Businesses strive for effective two-way communication. Companies need to invest in the technologies that help them understand customer requirements and serve them accordingly. A business phone number is the primary requirement of any organization that wants to invest in the competitive market and generate considerable profits. 

With more than 65% of the customers preferring to contact any business through a phone call only, it becomes a pressing need to invest in the correct telephone technology. 

It is about having a discussion over call and establishing your services and products in the market. The US markets offer immense opportunities to all businesses across the globe. Thus, any business can’t afford to miss US markets. The US VoIP lines had jumped from 6.2 million in 2010 to 41.6 million in 2018.

Top Reasons to Invest in a US Business Phone Number

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Investing in new technology is always questionable for many businesses. It is all about the right selection, practical implementation, and optimization of the technology. The same is valid with the US virtual phone number. 

There are multiple reasons for any business to invest in this modern telephony technology with a bundle of advantages. Therefore, if you’re a start-up, small, or medium business and still looking for the best channels to enter the US market, it is best to go with the US business phone number.

Let us have a detailed look at the top and best five reasons you invest in a US business phone number. 

1. Create an established communication channel

The powerful features of the US virtual phone number come with the sole aim of establishing an effective communication channel. Many features like call forwarding, call barging, power dialers, etc., help your team manage large call volumes. 

The extensive contact centers and the small customer service departments can use the scalability and reliability of these features to improve customer satisfaction. Your employees don’t have to manage the calls from their personal numbers, affecting their personal and professional lives.

Coming to the additional features like global connect, smart switch between the service providers, etc., improves the quality of calls. Thus, the chances are rare that your customers have to wait to get connected to your business irrespective of the geographical or technical issues. This communication channel ensures the best for your business. 

Whether you’re working from the office or remote location, you can establish a strong communication channel with customers and all stakeholders using a business phone number from leading service providers.

2. Contributes to branding

Companies are in search of cutting-edge marketing techniques that improve the brand position. The use of business phone numbers improves the marketing strategies of your business. 

While these numbers are not a direct contributor to the branding, a close look reveals their contribution to working seamlessly with existing branding techniques.

The purpose of branding is to attract potential customers and make the markers aware of your existence. No customer wants to get attached to a business that doesn’t value communication. You can bet on your communication channel with these phone numbers. The markets may be flooded with the same niche businesses, but these little things will make you stand out from the others.

The additional features like customized hold tones, excellent response times, etc., will work as a silent contributor to your branding activities, and guess what, all this at no additional costs to your marketing department.

3. Improved customer experience

Customer is the king, and when you’re in competitive markets like the US, you have to keep a strict vigil on customer satisfaction levels. It is quick and straightforward to understand that an effective communication channel is key to the heart of your customers. 

While providing the best features remains a priority, customers are now shifting towards the brands that ensure transparency in operations.

Your customers will recommend your services in their personal and professional circles based on their experience. Business telephony features like multiple lines, remote working flexibility, and auto-call routing ensure that no customer feels left out even on the busiest days. 

The customer experience is all about creating the first impression in the first chance only. With great first-call resolution rates and equal importance to all business calls, you can ensure a superior experience for all your existing and prospective customers. You can instantly get these business phone numbers for your company.

4. Generate revenue with effective communication

Staying in the market is easy when you know that the customers like your products and services and high on the annual balance sheets. The business phone number, together with its powerful features, helps your business to earn profitable revenues. 

The return on investments on these corporate numbers is high, with many companies saving 50-75% on their communication channel costs and contributing to total operational efficiency.

Thus, you can also unlock the potential of the business phone number in generating revenues with its high input-output ratio. Not to miss are the great features of these corporate numbers, scalability, and flexibility in operations. 

Start-ups can reduce their initial costs by as high as 90% and improve savings using the VoIP business phone numbers.

5. Saves invested time and money

Saving the time of your customers should be the first preference in the modern competitive world. No customer wants to get associated with a service provider that takes time in solving fundamental issues or helping with other problems. 

The US virtual phone number does the right for your business to help you value your customers’ time. You can call them according to their available timings.

Businesses can save costs and generate multiple revenues using virtual phone numbers. Thus, this technology can strategically help you to save time and money.

Wrapping Up

US business phone numbers are used by multiple organizations looking to create hold in the US markets. Whether it is about optimizing your operational costs or managing the work efficiency of your employees, a business phone number takes charge of your productivity. 


Updated : June 25, 2021


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