Calls are the most important source of lead generation, sometimes even 5-10 times more than form fill leads. Still not convinced? Lets me bring you some more… According to Adinsight, 65% of the businesses consider phone calls to be their most valuable and highest sources for generating quality leads.

While you are convincing these people to buy from your company you are getting a lot of information about them, their preferences, their choices, their likes and dislikes, etc. It is not possible to jot them all because if you try to do so you have to constantly ask them to repeat what they said earlier and this can frustrate them.

As we all know a business success relies heavily on customer experiences. So when phone calls are recorded a completely new level of professionalism and reassurance is obtained amongst both the parties.

Benefits of call recording

The business of today is not just concerned about the quality of communication but also the threats and liabilities their business is susceptible to. This is where the call recording feature of a virtual phone system can be like a cherry on the cake. With this feature businesses now have tangible methods for implementing communication and training their employees with best practices to obtain necessary protection along with maintaining a sustainable and thriving business.

Dispute Reduction, Risk Management

Misunderstanding happens all the time. You say something and it is interpreted as something. When such things happen between an employee and a caller without a call recording it becomes difficult to determine from where the misunderstanding started. Without this missing piece of the puzzle, it becomes difficult to come up with the solution and avoid misunderstanding in the future.

Your customer service agents rush to the HR office complaining that the customer was abusive. On the other hand, your customer calls up and complains that the customer was rude. So here we are back again so he said that and she said that.

But….if you have your Australia virtual phone number enabled with Call Recording feature you can listen to both the sides of the story and then come up with a final decision. In the worst scenarios when the clients claim something, the proof can be shown that no such words were spoken.

Thus a call recording saves you from all the He/said and she said business.

Acts as a Protection shield for the company and its employees.

The Cloud Virtual Phone System amazing feature will protect your agents and collectors from unfair customer claims.

This also assures that agents are protected against abuse and the clients are protected against false claims. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

It also protects the company in HIPAA as well as in other legal, financial and taxation issues.

Call Recording - CallHippo

Staff Training Coaching and Development

Training will become less superficial if you have a “call model” to train your employees.

If used positively, recording can help supervisors find agents that are providing superior customer service. These agents can be then promoted as coaches to help their colleagues perform better.

Sometimes when agents hear their own calls they are getting very shocked to listen to how they sound.

Sales Performance and Optimization

You can generate leads for your clients and can give the recorded conversation to them so that they know exactly the requirement of the lead. This will help the sales representative to follow up intelligently.

It also helps the salespeople to verify exactly what was said so that they are sure not to miss anything important.

To enhance the product or services

You can share the recorded call obtained using an Australia Phone number with an expert in product management or R&D department, this can help them to have an insight into how customers are using the product, what they like about it, what is missing, and what could be done better. All this valuable information can be collected in one place using a Virtual Phone number and then translate the products or services accordingly to meet the customer’s demand.

Helps you capture some great customer stories

Customers who call you back just to share how amazing their experience was with your product are no less than angels. Besides the confidence, you can also use this content to develop great customer success stories for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Know how you have evolved so far

Maintaining a database of how your team communicates with your customers today versus how they communicated with them in the past. shows you where you were, how you have improved and what still needs to be done to grow your business- which can be motivating.

Transcript to improve clarity and memory

When the phone conversation is actually happening, it is possible that you miss out on crucial words or details of what was said. Interference or bad internet connection on the call can also reduce the sound quality.

To deal with all these situations it is important to have sound recording and transcripts of your calls. This is the reason why Call recording has become the most basic and the most important feature of a Virtual phone number.

It will help you to review conversations with partners, clients, contractors and to have inter-office communication of what was said and in what context.

Keep your Business secured

When you are using your Australia Phone number which is equipped with a Call recording feature, you can ensure that confidential Business Information is not compromised and can easily detect security problems. You can constantly monitor your employee’s activities to prevent any inappropriate conversations from happening.  The illegal activities such as sexual harassment or excessive use of the company’s time for personal phone calls could be detrimental for your business and should be properly taken care of.

Things you should keep in mind before enabling call recording for your customer

  • Make sure you review the legal implications of recording customer calls, this may differ from one country to another. Some countries do allow recording of calls without notice, all you need to have the consent of one of the parties involved in the conversation.
  • Inform your customers that you are recording their call for quality purposes or legal issues.

Call Recording is a simple, inexpensive yet powerful concept to monitor your business and implement the changes accordingly. It provides you with tons and tons of data. If baking with a Virtual Phone number this feature can do great wonders to your business. So what are you waiting for,  upgrade your communication system today and keep an eagles eye on your business?

Updated : May 6, 2021


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