The latest trend in the world of virtual telephony is intelligent call transcription – companies are utilizing this innovative and novel feature to gain a number of instantaneous benefits! A virtual phone is surely the fastest way to make sure that your organization says connected all the time, and it has a number of revolutionary features that will optimize your business communication policies.

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The traditional voicemail feature was definitely one of the most interesting features where the users had the facility to leave a message when a call was not answered. The voice mail facility enables you to receive, listen, and handle voicemail messages by a telephone, computer, or both. There’s no doubt that voicemail was surely a very innovative and novel facility that would make sure that no important calls were missed if you are away from your workplace. Well, however, times have moved on and call transcription in VoIP is the latest buzzing trend now!

Voicemail Transcription Feature in Virtual Number – How Does It Work?

Many people wonder about the difference between voicemail and voicemail transcription – well, it is certainly safe to say that voicemail transcription feature in virtual phone is an absolute must-have in today’s fast-paced competitive business world.

Intelligent Voicemail Transcription is a state-of-the-art advanced feature by CallHippo that allows users to read their voicemail messages with ease and flexibility. The entire transcription of the voicemail messages is sent to users through email, and speech-to-text automatic conversion facilitates managers and team members to analyze the content of the message without having to listen to their recordings.

The advent of intelligent call transcription in VoIP has made the traditional voicemail system quite irrelevant, as it is much faster, more efficient and enhances overall performance. So don’t miss out on voicemail transcription feature in your virtual phone number – it is definitely a sure shot way to streamline business communication procedures and boost up your overall bottom line end results.

Benefits of Call Transcription in VoIP:

If you are still not convinced about the difference in between voicemail and voicemail transcription, go through these amazing benefits of the innovative intelligent call transcription facility in virtual phone numbers:

  • Complete and All-Inclusive Written Record – Having voicemail transcription feature in a virtual number means that your organization will always have a comprehensive written record of all business communication. This can be easily stored, referred to and analyzed – thereby enhancing the quality of business decisions along with maintaining an up-to-date record of communication. So make sure that you invest in intelligent call transcription on your virtual number to have a broad-ranging and holistic written record of all business communication!
  • Saves Time – If you need to save the precious time of your managers and workers, it’s high time you activate call transcription in VoIP. Today’s workforce is always on the move and highly mobile in nature – they do not have time to listen to long recordings that were made available by the traditional voicemail systems. Voicemail transcription feature on your virtual number means that you will directly be able to access the written text of your business messages – you can go through them and respond at a time of your convenience, saving you truckloads of time and increasing accessibility!
  • Anytime Accessible – There are time when managers are on the move and travelling, thereby leaving them with zero accessibility to their business messages. Intelligent call transcription is the most accurate and accessible way of keeping up-to-date with your business communication, as all you require is a working internet connection to get the full-textual conversion of your voice messages. Call Transcription in VoIP is surely the future of communication – so make sure to invest in this novel facility for your organization right now!
  • Enable To Search For Any Call Transcript – Since having voicemail transcription in a virtual number means that you will always have a written record of business calls, it is also possible for managers to search through old call transcripts for any specific conversation or keywords. This is an accurate method to index your business communication and keep it structured, well-ordered and secure.
  • Get a Clear Picture of Customer Communication – Intelligent call transcription feature makes sure that your organization has a record of all essential business calls – making sure that you can optimize, analyze and improve on service quality by going through previous customer conversations. Armed with sophisticated speech analytics technology, it is possible for your company to engage with customers better, thereby boosting your customer relationships and creating long-lasting lifetime bonds.

So these amazing benefits would have surely convinced you about the difference between voicemail and voicemail transcription facility, and by now you must be wondering how to setup voicemail transcription on your virtual phone number. Well, it’s a very easy, simple and speedy procedure – let’s have a look in detail.

How To Setup Voicemail Transcription With CallHippo

If you are looking for a reliable service provider to activate voicemail transcription on your virtual number, there’s no doubt that CallHippo is the best choice! The first step to start intelligent call transcription is to sign up with CallHippo, and then go to the number settings tab. You will need to scroll down to find the voice transcription toggle button, and as soon as you switch it on, you can start off with voicemail transcription on your virtual phone number. The whole process is super fast and within three minutes you can activate call transcription on your VoIP, boosting your efficiency levels to an all-time high!

There’s no need to wait any longer – if you want to miraculously increase your business communication and convert your voicemail messages to text, just activate voicemail transcription feature on your virtual number. It’s the best way to improve customer service, keep your team members connected on the move, and always have a written record of all your phone conversations. Your organization will accrue a number of advantages, and it will surely fast track your company on to the path of success!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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