension to your sales and marketing department and are tasked to assist the customer who keeps you in business.

You need to be really cautious while choosing a call center software, as an inadequate and poorly supported inbound call center can put your brand reputation in trouble and drive your customer away in droves. Data says that 58% of customers are not willing to do business with an organization following a negative customer experience. I am sure you don’t want to lose a customer just because of your call-center clumsiness.

Benefits of Call Center Software - CallHippo

Keeping your clients happy and a call center that is available 24*7 you need a software provider who you can trust even with your eyes closed. A call center is required in the food industry, automobiles, health care, e-commerce, and many more. We know there are thousands of options available in the market but after reading the following 5 Reasons we are sure you will make CallHippo one of the strongest contenders on your list of candidates.

5 reasons that make CallHippo one of the best call center software

1.Provides Ironclad Security and Encryption

This is an era of security leaks and identity theft. Therefore we have come up with a call center software that uses top-notch security measures and the latest encryption techniques to keep your data secure. You also want your customers to feel safe while sharing their private information over your business phone number. To continue the trust of our customers we always make sure we are compliant with the latest security and privacy practices. We are also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2.Advanced Reporting and Analytics

What’s the point of collecting tons of data from your customers if you can’t use it to improve your business? Our inbound call center services will give your agent an extremely user-friendly and data-rich dashboard. You will be able to monitor call times, call duration, Call Volume, routing of incoming and outgoing calls, etc from a single screen. Not only this you can easily generate historical reports, govern your marketing policy, and gauge department performance. In short, we will provide you with all the data you need to streamline your business performance.

3.A hassle-free solution

CallHippo’s call center software will eliminate all the hassles and expenses of implementing an on-premise inbound call center. CallHippo operates on the cloud which means agents can log into the software from anywhere and anytime- all they need is a computer, a headset, and a high-speed internet connection.

Inbound Call Center Software - CallHippo

Communicate your customers through the channel they feel most comfortable with, be it phone, web, chat, email or social media, CallHippo has got everything covered. Our Advanced Technology delivers better customer engagements and provides faster response times by empowering the agents to handle both inbound and outbound contacts from various channels all via a single intuitive desktop interface.

CallHippo’s intelligent call routing makes sure that every interaction is delivered to the right resource and at the right time. Long story short CallHippo provides you with everything you need to run an effective inbound call center along with advanced functionalities such as real-time and historical Reporting, Recording, Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring, CRM integrations, etc.

4.CallHippo’s Software and Your CRM- Better Together

CallHippo provides robust integration with leading CRM solutions such as Pipedrive, Zoho CRM plus, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Slack, etc so that agents have all the information needed to keep the customers happy.

Using Different CRM? Not a problem while you are with us. At CallHippo we understand how important CRM can be to build a relationship, do business, and generate revenue out of it. Therefore we also provide Zapier integration that will help your CRM to connect with ours seamlessly.

With CallHippo’s call center software embedded with your CRM, you can create a super-powerful combination that will take your business to great heights by providing personalized services. It will allow your agents a click to call from the CRM itself. So don’t sit back and relax and leverage the power of Callhippo’s call center software to maximize your existing investments. Increase your agent’s productivity, provide a seamless customer experience, and give your organization a competitive advantage.

5.Simple and Transparent pricing

Cost-effectiveness is an important factor and is taken into consideration by anyone who is planning to make a purchase. The majority of the service providers in the market will charge you based on the number of users who avail of the services of the inbound call center.

These users of the software can be individuals, entrepreneurs, sales teams, support teams, etc. With CallHippo you get two users free- which is perfectly suitable for small businesses and start-ups!

Also, CallHippo works on a recurring model which means you will not be tied up in long-term contracts, you can stop using our services anytime you want. No string attached, no question asked.

Also, we don’t have just one but four different kinds of plans to suit your business needs. You can start with our basic plan and once you are satisfied with our services you can go for the pricing plan that blends perfectly with your business needs.

  1. Basic Plan $0/ user/month:  Usually suitable for startups and people working from home.
  2. Bronze Plan  $8/user/ month: This plan is suitable for companies that have a high number of outbound calls to make or is indulged in cold calling operations.
  3. Silver Plan  $15 per month: Mostly suitable for businesses with 5 -10 team members. Also, this plan will get you 800 free minutes.
  4. Platinum Plan  $ 35 per month: This is a great plan as it provides 700 additional free incoming minutes for each user.


If you want your business to sound more professional, want to have a better converting business while keeping your budget under control then look for no more – CallHippo is certainly the best choice to streamline your business operation from tip to toe. It also enables you to set up a virtual call center. Using this you can set a call center in the Philippines, UK, US, Canada or any part of the world. It is designed for entrepreneurs who want to handle a lot of stuff together and do not want to complicate things when it comes to the office phone system.

Note: Please see the updated pricing here.

Updated : July 29, 2021


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