If your business has not adopted cloud telephony yet, you are surely losing out on tons of benefits and exciting features. CallHippo, a leading VoIP provider has launched a novel new feature called ‘Last Called By’ that will have a positive impact on customer service.

We all know that to survive in the current competitive market, businesses need to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. With the ‘Last Called By’ feature, whenever a customer makes an incoming call or if an outgoing call is being made to a client, the support representative will be able to see all the details of the last caller of the same number. Hence, if the customer support was handled by another call agent, you can either redirect the call to that particular agent or get prior insight to the case to provide quicker service. All the important details such as day and time of the last call, along with the name of the support representative who handled the call will appear on the screen.

Now, this is a super useful feature, and a must-have tool, especially for organizations that deal with a high volume of customer calls on a daily basis. Since very often client issues or problems are not resolved through just a single call, they need to be called frequently. In such cases, when customers speak to different service representatives and explain their grievances, again and again, they may get frustrated or annoyed.

The ‘Last Called By’ feature will arm your call agents with all the data that they require to provide agile and responsive service to clients. They will be able to increase the speed and quality of customer support. They can take better decisions such as transferring repetitive customer problems to some other department for better technical service. Your customers will also feel valued, as they will not have to repeat their story every time they call. Support representatives can collaborate amongst themselves and share information about customer cases to expedite processes.

Last Called By Feature

Now, you may feel that such an advanced feature will be highly technical to understand. However, that is far from the truth. ‘Last Called By’ is a very simple feature that can be easily activated on your CallHippo virtual phone number. Whenever you make an outgoing call or receive an incoming call, you will be able to see the previous caller details of the same number. It will mention clearly the exact time and date of the previous call. The name of the agent who attended the customer call will also be mentioned. In case a call was missed by that number, all details will be given so that support representatives can give valid explanations to customers and increase the personal connection.

What Happens If You Miss Out On ‘Last Called By ‘Feature?

Your business will surely lose out on tons of business opportunities if you do not make the most of the dynamic ‘Last Called By’ feature. So, what happens if you just use a simple traditional phone connection without this feature? For starters, you will have absolutely no idea whether your support representatives have interacted with a client prior to the current conversation. This will irritate clients as they will feel that your company is not taking an adequate interest in their problems, and is lacking in customer service.

 Another area that your organization will surely lose out on is personalization. If you call agents are aware of the last call details, they will personalize the conversation to forge a genuine connection with the client. They may call the client by their name, and give them details about the progress made on their complaint since the last call. This will impress your customers, give a professional image and help in retaining clients in the long run.

The customer is king in the modern business ecosphere. If you don’t provide a holistic customer experience to your clients during phone conversations, they will develop a negative perception of your brand. Invest in a state-of-the-art virtual phone system by CallHippo to gain a competitive edge and boost your revenues. 

The ‘Last Called By’ feature will definitely become a prime marketing tool for your sales and customer support team. They can leverage the power of real-time information to engage clients better and increase their personal rapport with customers. This feature will also greatly increase customer satisfaction levels as they will receive instant service from the required personnel or department. 

It’s a win-win situation for your organization – your staff members and customers will both gain tremendous benefits from the intuitive ‘Last Called By’ feature. So, go ahead, do not delay and take your customer service levels to the peak of excellence!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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