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Customers are important. They are the backbone of any business organization. If you don’t strive to keep your customers happy, they will surely move on to rival organizations.

What can you do differently to ensure that your customers stay happy?

Well, the modern customer is not just interested in a product or service; rather they want an exceptional experience. Your organization needs to engage clients effectively, right from the first interaction, and forge a long-lasting relationship.

Communication is another important area. It’s vital for companies to invest in a structured phone system so that they can remain accessible to their clients, round the clock.

Hosted call center solutions are the ideal solution for customer-centric businesses, as they ensure uninterrupted communication at affordable prices. The world is moving towards virtual telephony, and VoIP services have gained immense popularity all across the world.

Use VoIP Phone Systems To Build Customer Experience

The right communication tools can make a world of difference to your customer experience. VoIP phone systems are the latest buzzing trend, and they can bring about a dramatic change to your customer service experience.

If your organization needs to make or receive frequent customer calls, it would be a great idea to consider getting call center software. It is a one-time investment, and will definitely bring about a sea of positive results. Here are some ways in which your company can boost the customer experience by getting a business phone system:

1. Reduces Waiting Time:

Time is money. Your customers do not want to waste their precious time, waiting to get attended by customer service representatives. That can be extremely frustrating, and most customers would rather drop the call than wait for a long period of time.

Call center software ensures that all customer calls are routed to an available agent so that your clients can receive speedy service. Users can customize settings and transfer calls based on the nature of the problem or urgency. This streamlines call operations and boost speed, agility, and flexibility in the communication process.

Most VoIP phone systems also provide call agents with a complete history of the customer’s past interactions, purchase history, and service record. This real-time data enables support representatives to forward customers to the right person so that they can resolve their issues quickly. 

2. Track Call Metrics:

It is essential for businesses to monitor customer interaction so that they can enhance the call experience in every way possible. VoIP phone systems have some useful call monitoring features that enable users to keep a record of every single customer interaction.

Managers can track important metrics such as average call time, wait time, the performance of the agent, and resolution speed. This makes sure that agents perform to the best of their capability, and helps in providing the right training, as required by customer service representatives.

Virtual phone solutions empower businesses by giving a detailed insight into key performance parameters and promote data-driven decisions. This will, in turn, enable employees to deliver an excellent customer service experience, and take necessary steps to take proactive action if needed.

3. Make Sure To Answer Every Single Call:

Make sure never to miss even a single customer call as it can translate into a lost opportunity. If you want to excel at providing great customer service, you need to make sure that your support representatives remain available to attend client calls, round the clock.

Most VoIP phone systems have various advanced features such as call forwarding that allows employees to divert business calls to any other mobile phone number or landline. This means that your call agents will always be accessible to customers, and will be able to resolve their problems, irrespective of geographical location.

If by any chance, your customers cannot speak to a call agent, your VoIP phone solution can also take down a voice message. This ensures that you do not miss out on important business communications, and put up a professional front for clients.


4. Enhanced Call Quality:

One of the biggest problems that customers have with call centers is poor voice quality. Customers often complain about disturbances in the phone line and unexpected call drops. VoIP phone systems ensure that clients enjoy superior voice quality due to a broader range of frequency than traditional analog phones.

Since VoIP calls depend on the Internet connection, VoIP phone solutions just require a high-speed broadband connection to provide apex quality communication. There are no other heavy technical hardware or software requirements – virtual phone systems are practically hassle-free, and require a minimum amount of maintenance in the long run.

5. Automated Voice Response Technology:

Since your call agents may not be available 24*7, it makes sense to use automated technology to communicate with customers during non-working hours. Interactive voice response systems help customers with self-service through drop-down menus, so that they can divert calls to the required extension number.

Automated interactive voice response solutions are great as it reduces the dependency on manual staff members, and your clients are empowered to route themselves to desired departments. This avoids the frustration of waiting for support representatives to come on the line and getting transferred to various departments, before resolving a particular issue. 

6. Builds A Professional Brand Image:

It is important for companies to give out a professional image to their clients. VoIP phone systems enable users to set a pre-recorded customized greeting for their customers. You can also choose to play on-hold music for customers, while they wait for call agents to attend to their problem.

Virtual phone systems make sure that businesses maximize each customer interaction. A famous saying goes – ‘You never get a second chance to improve your first impression’. This is apt for all kinds of organizations, so it is a good idea to get a VoIP phone platform to put forward a credible image and personalize customer interaction.

7. Reduces Communication Expenses:

Communication costs can burn a heavy hold on any organization’s budget, hence a virtual phone system is a real investment. Most service providers easily customize solutions that are based on your organizational requirement and make sure that the whole package fits within your budget.

VoIP phone systems are scalable – this means that you do not need to blindly invest in all features. Users can opt for basic modules, and upgrade to more advanced features at a later stage, according to business growth and diversification. VoIP phone solutions are a must-have asset for companies that make a heavy volume of international calls and can help them save up to 90% on communication expenses annually.

Virtual phone systems are the future of telecommunication technology. If your organization is still using traditional means of communication, it’s high time to switch over to VoIP phone systems. They can enhance team collaboration, boost mobility, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

It may seem to be challenging to opt for a business phone platform, as there are many VoIP phone service providers in the market. Assess your business requirements, browse through client reviews, and then only decide on the most suitable one for your corporate communication. It will definitely be a groundbreaking decision that will have a lasting positive impact on all your vital bottom-line results! 

Updated : March 30, 2022

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