A lot has happened in today’s high-tech world regarding the operations of a business. We, as a Live Answering Service software provider, do understand the importance of good customer service. 

This is not only true for acquiring new customers but also equally relevant for maintaining an existing client base. Statistics as per the records of InsightSquared show that $41 Billion is lost by US companies each year due to poor customer service. 

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A Statistical Analysis

The statistical data in percentages gathered from different credible sources are mentioned as following: 

1) 66% of customers are switching to a different company because of poor service (according to the report of Accenture). 

2) 82% of consumers have halted their business with companies due to their bad customer service (as per the records of Zendesk). 

3) 58% are willing to spend their money on organizations that deliver better services (as per the report of American Express). 

4) 40% reduction is possible in the number of unnecessary repeat calls by assessing the personality of the caller and responding accordingly (as per the records of Harvard Business Review). 

To solve these problems, you should always come up with responsible and knowledgeable staff in your customer service department. 

They should not only be attending the calls of the clients, understand their needs but should also correspond with the back-office and come up with solutions that the clients actually want. 

They are satisfied if their needs are met in the shortest possible time. So you really need a good person who is good at both managerial and communication skills.

Along with that, you need a good infrastructure setup: Virtual phone number, VOIP mobile number, Cloud-based phone system arrangements are the basic setup.

However, more resources would mean for cost, and not all businesses can afford that. The need to train these resources effectively would only add up to the maintenance. 

This is why you need a Live Answering Service to tackle your needs.

Why Choose Us?

CallHippo, as a Live Answering Service provider, has gone a long way down the line. So we know what’s the best and we thrive to provide that.

Our Multilingual IVR system would ensure that your services reach out to the various parts of the world. The language will no longer pose a barrier.

In this case, for better support, you must get the best cloud phone system like CallHippo. We will help you appoint the right candidate needed for the purpose. This will send a positive signal to your clients that you are concerned about providing services too and not happy selling once for all. This will build the brand image of your business too.

Our IVR system will filter out the dial-in customers based on the options they choose from the menu and will redirect them to the most relevant department.

The result is greater customer satisfaction.

Connect with us to know more.

There are two types of caller services that we provide namely Inbound Caller Service and Outbound Caller Service. In the Inbound Caller Service, you only receive calls and are forwarded to the right people who will give satisfactory answers. 

In the Outbound Caller Service, you can make calls as well. You can directly call the clients based on the guidelines set and also connect to the clients with whom your management people want to speak to.

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Get the Edge

CallHippo’s plus points that would benefit you while choosing your virtual service provider: 

1) Cost: We don’t charge exorbitant prices. Our cost does not pinch a bit. 

2) Call Queuing: All your customer’s calls will be queued if your line is busy. The calls are answered in the order they were received.

3) Efficient call handling: Our cloud-based phone system works as per the settings that you have arranged, whether to divert the call that was originally meant for you to another extension or redirect it to voicemail when you are busy. 

This can be done through: 

Virtual Phone Number – We use Virtual Phone Numbers, that route calls to the user’s actual phone number or numbers. 

VOIP Phone System – VOIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone system exchanges voice communications over the internet

Cloud-based Phone system – This system uses cloud technology to route phone calls and voicemails over the internet. 

4) Handling high call pace/volume: Our software gives you the ease to take up any number of calls and also lengthy calls. So your clients will feel encouraged to discuss their issues and queries which will benefit your business.  

Problems Solving Experts

Many of your problems can be solved by Our Telephony Services: 

1) Efficient manpower: The problem of your efficient manpower shortage to cater to your client calls will be solved. 

Your call will be handled with care with the help of an ‘IVR’ and ‘On- Hold Music’ so that your client does not feel that he/she is not receiving proper attention or his/her words are not attended to. Your brand image will get a hike and you will not lose a single client. On the contrary, you will gain new clients. 

2) Efficient Intercom Handling: Our VOIP phone system will efficiently handle your Intercom system so that you and your other staff will not miss a single call from your potential and existing clients. 

The calls will be effectively transferred to your designated extensions by way of virtual mobile number that you set up for forwarding the calls. It will also manage the calls that are coming through the VOIP Phone System for just voice communications or multimedia data. 

The live answering service also is conversant enough to distribute the calls that are coming over the Cloud-based Phone System. Your designated employees can effortlessly answer calls regardless of the number of phone links that you have provided for handling customer calls.

Thus, our live answering service will not only benefit your business by preserving your existing clients but will also help grow your business. 

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Updated : May 6, 2021


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