I am sure this is going to come as a surprise but yes you read it right there are 24 time zones in the world and connecting to these customers when they are awake is like hitting the bulls-eye.

Even if you have a full-fledged plan ready to take your business International with everything in place be it your websites, a passionate team of people, a strong budget, the only question that will keep you on your toes is how will I connect to my prospective customers spread across these 24 time zones? What is the right time to call them? What are the chances they will pick up my call?

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New Technologies are emerging each day and it’s no secret that one means communication is getting replaced by another. A plethora of telecommunication tools is available in the market where Cloud based virtual telephony can be a one-stop solution. I am sure you are going to feel powerful if your business is based in the U.K and you have local phone numbers in Australia and Germany that too without paying for a fixed foreign exchange line.

Suppose you have got yourself a virtual phone number, yet again the same question your business is spread in 50 or more countries and all falling in different time zones. Will only a virtual number suffice? Your sales team is quite frustrated as most of their calls are getting unanswered and a lot of time is getting wasted. I thought logically the best time to call is the working hours that are from 9 to 6 as these are the standard business hours for most of the countries.

CallHippo very well understood this mess and to soothe the sales-process will be soon coming up with its new feature Call Planner.

Let’s lift the curtain, know what Call planner actually is!!

A call planner is the only one of its kind that will be available on your CallHippo dashboard. Once you click on call planner you will get a list all those countries having their working hours in real-time. The main purpose of doing this is you can know whether it is a suitable time to call your clients which are spread worldwide.

To make it simple let us understand this with the help of an example. Suppose Michael is from the U.K and his client base is spread across three countries Germany, France, and Australia. Now suppose in the U.K  its 10 am in the morning. What call planner will do here is help Michael get a list of all countries he will be able to call immediately with maximum chances of it getting answered. In this case, it will show Germany and France in the result. Australia will not be present as it falls in a completely different time zone.

Call Planner, the helping hand

The benefits are quite obvious, it will eliminate all your hassles and all your time of going to Google understanding the time zones figuring whether it is the right time to call your clients, will they pick or will it go unanswered.

Call Planner will give you the working timings of all your clients in real-time which means there are maximum chances of calls getting answered which ultimately means more Sales.

Get the data you want by using Call planner’s Filter feature

Your business is spread across many countries which means a lot of people to cover. So how do you know which deals have been closed and which are still open, how many are the new leads you have to connect for the first time and how many have you already connected and for how many times before? Too much –don’t worry Call planners Filters will help you get all these data in just a step or a two.

Let us know what these four filters are

1) Attempt

This filter has three options:
(a)New Lead: It will give you a list of all those clients with whom you have never connected before.
(b)Successful: Clients with whom you were able to connect at least once will fall into this category. You can further filter this data to know after how many attempts you and your client had a word for the first time.
(c)Unsuccessful: Clients with whom you were not able to connect even once after multiple attempts will fall into this category. You can further filter this data to know how many times you have called your prospective client and still, the call went unanswered.

2) Country

Suppose your sales team is interested in calling one particular country for the day as there are maximum chances of lead conversion or maybe because of some other reasons then they can use this filter to get the data required.

3) Lead Status

This filter has three options:

(a)Lost: These will give you a list of all those customers who might not be interested in purchasing your product or services anymore. This can happen due to many reasons like one your competitor offered him a better deal, or for the time being, he isn’t in the need of your product, etc
(b)Open: You are in constant touch with your potential client hoping for lead conversion.
(c)Won: This situation comes when all your hard works pay off. These give a list of all those clients who have decided to make a purchase from you.

4) Lead Created

This filter gives you a list of all the leads for that particular time period says for the month of March, a week or a particular day.

Don’t be afraid of losing your sales, it’s time to dump the time-zones. With CallHippo’s Call Planner, we make sure you are connecting to your potential clients at the right time. Forget your fears of sales getting lost and get yourself CallHippo’s Intelligent creature. However, the relationship between you and your company should not end when sales are made. Proper care and feeding of your customers will determine if they are coming back to you for more.

Updated : June 11, 2021


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