Communication is the key to any relationship. This involves your relationship with your clients, as well. Good communication can help to sustain the relationships in the long term, while poor communication can bring an end to relations.

In today’s world, where there is so much competition, good communication with your clients can prove to be a great boost for your company leading to better client retention and improved client acquisition.

There are several ways in which client communication can be improved. It is important that companies start taking note and implement these ways to improve things.

Let’s take a look at some of the effective ways to improve client communication.

  • Establishing a human connection: It is important to make the person on the other side feel valued. Employees can be informal yet professional. Reminding a client that they are interacting with a human being helps them break down a barrier and ease things.
  • Being friendly: It doesn’t matter how your personality is. You can be upbeat and energetic or calm and laid-back. But while communicating with the clients, you need to be positive and friendly. A friendly approach towards your clients makes them more interested and feel valued as a person. Small things like asking them how they are doing and how they have been can do wonders in improving client communication. Clients tend to feel a lot easier in communication and conducting business if you are friendly in behavior.
  • Paying attention to the tone: It is very important to pay attention to the tone you are speaking with while interacting with the clients. “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” is a very meaningful phrase. Sounding bored or sad while conversing with your clients leaves a very bad impact and hampers the client relationship. Be attentive as to what tone you are using and try being upbeat and happy as it fills the conversation with positivity and improves client communication.
  • Leverage the company brand: Every company has its own style and business ethos. While communicating with the clients, use the style and ethos of your company to your advantage. If your company is trustworthy and dependable, you can always use words like consistent and reliable. Use the positives of the company depending on the conversation, which will not only lead to better marketing but also help the client know the company well. 
  • Be consistent: Consistency in communication is a very important factor. It is important to make sure that you are consistent with your way of communication. If you were very friendly and enthusiastic in your first interaction, the clients would expect the same for future communication. If you sound disinterested and bored in your further conversations, the client will be thrown off, and that affects the business negatively. So, always ensure to be consistent. When working in a team, talk with your colleagues and make sure that the entire team is maintaining a certain way of presenting themselves, so that everyone is on the same page and the overall client communication is improved.
  • Make things easy for clients: It is expected that your clients would be short on time due to busy schedules. Making things easier and faster for your clients is a great way to improve communication. You need to be efficient and think of various ways by which you can save time for your clients.
  • Add a personal touch: Understanding your clients better can help the relationship flourish better. Adding a personal touch while communicating with your clients can go a long way towards effective communication. Providing relevant information regarding their areas of interest is a great way of strengthening your relationship and making the clients feel more confident about your service.
  • Pay attention to formatting: Paying attention to formatting in texts, emails, and presentations are important. Try maintaining a consistent presentation for individual clients and make things easier for them.


  • Adapt with their way of communicating: Adapting to the way your customer wants to communicate is a part of great communication. Respond according to the tone of your clients. Doing this makes the customer feel a stronger bond with you. So always try and adapt with their way of communicating if possible. This makes the customer feel closer and more valued.
  • Ask questions whenever necessary: To know the needs of your clients better and offer them the best solutions, ask as many questions as you need to. Asking questions is a key part of establishing effective communication. This not only helps you improve your understanding of clients’ needs but also makes the clients appreciate your curiosity. 
  • Anticipate questions and be prepared: It is good to be prepared for the kinds of questions you may face in a meeting or conversation. This helps you respond to the questions faster and in a more efficient manner. While composing emails,  try to avoid the perpetual back and forth and think about the question that your client may have for you. This can really improve client communication and make them satisfied with your service. 
  • Use Please and Thank You: The basic manners and courtesy can go a long way to improve client communication. Even things as basic as please and thank you can greatly affect the client relationship. So, make it a habit of using these simple yet meaningful words as much as you can to effectively improve client communication.
  • Use the marketing team as much as possible: The marketing team of any company specializes in customer relations and communications has a good tendency of marketing. You can always run your intended communication approach by them and get suggestions to improve them, and make sure whether they are compliant and informative.
  • Regular follow-ups: Following up with your clients is very important to maintain a healthy and good relationship with them. Follow up with them regularly to make sure that they are happy and content with the service. No matter what medium you use, make sure to be prompt with the follow-ups as it goes a long way in effectively improving client communication.
  • Paraphrase the main points: Whenever you are wrapping up a conversation or meeting with your clients, make sure to summarize the important points and takeaways. This will not only help you to avoid any confusion but also present yourself as an active and responsive listener.
  • Proofread: Whenever you are using some written form of communication, make sure you proofread them to avoid even the smallest of mistakes. This makes sure that your messages and documents are error-free.

Bottom line

These are just a few effective ways of improving client communication, no matter what medium you are using.

There can be several other ways depending on the type of business and the type of clients you are handling.

Good and transparent communication can go a long way to improve your relationship with the clients and your overall business.

Updated : February 9, 2021


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