There has been a steady growth in the relationship between Singapore and the United States. Singapore is a global financial center. It is the 14th largest exporter and 15th largest importer in the world. It is also the only Asian country to receive an AAA rating from the big three credit rating agencies. It is consistently ranked as one of the freest, most competitive, and most business-friendly economies.

Undoubtedly, this is a country that every country in the world would want to maintain a positive relationship with. And the US, never one to be left behind, has always had a keen interest in maintaining a good relationship with Singapore. In fact, the two countries have had a free-trade agreement (FTA) since 2004, and the United States has been Singapore’s largest foreign investor for quite some time now.

So it’s a good time to own a business in the US that has any kind of ties to Singapore. Similarly, if your US business is planning to go global, Singapore is a conducive destination for your expanded operations.

However, it’s true that making and receiving calls from the US to Singapore using traditional cellular or telephone services will be an expensive affair. It’s a good reason to embrace alternative forms of telephonic services such as Skype, Google+ Hangouts, FaceTime, and Google Voice.  And this is why it’s a good reason to embrace cloud telephony and invest in Singapore DID Virtual Phone Numbers! Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) hosted virtual phone numbers instead of your regular US phone numbers would not only cut down your calling expenses drastically but would also enhance other areas.

But first, let’s understand the specifics of placing a call to Singapore from the US. Although it isn’t a complicated process, to begin with, we will simplify it for you.

Step 1: The Exit Code
Start by dialing 011, which is the exit code for the United States. This code indicates that your call will be directed outside of the US.

Step 2: The Country Code
This is the code of the country that you’re placing the call to. In this case, it’s Singapore. The country code for Singapore is 65.

Step 3: The Area Code
Next, dial the three-digit area/region code for the specific area in Singapore where the recipient of your call is. There are only 9 area codes in Singapore.
Suppose you’re calling Sembawang. At this point, this is what your dial screen should look like:
011 – 65 – 675

Step 4: The Recipient’s Number
Finally, the number of the person/party to whom your call is directed. It could be a landline or a mobile phone number. If it is 7 digits long, it is a landline number. If it is 9 or 10 digits long, it is a mobile number. If the recipient of your call has the landline number 1234567, your screen should look like this

011 – 65- 675 – 123 4567

So now that you have the simplified process of how to place a call to Singapore successfully, you can start making tons of calls at a fraction of the cost of using traditional phone lines. 

The Perks
No matter which area you’re calling to in Singapore, your costs will be reduced. More importantly, you can actually get area-specific virtual phone numbers! These are virtual phone numbers that are already programmed with the specific area code for the different regions in Singapore. So, whether you call potential customers or clients in Ayer Rajah or in Geylang, they will see the local code and will be more open to the idea of receiving your call than they would if they saw an unknown foreign number.

If you are using the services of a provider such as Vonage, CallHippo or RingCentral,  you can also get Singapore toll-free numbers for your business. Customers from Singapore can easily contact your company, free of any charge, in case they have any queries. These Singapore toll-free numbers also aid customers to avail quality customer support services for free from anywhere in the world.

All your teams, but especially your customer support teams and your remote working teams, will benefit greatly with the use of virtual Singapore phone numbers. The degree of customizability, flexibility, audio quality and the horde of features available, make these numbers a viable option over anything else. A Singapore DID virtual phone number might just be the answer to all of your dilemmas.

We wouldn’t want to boast, but we can almost guarantee that getting the VoIP version of Singapore virtual phone numbers will give your US business a boost of flexibility and productivity! It’s 2019, and your business deserves a communication solution that impresses and engages all your stakeholders.

Updated : July 6, 2021


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