The social media wave has increased in every sector. In 2018, over 3 billion people were using various social media sites actively. This depicts the way social media has invaded our day-to-day lives. 

Social media is a radical technology that has changed the way people connect and interact. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp are all effective platforms that empower two-way communication and engagement. However, social media campaigns are not only a tremendous personal communication tool but can also be used by corporates to carve a brand identity. 

Brand marketing through social media is versatile, cost-effective, and intelligent. Organizations can connect with their target audience and forge secure connections with them. Research has revealed that on Instagram alone, over 80% of people follow a brand, rather than celebrities. This shows how well we can leverage social media forums to disseminate all brand-related information to customers.

Companies can network with social media influencers who can attract more clients towards their brand. They can boost sales and enhance lead conversion by creating a positive brand image in the virtual world. Homepages created by organizations on social media platforms are also used by loyal customers actively and gives them a portal to get in touch at any time of the day.

Social media platforms are immensely popular as customers often rely on their feedback and reviews. Clients feel valued as they can instantly communicate with organizations and get quick quality service for their problems or issues. It is essential for managers to formulate a detailed social media marketing strategy to gain a sense of purpose. An army of brand advocates and followers can create a buzz around your products/services and attract new prospects. 

There are tons of different benefits that businesses can accrue by jumping on various social media platforms. Here are seven surprising benefits of harnessing the power of social media for small business marketing:

Increase Brand Awareness:

Organizations need to work hard at creating an unforgettable brand name! Brand recognition can make or break corporate success, so it’s essential for brands to stand apart from rivals. Social media portals are the perfect medium for companies to reach out to new and potential customers. They can give out information on the brand name, vision, and long term philosophy on social media websites. The logo and brand colors can be utilized to make a strong visual impact and develop a brand personality. By posting innovative and brand-related content, organizations can make sure that their client base remains engaged in the long run.

Ways SM can benefit small business

Capture Your Target Customers:

Everyone is on social media these days! Modern customers are highly internet-savvy and use it for personal/professional services. They use social media platforms to check out a brand before investing in its products or services. Companies that are not on social media could miss out on a great chance to connect with clients and leads. Social media websites provide a flexible and low-commitment way for customers to express interest in a brand. Since we live in a hyper-digital era, brands do not wait for customers to come to them. Instead, they need to connect through social media sites aggressively.

Save on Marketing Costs:

Impactful advertising and marketing burn quite a hole in any organization’s pocket. This is the prime reason many companies across the globe are resorting to social media platforms for brand marketing. Social media is a strategic marketing tool that provides quick results at a low-cost for all kinds of organizations. Most social media platforms allow businesses to set up free accounts. Companies can have a dedicated team that updates content regularly and engages with loyal clients. Running advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is cost-effective. No matter how less is your marketing budget, social media marketing can always fit it – a sure shot solution that boosts sales and retains customers.

Increases Search Engine Rankings:

Search engine optimization is crucial in the current competitive business scenario. Most customers rely on popular search engines to gain information about the best brands available in the market. Utilizing social media for small business marketing is a definite way to catapult to the top of search engine rankings. Companies that have a strong and compelling social media presence always find their way in the top results of search engines. This drives web traffic towards your organization and generates positive publicity for your brand name!

High Customer Engagement:

Customers need to be looked after well, or they will switch to rival organizations. Social media portals help to engage clients effectively and keep them connected to your brand. Clients can interact, ask questions, and discuss products on your social media pages. Two-way communication between team members, employees, and organizational stakeholders leads to meaningful conversations. Organizations that stay active on social media pages post responses and regularly answer to customers have a huge fan following. Social media is the best medium to develop a huge base of an engaged audience and develop a close relationship with them.

Promote Relevant Content:

Content is prime, and there is an explosion of content in the digital medium. Social media is the best way to promote innovative and new material that can go viral amongst customers. Well-researched content can generate a deep interest in a brand and display technical expertise in a field. As more and more people start liking, commenting, and sharing a post, it gains higher visibility in the virtual world. Sourcing and sharing quality content is a smart marketing strategy, and it can get any organization in the limelight.

Retarget Potential Customers Effectively:

It is vital to keep retargeting customers who once displayed an interest in your brand or product. There is tons of competition for consumers, and they often move between brands before making up their minds. People abandon nearly 70% of all shopping carts on e-commerce sites. People who have left a shopping cart are prime potential clients. They have to be retargeted by sending alerts, reminders, and promoting useful conversation with them. Tracking and analytical tools on social media platforms help to retarget customers and propel them towards making a decision. Social media is an intelligent solution to retarget probable customers and improve your brand to develop top-of-the-mind recall.

Social media is a powerful medium that can help small businesses, new start-ups, and multinational corporate giants reach out to their target audience. If your brand is not speaking, directing to customers on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram, you are missing a massive chunk of the action.

Companies need to choose the best platforms that will help them develop devoted brand ambassadors and loyal clients. Creating an appealing page that is active and putting out unique content is bound to capture audience interest. Marketers need to develop a robust strategy that is aligned with long term goals to harness the power of social media.

There is no doubt that social media is a potent tool that can revolutionize the way an organization advertises its brand. Social media is continuously evolving – make sure to tweak your social media marketing strategy to witness a massive increase in popularity and sales.

Updated : December 15, 2021

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