In this era of fast-paced technological changes, it is imperative to move with the times or you will perish in the competitive race. Great communication is one domain that can greatly improve your chances of success. Organizations need to make sure that they invest time and effort in choosing a perfect communication system that suits their requirements.

If you are looking out for a holistic business communication solution, look no further and adopt virtual phone systems. Virtual telephony is an upcoming trend, and companies all over the globe have moved towards this revolutionary technology. Virtual phone numbers have replaced the traditional copper wired phone systems, in fact, the VoIP market size will reach 5 billion USD by the year 2025.

So, if you have decided to make the transition and adopt a comprehensive virtual phone platform for your business communication, it is important that you choose the best in the market. CallHippo is a leading VoIP phone service provider across the world, and can customize packages to boost workflow automation. CallHippo virtual phone systems are powered by state-of-the-art technology, and have an impressive array of corporate communication features. They are always innovating on their product range, and adding more features that can help their clients maximize productivity. The recent addition of Auto-Switch features is already making waves, and has proved to be extremely helpful in saving agent time and increasing operational efficiency.

What is Auto-Switch?

If you have decided to get onboard with virtual phone solutions, that’s a positive decision that can have a far-reaching impact. Now, the next step is to gather as much knowledge as possible so that you are well aware about the benefits of getting a virtual phone number. 

If you choose CallHippo, one of the most dynamic features that it has recently launched is auto-switch. You may be wondering what is meant by auto-switch, and whether it will really make any difference to your long term goals. Let’s find out a bit more about this novel feature. Auto-switch is a useful tool that automatically identifies a particular phone number that is inserted in the system, and ensures that the user makes the call with the right virtual phone number. This is very helpful as many times calling agents have no idea about the country or how they should call when they dial numbers of clients. Auto-switch makes sure that there is no confusion, and gives accurate results in just a couple of seconds. 

For example: You are supposed to make a call to the phone number +61 448 563 678 to discuss a promotional offer. Now, you may have no idea about which country this phone number belongs to, and how should you call this particular customer. If you have the auto-switch feature on your virtual phone system, all you have to do is insert this number and wait for some time – instantly you will come to know that it is an Australian phone number, and it will place the call from your Australia virtual phone number.

Benefits of Auto-Switch:

Now that you have fully understood how auto-switch functions, you may wonder what is the big deal about it? You may even question if you need it or should your calling agents manage the process manually as it was happening before. Well, to surge ahead of the competition, you surely need to harness the power of ever technological advancement, and auto-switch is definitely high up on the list. Investing in a VoIP phone solution will give you a host of diverse benefits, and auto-switch will just be the icing on the cake. Here are some compelling reasons why you need to use auto-switch to enhance your productivity levels right now:

Auto-switch functionality

More Time For Strategic Planning:

Most organizations have endless long lists of phone numbers that they need to cold call. This calling can get very tiring for call agents and leave them with little or no time for strategic planning. An advanced feature like auto-switch can help your employees in shuffling multiple numbers at the same time, and reduce the effort spent on the same. Since your agents will save time on managing their phone calls to clients, they will have extra hand at time. This precious time can be used for brainstorming, team conferences and decision making.


Your call agents need to know details about the phone number that they are calling. While GlobalConnect is another amazing feature by CallHippo that allows you to know the country, day and time zone of the phone number that you are calling, even auto-switch can help in the same purpose. Auto-switch identifies the phone number that you feed in your virtual phone system, and automatically chooses the virtual phone that you should use. In the meantime, call representatives get to know which country their client belongs to, and can make extra effort in personalizing the conversation to forge a better rapport with valued global customers.

Time Saving:

Let’s face it, time is the most precious resource ever, and you simply can’t afford your workforce to waste even a minute. Making international calls is quite a tedious and time consuming task. Call agents need to scroll down long lists, select numbers, find out the country code, and then decide which virtual phone number to call from. Now all these steps can be eliminated by using auto-switch, as just the click of a button dials the number from the correct virtual phone number. Your agents just need to insert the phone number and sit back. It is a great time saver, and ensures a motivated workforce as the monotony of the calling process is reduced.

Cost Effective and Accurate:

If you want your profits to soar sky high, your organization needs to take charge and work at saving every penny. Very often, call agents make wrong decisions while making phone calls to clients and this may prove to be very expensive in the long run.

For example: let us suppose need to call a customer in the United States, and you have a US virtual phone number. However, if the mentioned call agent is not aware about the country or looks op a wrong country, and uses some other virtual phone number, the call will be charged as an outgoing international call. Obviously, this will be far more costly for your company, as if you had placed the call from your US virtual phone number, it would have been priced as an economical local call.

Hence, boosting the accuracy level and reducing time in identifying a phone number is a huge advantage of auto-switch. It increases team collaboration, and removes any kind of stress for your call agents.

Don’t let time flow through your fingers in daily mundane activities. Take a call, and invest in business phone systems by CallHippo. It will be a revolutionary decision that will enhance the customer experience, keep your workforce engaged and build up your brand reputation. Plus, you will have the auto-switch advantage – your call center staff members will be super motivated and get extra time to spend on organizational tasks.

Today’s fast-paced business world offers brands a number of options to get in touch with customers. Social media, instant text messages, emails and phone calls are smart mediums that can provide great support. However, since a whopping 54% customers prefer service through phone conversations, your organization will certainly need to leverage the power of technology to drive efficiency in the calling process. 

There is nothing better than auto-switch to save time and change your call center operations instantly. It is a modern tool that can help any kind of organization – a start-up, mid-sized enterprise or a giant multinational corporation to optimize customer service processes. So, do not hesitate, sign up for a CallHippo virtual phone system now to enjoy the functionality of auto-switch and reap gigantic benefits!


Updated : August 4, 2021


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