In the current era of globalization, where the world’s various economies are coming together to form a cohesive global economy, all businesses, big and small, across multiple industries are aiming to expand their business far and wide to earn a higher market share.

Over the last few decades, many organizations have expanded their business horizons to international territories acquiring scores of new customers. However, a higher market share comes with its own set of operational challenges.

Organizations need to continually change and develop their strategies to deal with a dynamic business environment. This can be both a boon and a bane to the organizations. Even though it increases the number of prospects, it also increases competition significantly.

Technology, like globalization, has also played a significant role in revolutionizing the business world. It is an integral part of every organization whether big or small. With the recent technological advancements, many businesses have created a global customer base and have partnered with various suppliers, vendors, and business entities worldwide to ensure productive and profitable operations.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, businesses tend to overlook small details, which can cause them enormous losses. One such crucial factor is time. To be successful, any business must be available to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time.

Ensuring that your business approaches its targeted customers at the right time plays a crucial role in expanding its customer base. While many consider time a figurative concept, the literal sense of the word is equally important.


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Currently, there are 37 time zones in the world which are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and an hour apart. For example, if it’s 9:00 am on a Monday in Tokyo, Japan, it is 8:00 pm on a Sunday in Washington DC USA.

Thus, for a business with multiple international clients, knowing when to call them is crucial, as the customer’s comfort and convenience play a massive role in setting the transaction’s pace. A study shows that the time taken to acquire a customer is five times more than the time taken to retain them.

Imagine losing clients for something as trivial as time difference.  At the same time, checking the local time of the client’s location manually each and every time before calling the client can become quite tedious and time-consuming.


Suppose that you call 100 clients a day, and it takes you at least one minute to look up a country and its local time.  You will often find that the number isn’t even valid, which means that you end up wasting more than an hour of your day on a mundane, repetitive activity. Even though tasks like this are necessary, they have no direct contribution to your organization’s growth.

Are you wondering if there is an easier way out? Are you looking for ways to solve this problem more efficiently and effectively? CallHippo has recently introduced ‘Global Connect.’ It works with a basic chrome extension, and a simple hover of the mouse automatically informs the user of the place, time, day, date, and validity of that number.




Suppose that you have a manufacturing company in Tokyo, Japan for which you are supposed to import raw materials from Washington DC, USA. You have been in constant negotiations with them regarding the price and delivery of the material. After a few weeks of talking to them regularly, they have finally agreed to meet you halfway. However, you are supposed to speak to the owner to finalize the terms.

It’s 3:30 pm on a Monday when you finally get enough time to talk to the owner. Without thinking twice, you dial the number. The owner receives the call at 2:30 am. A disaster, isn’t it? Imagine their reaction. A silly mistake may cost you a lucrative deal that could’ve saved thousands of dollars.

Why risk your business over such trivial issues when with a simple hover of the mouse, you can decide whether it is the right time to call someone or not. Explore CallHippo’s Global Connect feature for your business today!

Updated : June 15, 2021


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