Is your company or start-up enterprise planning to grow its business in the US market? Or maybe your global business enterprise wants to reach out to American citizens with innovative products or services? Having an efficient communication system is critical for any US-based business.

Empowered by the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (or VoIP) technology, global enterprises are gradually switching from traditional phone systems to more innovative virtual phone numbers. Easy and fast to set up, a virtual phone number is one of the most convenient ways for your customers to communicate with your business. But now, you don’t need to worry because CallHippo will help you get the best phone solutions available in the USA for your business.

Among the leading VoIP Providers in over 50 countries, CallHippo provides various virtual phone numbers suited to your business needs. With advanced features, the CallHippo virtual phone platform is a convenient mode of reaching out to local and global customers without physical office space in the US market. So if you need to get a US phone number for your business, try CallHippo.

US number with area code

CallHippo makes acquiring US phone numbers easy

The US phone number from CallHippo allows you to grow your business in any US city (for example, New York) using the local US area code for the place. This makes it convenient for domestic customers (for example, customers in New York) to dial up your business number without incurring any long-distance charges.

Therefore, a US virtual phone number is, as the name says, the virtual phone number that allows you to have a local presence in the US without actually having your physical offices in the US all through the use of a VoIP.

What Is A Virtual US Phone Number And What Are Its Various Types?

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that do not require a physical phone line or a SIM card to connect to customers. In comparison to traditional phone lines and numbers, the virtual number has a range of advantages, including scalability, portability, and affordable cost, among others.

So if you have entered the US market, it is time to make your mark with a band by getting the right US phone numbers for your firm. Here are the various options of US Phone Numbers:

1 ) US Local Phone Numbers

If you need to compete with local businesses in the United States of America, make sure to get a US local phone number. Then, all your clients will need to do is dial a US local phone number to get connected to your organization – it’s a great way to enhance brand image, gain client trust and boost your company’s reputation in an overseas market.

Your customers will have to put the US area code of the region and simply get connected by dialing your US local phone number. Here are the United States area codes of some popular business hotspots:

  • 650- South San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley (California)
  • 202- District of Columbia
  • 907- Alaska
  • 310- Los Angeles (California)
  • 917 and 718- New York City (New York)
  • 512- Austin (Texas)
  • 312- Chicago (Illinois)
  • 415- San Francisco (California)
  • 617- Boston (Massachusetts)
  • 305- Miami and the Florida Keys (Florida)

2 ) US Toll-Free Numbers

The customer is king in the current competitive market, so if you want to open seamless channels of communication with your valued customers, make sure to get a US Virtual Phone Number. More businesses are purchasing toll-free numbers to engage customers through directed marketing campaigns and excellent customer support. However, the single most significant, benefit of a structured US toll-free number is that it increases accessibility exponentially and can help you make a business call any time of the day.

US number example with area code

The toll-free number significantly improves customer engagement by providing faster delivery service and better customer service. Your customers will not need to wait in endless long telephonic queues as an easy-to-remember US toll-free number is the best way to respond to customer issues, queries, or doubts. A toll-free number also gives your brand a unique identity and reinforces that your company provides an exceptional service experience in the minds of customers. Getting a US toll-free number will surely help your business expand its customer base manifold as they will be encouraged to call due to the ‘free’ call aspect.

3 ) US Virtual Phone Number

If your organization wants to benefit from a unified presence in the United States, purchasing US mobile codes is a good idea. Virtual Phone System can be used by your team members on the move, irrespective of which geographic region they are based in.

Your customers, business partners, clients, and stakeholders will just have to dial the country code of the USA (+1) and the US virtual phone number to get connected instantly. Getting the best US virtual phone number will help your organization gain the following advantages:

  • Mobile phone numbers will help your staff members avail themselves of a number of novel benefits such as call forwarding, interactive voice response, planner, voicemail, and call recording. In addition, the specialized features of a US virtual phone number are sure to streamline your business communication in a structured manner.
  • A US virtual phone number can help your organization personalize communication with clients – you can play customized greetings and music for your customers while they are on hold.
  • US virtual phone numbers provide hassle-free connectivity as the installation is speedy and responsive. There is no requirement of any physical equipment or hardware, and it just takes a couple of minutes to set up a US virtual phone number.
  • Getting a US virtual phone number is very pocket-friendly, and all call rates are highly subsidized. Therefore, it will definitely save major communication costs in the long run and increase business revenues.
  • US virtual phone numbers are the best way to boost team collaboration, document sharing, and task flow management – your organization will benefit from high productivity and business efficacy.
  • US virtual phone number also helps grow your business in any US city or state, irrespective of your current location.

The United States has the perfect business ecosystem, and the time is ripe to expand in that region. It is time to stop thinking and get a unified, comprehensive business communication system for your organization. Whatever be the industry or type of business, if your company has ventured into the United States market, make sure to invest in US phone numbers.

How to call the US using your phone

The USA country code is +1. You will add the America number code to the beginning of any phone number you are dialing that’s in the US. So when you save your American contacts to your phone, make sure to include this number as part of their phone number!

Calling US numbers from your phone number is now possible with CallHippo

While dialing US numbers, don’t forget to add the US area code 2nd line, a three-digit number that designates the city you want to connect to. By following the correct US phone number format, you won’t have to add these details every time you call. In short:

  1. Dial the international exit country code (or replace it with + on a mobile device)
  2. Add the US country code (1)
  3. Add the US area code from the list below
  4. Complete with the local phone number.

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers Provided By CallHippo

CallHippo can provide the following three types of virtual phone numbers that you can select according to your business requirements:

1 ) Local phone number

A US phone number with a local phone number (with US area code) is typically used to establish or grow a US business based in a particular city or state. A local phone number makes it very convenient for your local customers to dial-up with any complaints or inquiries. For example, your business can reach out to customers based in Philadelphia through a local phone number starting with the Philadelphia area code, which is +1 215.

Additionally, your marketing or customer service agents can reach out to local customers by searching them based on a city name or the united states area code. Call-receiving customers are also more likely to respond to local calls than an international number.

You can access any local number of any area code in the US with Callhippo. Listed below are the local USA calling codes of some of the popular business destinations in the United States:

  • 929 and 646 (for New York City)
  • 312 (for Chicago)
  • 415 (for San Francisco)
  • 617 (for Boston)
  • 305 (for Miami)

2 ) Toll-free number

Your US business can benefit a lot by providing a toll-free virtual phone number to its clients. Being completely free for customers, toll-free numbers (or +1800 numbers) is a great business tool for improving customer satisfaction and overall marketing. Along with efficient communication, toll-free numbers provide an increase in market credibility for your US business.

3 ) Online phone number

The cloud-based phone system also allows your business to make or receive calls in the US from any other country on your Internet-connected devices like mobile phones and tablets. Online phone numbers are also instrumental in providing 24×7 service to your US customers and improving external communication with global customers. 

How can your US virtual phone number provide business benefits for your US-based business? Let’s now look at the various benefits.

CallHippo's US area code numbers

What Are The Main Features And Functionalities Of Virtual US Phone Numbers?

The US virtual phone number or virtual phone system comes with a variety of features and functionalities that significantly assist organizations in streamlining, optimizing, automating, and monitoring their customer service operations in a better way. The following are some of the most notable features of the virtual US phone number system:

1. Advanced Call Management

As the name implies, advanced call management is a virtual phone system feature that manages all inbound calls efficiently, ensuring that no calls are missed and that all calls are attended without fail.

The system provides various call handling options, including busy tone, busy tone, and SMS auto-reply, and mutes the ringtone, allowing you to notify callers of your availability. Furthermore, you may always set a personalized message for the users to increase engagement. The system also ensures that each caller has a minimal wait time.

2. Call Routing

Call routing is a virtual US phone number system feature that directs incoming calls to the appropriate department, team, or individual who is in charge of handling that specific type of query or complaint. In other words, it is a call management feature that is intended to route each call to a specific individual, hence minimizing unnecessary transfers from one person to another.

Virtual US phone number features

For example, if a caller has a technical problem, they will be required to provide certain inputs when the IVR prompts them. After they provide the necessary information, their call will be forwarded to the technical team, who will address the issue promptly.

3. Call Analytics

Having a better understanding of your performance is just as critical as having the right workflow and strategy. 

The call analytics tool of the virtual US phone number system will provide you with detailed information about how well your workforce is performing, including the number of calls they handle, the number of minutes they spend serving customers, the number of calls missed, dropped calls, unresolved queries, and much more.

All of this real-time information will ultimately assist you in revising your plan or providing appropriate training to your agents.

4. Call Forwarding

Call forwarding, also known as call diversion, is a system that enables agents to divert or transfer calls to another number, which could be a US mobile number, another US phone number, or another US telephone number when the desired person is available.

This feature of the virtual phone system boosts accessibility considerably. For example, this functionality allows your remote employees to answer calls anywhere. It removes the constraint of being available at work all of the time. You can take the call while in the workplace as well as while on holiday!

5. Auto Attendant

The auto-attendant, also known as the automated attendant, is a virtual US phone number system function that allows calls to be forwarded to an extension without the assistance of an operator/receptionist.

For example, if a caller has a problem with a product or service, he has to provide relevant details when the Auto Attendant asks. When he knows the necessary information, his call will be routed to the customer support team or the employee who is responsible for handling such kinds of cases. This functionality will save both the organization’s and the customers’ time.

6. Conference Calls

Most of the reputable virtual US phone number providers, such as CallHippo, have a Conference Call functionality in their system. This functionality will enable businesses to communicate with multiple people simultaneously. However, the maximum number of participants varies per supplier. 

Additionally, some American phone number providers only provide audio conference calls, whereas others provide both audio and video conference calls. You can use this function to connect multiple persons at once and better address any issues.

7. Follow Me or Find Me

The Follow Me feature is similar to Call Forwarding. This function allows you to enter multiple contact numbers into the system in addition to your office phone number.

Best US business phone numbers in 2022

For example, if you do not answer a call when it is dialed to your official US phone number, the call will be forwarded to another American phone number added to the system. If the call is not answered on that number, it will be routed to the third available number i.e American telephone number. This will continue until all numbers have been contacted or you answer the call.

8. Music On Hold

Music on hold is a virtual phone system function that plays pre-programmed tones or messages when a caller is in the queue or placed on hold. This function will prevent callers from boredom while allowing businesses to easily promote their products or services.

For example, you can market new products, Christmas deals, or anything that you believe should be advertised among the masses. Music On Hold, when implemented correctly, may keep customers engaged and entertained while also reducing call drop rates.

9. Call Queuing

Call queuing is a technology that handles inbound calls that callers have placed but are not answered by the customer support team. All such calls are stored in the virtual US phone number system and routed to the appropriate person or team as soon as they become available.

The call queuing system also ensures that the first call received is served first. This technology is critical, especially for businesses with high inbound call volumes.

10. Voicemail To Email

Voicemail to email is a virtual US phone number system feature that delivers voicemail messages directly to your inbox. When a new voicemail is left, recipients will receive an email containing call details and an audio file of the message.

This feature is helpful since it ensures that no calls are missed, and all calls are handled by a suitable person or team.

These are the 10 major functionalities of the virtual US phone number system. All of these functionalities work together to make the VoIP system a comprehensive, modern business communication management system that will significantly assist organizations in managing their customer support related operations and, ultimately, improving customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Now let’s move on to the next section to understand how to find the right virtual phone number for your US business.

Finding the right virtual phone number for your US business

A CallHippo Virtual phone system can be a significant boon for establishing and growing your US business. Thanks to its advanced features and affordability. CallHippo can improve your customer engagement and communications in your industry, thus helping you achieve your dream business goals. So It’s the right time for our organization to get a US Virtual Phone Number.

Easy to start, you can sign up now with CallHippo and start making or receiving local or international calls.

Local business phone number- Integrating success without any boundaries

A local phone number is af business cloud telephony system representing a particular region/location. You can identify it by the three-digit code used as a USA phone number prefix. Businesses seeking global expansion can be benefitted from this type of cloud telephony service.

USA local number

( Source: globalcallforwarding )

Buying local phone numbers is crucial for global business expansion

As all of its components are already deployed over the cloud, you can gain a local presence in any community/location without being actually present there.

For example, if you want to expand your business in West Los Angeles (310 United States area code) while you don’t want to move from South Bay (424 US area code), then get the local phone number of 661 area code is the ideal way out. You can easily use it from a number with 213 area code while your customers situated in California will think that you are located near to them. 

This kind of freedom makes a huge difference when it comes to your business success. Here is how a local phone number supports your success.

a ) Be omnipresent 

To upkeep your promise of 24/7 availability, you must gain some superpowers. Well, CallHippo’s local number is that superpower. By using it, you can work from a remote location as long as you have an internet connection and a data-driven device. 

Calls can be routed anywhere in the world based upon the criteria selected. For example, your newly opened office in New York City (332 area code) is still under construction, but the marketing has made the customers aware of your presence in the area, and they started calling you.  

In that case, you can choose to route the incoming calls to another well-established office in Illinois (464 area code). Then, using the correct USA calling code, your agents sitting in that office will entertain the calls for a while. Isn’t it easy?

b ) Work without a physical office

Call US from anywhere using US local number

Having a virtual local presence is easy, but a physical presence demands enormous investments, which are not everyone’s cup of tea. To have a physical address with United states area code, you either have to rent commercial property or own office space. Both options come with huge upfront investments and some legal formalities. 

Needless to say that doing this is a time-consuming affair as well. The process of buying a local phone number from a leading service provider like CallHippo is free from all these hassles. You can buy it just as you buy any other online utility. 

A valid email ID and payment resource are enough to get it. Without having a physical presence in any US area code, you can gain a reliable virtual presence using a local number. Not only the location but the time zone of your physical address and local business number can also be different. 

That being said, it won’t make any difference in your virtual local presence in the targeted US area code. You can still answer incoming calls, send emails, create reports, and do whatever you want to do without facing any hassles.

c ) One solution for all requirements

We know that calls are not the only way that customers use these days to connect with a business. They can post on your social media pages, fill an inquiry form on the website, prefer to live chat with you, or drop a voicemail and expect the callback. Hence, you must get hold of something that can handle every bit of the mentioned things. 

The unified communication ability of a local number makes it an ideal tool to get hold of all these communication abilities. The USA calling code further fortifies your business presence while adding to its credibility.

Getting the right kind of local number 

We know that the benefits of a local number are awe-inspiring and can’t be ignored and must have tempted you to get it today. However, before you make any further moves, you must learn that you should always get it from a trusted service provider. 

Local phone number bears a lot of operational burdens and carries forward your business. Hence, you can’t be casual while choosing it. Make sure you must get it from a trusted service provider like CallHippo. If you are on the right path, you can grow twice your actual size in no time. In that case, you would like to explore other promising local markets as well. 

With CallHippo, you can quickly get a local number of any US area code.

213 area code310 area code
312 area code323 area code
332 area code347 area code
424 area code464 area code
646 area code661 area code
708 area code773 area code 

all are available under one roof. 

This makes sense when we talk about saving crucial work hours as you need not hunt for a new service provider each time you seek new local expansion. So, make sure that your business has a local presence in almost every promising market with 213 area united states dialing code, 310 area code, 312 area code USA, 323 area code, 332 area code, 347 area code, 424 area code, 464 area code, 646 area code, 661 area code, 708 area code, and 773 US area code

All the above US area codes are quite a popular choice throughout the States. So pick any one or more than one of your choice and start expanding today with the right local number.

Virtual Number Pricing: How Much Does A US Phone Number Cost?

You can get the highest-rated phone solution for your business in the US at an affordable cost. The basic packages start at $5 and go up to $100 for a more advanced set of features. The package size also depends on the number of talk minutes. We recommend that you first know your requirements and investment budget in order to choose the perfect package.

How To Get a US Phone Number: 5 Easy Steps

Setting up a VoIP system or getting a US phone number is a simple process. All you have to do is follow the five steps outlined below.

CallHippo pricing

CallHippo’s International Calling Plans

  • Click on ‘Add Number,’ select the US as the country. After that, you can filter the numbers as per your choice and select a number from the number pool.
  • Make payment.
  • Once you’ve established a centralized virtual phone number for your business, you’ll need to add the rest of your team members.
  • Next, you must connect your own phone number to the virtual number. This will allow you to make and receive calls from the USA.

That’s all! However, note that the users who will be responding to the calls must be entered into the system.

Thus US phone number is an ideal choice to grow your business in the US. And now is the right time to invest in a US phone number.

Summing Up:

Getting a US phone number is a simple process. As businesses are becoming more global, it is critical to stay in touch with your international clients and provide them with the necessary customer support. Using a US virtual phone number, you can get a lot closer to your goal. If you have a considerable customer base in the United States, we strongly advise you to get a US phone number.


Updated : January 7, 2022


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