In today’s vying environment it has become very arduous for organizations to sustain in the highly volatile market. There are numerous competitors in the same field who struggle hard to gain the patronage of prospective customers. Now the question that emerges in such a scenario is how would a company differentiate itself from others in the market while all of them possesses the same product? The obvious answer to this would be, with the help of the organization’s customer support.

In order to simplify the concept, let’s go ahead with the help of an example. Suppose there are two organization’s A and B, both operate in the FMCG industry. Now they will have more or less the same products to offer to the same target audience. In such a case, customers would prefer to buy from an organization that has strong customer support that will help them out in case they face any problem with the product. If both A and B offer elite products, but B stands ahead in terms of customer support then people would prefer buying from the organization B.

However, it should be understood that customer support is not only constrained to “increasing sales” of an organization. By building strong customer support, you will not only benefit your stakeholders but also benefit the internal departments of your organization.

Below-mentioned points will clear the entire concept and elaborate precisely as to why customer support is actually the backbone of an organization.

Incalculable customer feedback

Customer feedback is by far the most important thing that an organization can get from its customers. No matter how many times you review your product, if you have manufactured a product, it will seem perfect to you as it has been designed according to your said specifications only. But a customer will judge and review your product from the viewpoint of a consumer. That way you will be getting indubitable feedback about your product. You will know the positives and negatives of the product with the help of genuine customer feedback. This feedback can be obtained through your customer support executives as they are the primary link between your organization and your customers. They will convey the actual factual details about the product to you which will help you improve your product, and you will benefit from the same in the long run.

It will help you stand out in the crowd

As you already know, your customer support executives are the face of your organization, and they are the ones who are responsible for leaving a positive or negative impact on your customers to a large extent. They are the ones to communicate with your customers on a daily basis and are vested with the responsibility to help solve your customer’s query. In today’s digital age, bad remarks travel faster than light and have the capacity to tarnish your organization’s image within the fraction of a second. If your customer support executives represent your company professionally and meticulously, then not only can you expect to retain your existing customer base but also expect to attract more customers. Many companies have been spending millions on their customer support in order to provide their customers with the best of their services and keeping them satisfied with both their products and services. This way, your business is sure to grow by leaps and bounds.

Increases the efficiency of the Marketing and Sales department

The basis of marketing is to reach out to the target audience and let them know about the products/services being offered by your organization. If the marketing strategies are designed in the wrong way, and the organization approaches the wrong audience for their products, then it may lead to huge losses for the organization. An organization has to design its marketing strategies in alignment with the customer expectations so that the plan turns out to be effective.

Similarly, sales and customer support are also related in a way or the other. Sale’ is considered to be a deal closure whereas customer support is said to look after the “after deal closure” customer requirements. If marketing, sales, and customer support work in a parallel line, then there is no stopping your organization.

Upgrading tech and product development Roadmaps

Product development can take place only if you are aware of the positives and negatives of your product. In order to get genuine feedback about your individual products, you will have to take help of your customer support executives as they are the front liners, who are in constant touch with the customers. They will give you the exact details which will help you design an appropriate roadmap for your product development.

Customer feedback should be made an inseparable part of every tech-oriented decision for deriving better results.  By doing so, your technical department will know what steps should be taken, what tasks should be prioritized, what features should be added on, and what features should be removed for making the best out of your product. An organization’s technical department should always seek details from the customer support head and have access to customer intelligence for being able to design the product development plan accordingly.

Optimizing finance and human resource departments

Many people fail to understand how customer support affects internal departments like the finance and human resource department as they don’t have any direct link with it. The truth is, an organization is largely dependent on its customers as they are the lifeline of any organization. They are the ones who are responsible for generating revenues for an organization. So, an adverse action from your customer support will create a negative image of your organization in front of your customers which is sure to put a negative impact on every department.

If you can manage to keep your customers happy, it means you manage to retain your customers and regenerate more business from them. The amount an organization invests in its customer support is included in the financial reports. Based on these financial reports, higher management takes further decisions and formulates appropriate strategies for the long run. The higher management analyzes whether the amount being spent on the organization’s customer support is worth it or not.

People have a tendency to join the organization’s having a strong market image. If your customer support executives manage to keep your customers happy and satisfied, then they will surely refer your organization to their acquaintances, and this will ultimately lead to strengthening your market value. As a result of sound market position, more skilled professionals would want to join your organization which will ease out the work of the human resource department. You will no longer have to search for talented individuals that can take your organization to new heights; rather they will come to you owing to your brand value.

Creating alternate channels of marketing

People spend millions on their marketing projects so that they can make their presence be felt in the market. The biggest way to promote your business is by generating happy and satisfied customers. If you have achieved this, then your work ends here. Your customers will take over control from here by sharing positive remarks of your organization amongst their acquaintances which will eventually spread across the market. Prospective customers have a tendency to go by the “word of mouth” that is shared by past product/service users. If they get to hear positive responses of your organization from your existing customers, then there are higher chances they will be willing to buy products/services from your organization only. When an organization is spending huge amounts on the development programs of its customer support executives, the company is actually spending on creating alternate channels of marketing as well.  

Focusing more on global markets

If you remain busy with the existing clients, then you won’t be able to focus on acquiring more clients and grow your business to new heights. There is a wise saying, always look after your employees and your employees will look after your clients. This golden rule that should be followed by every organization if they really want to grow. Train your customer support executives in a way that your customers never feel the need to approach any other organization and continue to grow their business with you. That way, your customer support will look after the existing clients, and you can focus on taking your business to a global market.

It won’t be incorrect to say that customer support not only helps in generating revenue for the organization but also helps in enhancing the operations and products of the company. If you are a startup, then you might not feel the benefits that you are getting by investing in your customer support initially, but you will surely come to know of its importance in the long run. Many people focus on enhancing their customer support, but not everyone knows the exact reason behind doing so. The concept of “customer support” is really broad and the organizations that look upon it only as a means of revenue generation face a heavy crunch in the long run.    

Updated : September 9, 2021


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