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With the change in the needs, demands, and behavior of the customers; the call center industry is undergoing notable transformations. All the major companies of different sizes are moving everything to the cloud whether its customer data, call center software or making way for the cloud based call centers business model. With the emergence of virtual phone systems, call centers have not remained just attached to a physical location; they are cloud-based now. This allows the agents to work from anywhere in the world and enable companies to have a more flexible and cost practical approach toward their business.

When a small business opts for a virtual call center, they get an extra edge over the rest of the companies. They get a chance to have innovative technology and provide exceptional customer support to national and international clients without spending a gold mine. 

What is the business model of a virtual call center?

The most important aspect for a call center to become cloud-based is virtual call center software. That means everything revolves around an excellent virtual call center software. Other than this the only things left are to hire a virtual call attendant, and you can choose whether you wish to hire them in the house. You can also save expenses on expenditure and amenities by hiring them remotely. Honestly, this is a very cost-effective and creative business model for start-ups. This platform will broaden the horizon of the organization to a worldwide level. 

Now let’s talk about the virtual call center software.

What is this software all about?

It gives a customer care agent gets the flexibility to manage customer calls virtually from multiple geographic and remote locations. These software’s are built in such a way that the companies have to spend nothing on infrastructure. You can provide non-stop and high quality customer support without having to worry about buying a new office.

One thing to be noted is that the agents need to give all company information so they can comfortably access client information whenever needed and take care of the security protocol. 

You will be amazed to know that virtual call center software is utilized by many industries globally to increase the effectiveness of their presence and customer support.

Here are a few reasons the demand for this software is increasing day by day.

Save Money Exponentially 

Everyone is aware that for a traditional call system to operate, one requires sophisticated equipment to take care of the network, procedure, and data backup. And obviously, you have to spend a lot for the maintenance of such a system. 

But with a business phone number that is virtual, you can run a call center without even having to purchase any new equipment. Imagine having a business phone number that not only lets you run a call center but also does data management for you and also . 

Save Your Time and Money by hiring remote agents.

This is the best time ever to hire remote agents with the COVID-19 virus spreading across the world. That should not stop you from expanding the business with a virtual phone system but remotely. By engaging employees remotely, you will not have to face the inconvenience of hosting them from one restricted location. You can get rid of the worry of adding more space every time you hire a new employee and you can train the newly hired call center agents effectively from anywhere .  

This also gives you the scope of hiring a talented bunch of people to work for you from any part of the world.


Exceptional Flexibility

Having a mobile phone gives you the freedom to connect with anyone anywhere. In the same way, virtual phone systems provide the freedom for employees to work from anywhere. Other than that, this software is not restricted to one type of call center or niche. All call centers, irrespective of their size or type of operation, can easily use it. 

This means that a company in America with 100 employees can use it in the same way as a company in India with 50 remote employees.  

Get Never Ending Security

A data breach is an issue that is faced by every other company or rather a person. In such times the data available or collected must be kept safe and secure at any possible cost. It is a concern that is not limited to call centers only, but all the businesses that work with data have a fear of data breach. If your company doesn’t have a reliable security system, you are at the risk of losing essential data of customers as well as the company, which is not a good situation to be in. 

The software has an in-built system that keeps your data safe in cloud data backup. The security protocols, how and when to enforce them, is the responsibility of the providers. This will save you the expense of hiring an expert to take care of the system. And according to a survey post by Mimecast, 57% of customers have more faith in cloud security methods than other traditional methods.  

Productivity at its peak

What will happen to a bodybuilder if he is given a proper meal and protein supplements? He will gain muscle and good shape, which is his ultimate goal. In the same way, when you are working on a virtual phone system loaded with features, it will boost the productivity and efficiency of the executives. 

This virtual phone system is not only simple but also with an effective interface; it can prioritize, do real time call monitoring to ensure the success of the call center, have to call route matrix, and does time-based routing. 

If you wish to track the productivity of your employees, the system can help you assess and monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time. By doing so, you can always generate accurate data and give critical feedback so that there is an improvement in the services even more.

Increase in the rate of customer relationship management

If you are counting the profitability of your company, don’t forget to include customer relationship management as it plays a crucial part in your business success. As per Harris Interactive, around 60% of the customers are okay with paying more if they receive a decent and exceptional customer experience. You will be surprised to know that 86% of customers tend to choose your competitors’ product or service if they are not provided with a good experience. 

That is why the profitability of the company is directly proportional to the experience the customer receives while they are interacting with you. With features like auto-dialer and call tracker, your business phone system will help you give your customers the best possible experience without having to make them wait. If you are successful in doing so, you can attain more customers, which means more profits for the company. This clearly states that investing in call center software is an excellent idea.  

For more information on virtual call center software, you are more than welcome to connect with one of our experienced executives who are waiting to help you in the best possible way.

Updated : August 10, 2022

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