Every organization wants to maximize lead generation by creating a great first impression. In today’s digital era, companies have a broad customer base scattered around the globe. As per a study, 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Hence, it is vital to know when to do international calls. Make sure to keep in mind the client time zone – you surely do not want to look unprofessional to your valued customers.

All companies need to create a strong communication network. Investing in a reliable phone service provider can make a world of positive difference in your overall business strategy. Nowadays, virtual telephony is a dynamic and revolutionary technology that has created waves in the telecommunication industry.

When we talk about virtual phone systems, the first thing that comes to our mind is CallHippo – the global leader in VoIP phone solutions. One of the best aspects of their virtual phone numbers is that they are highly cost-effective, flexible, and come power-packed with several useful features.

What exactly is Global Connect?

Organizations always look forward to innovative technologies that will enhance their business efficiency. Global Connect is a fantastic tool that will tell you exactly when you can call your customers. It helps managers in managing time zone differences and makes sure that business calls get placed at a time that is mutually convenient to both parties.

Many times, team members waste their precious time by calling invalid business numbers. Global Connect gives precise information about the validity of a business phone number. It displays the country that a particular number belongs to so that employees can know the country code and the expected calling cost.

Well, any organization can gain tremendous benefits by adopting CallHippo’s virtual phone systems. But, how exactly does Global Connect work? It is a straightforward and user-friendly solution. Users need to hover the mouse over the number that they wish to dial, and it will give you all the information that you require. The phone number could be from your CRM, any internal database, or a website – users, get to know the country, day, date, and client’s time zone.

Client need is what we fullfill- Globalconnect

For example: Suppose your sales team is targeting a particular lead with phone number XYZ. You need to talk to your probable client but have no information about where they stay and when would be the appropriate time to call. All you have to do is use Global Connect and get armed with the right data. You may find out that your lead stays in New York, check the date, day, and time for a possible call. The best part about Global Connect is that it will instantly tell you whether the phone number is functional or not valid anymore. You will be able to decide if you should call the client immediately or wait for some time and call at a later stage. This will make sure that sales representatives place the call at an appropriate time, and this is sure to increase the chance of a positive outcome.

Does Your Company Need The Power of Global Connect?

An age-old adage says, “Time is Money.’’ That is true in the current fast-paced business world. If your employees are wasting time calling invalid numbers at the wrong time of the day, your organization will lose business revenue, and it’s hard-earned reputation.

New technologies can be effectively used by organizations to compete responsively. CallHippo’s novel feature Global Connect is a boon for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers. Here are some significant benefits that your company can instantly accrue by leveraging the power of Global Connect:

  • One of the considerable benefits of Global Connect is that it helps in managing different time zones of international clients. Since sales representatives often find it challenging to decide when to call, Global Connect is a useful solution that can make sure that they call at a time of mutual convenience.
  • Sometimes wrong phone numbers are listed on websites, and employees waste precious time calling invalid numbers that are no longer in use. Global Connect lets the user know whether the number is functional, and this increases operational efficiency.
  • Global Connect lets the user know the country they would be calling. Hence, they can gauge calling expenses. Support representatives can decide on the most economical mode of drawing, and also get an estimate of the total call cost.
  • An active world clock is highly beneficial for sales teams. As 80% of sales take five or more follow-up calls, Global Connect serves as a potent marketing tool that can give marketers information about when to place their follow-up calls for better lead conversion.
  • Global Connect helps in seamless team collaboration across geographical borders. It helps in scheduling and planning important calls and video conferences. With Global Connect, there is no chance that you will plan a call at the wrong time of the day and disturb your client; hence, it will definitely build brand credibility.

Get The Global Connect Advantage Right Now!

The current business landscape is highly competitive. Companies need to adapt and evolve with environmental changes to remain in the game. Investing in a business phone number, and using Global Connect will give any organization a robust competitive edge. CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers have a diverse range of impressive features and are fully customizable. Cost-effective rates and an easy installation process make virtual phone systems a must-have business accessory.

So, if you have decided to go ahead, and enjoy Global Connect, here are some essential prerequisites:

  • Your company needs to be a CallHippo corporate user.
  • A virtual phone number will enable your company to get many innovative features.
  • You can easily integrate Global Connect with your CRM or other existing systems for better utility.
  • Users are required to install Call Hippo’s Google chrome extension to enjoy Global Connect.

Organizations need to create a professional image with their clients and also work on building a long-lasting rapport. Caring about your client’s time zone displays proper corporate etiquette, and shows your international partners that you are a responsible company. You need to show respect for their schedule and plan business communication at the right time. Global Connect makes sure to boost sensitivity to international time zones. It avoids any rescheduling or confusion concerning business calls or conferences.

Communication is the lifeblood of a successful business. Customers expect organizations to communicate with them through multiple channels. However, there is a lot of harm that you can do by calling your clients at the wrong time. They could get angry, frustrated or move over to rivals. Hence, it is vital to call at a mutually acceptable time to connect or catch leads and have maximum conversion rates. Get Global Connect to make sure that team members do not expend extra energy calling invalid numbers and get connected to clients at the best time. It can help your organization boost all bottom-line results, and increase satisfaction levels exponentially!

Updated : July 29, 2021


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