‘Being put on hold is the best thing ever’, said no one ever, especially when you need to contact a busy company that can push the holding time up to 30-40 minutes easily. Beep after beep, the process can get so frustrating for the callers that among them 34% will not call the business ever again once they hang up.

And since the first impression people get of an organization is often from the telephone and 70% of them will be put on hold at some point; it becomes a necessity to implement technologies like On Hold music to dissuade customers from hanging up the phone and stay connected for longer if it takes more time than expected for the respondent to answer.

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Music serves the message

Most companies tend to spend 94% of its marketing budget funneling customers to call but a mere 6% is spent on in-call management which ultimately translates into lesser purchases. Therefore, features like On Hold Music for Virtual Mobile Number can prove to be detrimental in creating the best possible first impression and making your client interactions more efficient. While the feature helps your business in looking more professional and reducing hang-ups, the whole purpose behind setting up On Hold Music for VoIP was originally to help consumers grasp the messages conveyed to them, for a maximum recall later.

On Hold Music- An easy way to improve your caller’s experience

Upholding the image of the company and offering the customers with pleasant music to listen instead of the monotony of silence, on hold music for your virtual phone number helps your representatives in situations where it is inevitable to put the call on hold for fetching some crucial details. This calls for a rather sophisticated approach towards catering the psychology of your customer’s mind which works in different ways. Here’s how setting up On Hold Music for Virtual Landline Number can prove to be a detrimental factor in creating an engaging and productive environment for callers.

Enhance Customer Relations

Just as the case is with every interaction your business makes with a prospect, setting up On Hold Music for Virtual Landline Number also opens new avenues for customer interaction and presents an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. Implementing on Hold Music for Virtual Number helps in developing an approach that is customer-centered, displaying an attitude of care and attentiveness towards callers on hold telling them that they are not forgotten. Acting as a reliable bridge between callers and your business respondents, On Hold Music for VoIP and Virtual phone number not only leads to increased responsiveness towards the products and services on offer but also a higher rate of customer referrals.  

Manage Anxiety

A crucial factor that determines whether your customer is going to wait or not, is how you manage their anxiety. According to AT&T survey, when asked to hold, a customer without background music through a 30-second wait lasted for around 90 seconds, as compared to one, who when asked to wait with on hold music for VoIP through a 30-second wait lasted for just 15 seconds. Clearly, On Hold Music for Virtual Landline Number greatly affects the mood of a caller as the monotony of silence can lead them to wear out and hang up as a result of anxiety and irritation that builds up over time.  

On a program involving On Hold Music for Virtual Number, callers tend to respond most favorably to music and messages that are spoken clearly and softly. To create an optimal On Hold Music for VoIP, music sections and voice messages should be kept of equal sizes while ensuring zero unwanted cluttering.

Offer Information That Matters

When a customer is put on hold once they call your virtual phone number, there are two basic things On Hold Music for Virtual Mobile Number can help you achieve.

  • Promote the services and products you have on offer.
  • Creating a constructive and positive environment.

Adding custom messages to your On Hold Music for Virtual Landline Number helps your business in promoting itself through advertisements and announcements. It enables you to offer discounts, announce events and advertise upcoming sales to further publicize your business right through your Virtual Phone Number. Ideally, these messages should be crafted in a way that they interest the callers while they wait for the call to connect. It enhances the likelihood of a productive conversation when representative finally answers.  

Improve company Image

Regardless of the size your company operates at, installing a setup for on Hold Music for Virtual Number helps in creating a powerful first and consistent impression. Since today’s competitive business world requires spreading the news through various avenues and approaches, using on hold music on your Virtual phone Number helps to create reliability for your brand by offering strong and dependable support to your sales efforts. Moreover, the On Hold Music for Virtual Mobile Number can be custom-tailored to accommodate the ways your customers purchase products and services using music and messages that best suit your business.

Setting up On Hold Music for Virtual Number on CallHippo

After an average of 1 minute 55 seconds of hold time, most callers hang up. This is where CallHippo comes to the rescue with it’s On Hold music features and helps your business in building credibility among your callers. CallHippo offers a hassle-free way to impress your prospects, reassuring them that they are the center of focus and that you value their time.

Is there a custom message you want to convey to the callers?

CallHippo’s On Hold Music for Virtual Number allows you to run a customized marketing message on call that perfectly caters to your business communication requirements.    

On Hold Music Matters

By looking at the industry from a psychological as well as a statistical perspective, it is very clear that having your customers to listen to something while they are on hold with your Virtual Phone Number creates a massive difference in their satisfaction level and the duration for which they are like to hold on. Setting up On Hold Music for Virtual Mobile Number for your business coupled with potentially interesting offers and announcements is a simple tactic to improve the rate of call retentions and eventually your sales. In case you’re thinking about doing the change to a VOIP or facilitated VOIP framework, at that point counsel with expert music and message on hold supplier about the best solution.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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