Have you ever found yourself wishing for switch better call connectivity whenever you place an important call with a client? Well, with CallHippo’s latest Smart switch feature, your wishes have been granted. Bid adieu to connectivity issues playing truant with your business dealings as you witness improved call connectivity by almost 17%!!! Want to know more about this cool feature? Read on!

An insight into how the Smart Switch feature works:

Smart Switch is a simple mechanism that enables Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to toggle between telephony providers. Placed ergonomically on the agent’s console, it gives the agent’s flexibility to select an alternative provider in case he/she detects a decrease in call connectivity before their next interaction with the customer. 

However, one cannot change the setting in the middle of the call.

The need to integrate the Smart Switch feature:

Greater flexibility, increased call connectivity, unhindered communication, and more productive as well as efficient conversations are basically what we at CallHippo are targeting. All this and more can be achieved by literally just flipping the switch now!

Telephony is a complex technology with a huge amount of infrastructure going into the smooth conductance and completion of every call. The new super cool and useful feature gives users the liberty and flexibility to configure this intricate web of infrastructure with ease.

So one can now simply toggle between multiple telephony providers and select the one that suits their needs best before placing a call, which in turn enables greater call connectivity and facilitates effective communication. 

Do you have certain queries that you are seeking answers to regarding this feature? You might find answers to them in the FAQ section that follows, and in case some still go unanswered, please feel free to drop us a mail or message. Team Awesome @ CallHippo will be more than happy to sort out your tech issues and queries. 

1. Where can I find the Smart Switch feature?

To facilitate easy access, the Smart Switch feature is built right into the agent’s console so that one can easily toggle between a wide range of telephony providers and choose the apt one.

2. Can I change the settings in the middle of a call if I wish to improve connectivity?

That isn’t possible. You need to change the settings by switching to the chosen telephony provider before you make the call

3. Who are Telephony Providers?

Telephony providers refer to organizations that provide the infrastructure through which calls are routed. Also known as networks, they carry data that is perceived as voice by the other end of the line. 

CallHippo has teamed up with multiple such networks that enable users to toggle between them through Smart Switch and its helping business improving  call connectivity and in turn experience enhanced up to 27%.

4. Is there any specific provider preferred over another network?

Well, not really, as according to our research findings, no one provider delivers a better experience than the other. It merely enables the ability to use a different provider if a decrease in delivery is noticed at that moment. If you reverse the changes at a later date, then the delivery rate of the previous provider may have improved.

5. Will I need to pay extra for using the services of multiple providers?

Not at all! Call charges will remain the same irrespective of the provider you choose or how many times you toggle between the two. Using a particular provider at length will also not incur any additional charges.

To sum up, here are the takeaways:

  1. CallHippo’s Smart Switch enhances call connectivity by almost 27%
  2. No more ineffective communication attempts, say what you want, and be more hassle-free.
  3. No additional charges
  4. Toggle between a plethora of telephony providers
  5. Choose the one that suits you best
  6. Make the switch before placing the call
  7. Changes cannot be made mid-call

Are you still hooked? We have got brownie points for you!

Smart Switch isn’t the only fantastic feature Callhippo offers. We also offer an auto-switch functionality. 

Auto-Switch: Automate the Dialing Process & Save your Agents’ Time 

Are you wondering how does it work? Auto-Switch is an exceptional tool that automatically identifies the number you insert and places a call from the correct virtual phone number

For instance, you input +44 7700 900077, the auto-switch will recognize the country code and place the call from your UK number.

The primary motive of the functionality of auto-switch is to improve agent productivity.

Well, that’s a wrap! See you soon with a whole new bunch of ingenious and innovative features. Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

Updated : August 9, 2021


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