The journey of an entrepreneur is not easy. Running a business means that you have to handle a million tasks simultaneously. So, what can help you manage your startup better? 

We live in a digital era, and it is time for entrepreneurs to leverage the power of technology. The correct use of it helps reduce time, effort, and money by automating repetitive tasks.

Smart business intuition, hard work, creativity, and the right resources are invaluable assets for entrepreneurs. Here are some important tools that can help entrepreneurs achieve smooth operational efficiency:


1. Customer Relationship Management Software:

Professional customer relationship management software is a must-have tool for budding startups.  It helps them manage all information in a structured manner and serve clients better.

Moreover, these softwares have features such as contact management, lead management, sales analytics, and reporting. Entrepreneurs can use these platforms to consolidate customer information in a single unified repository. 

There are many CRM platforms available in the market, so companies need to assess their business requirements. Customer relationship management software is a sure-shot way of getting more customers and keeping them satisfied.


2. Cloud-Based Phone Systems:

Startups need to invest in cost-effective and reliable phone systems to remain in touch with customers, vendors, suppliers, and external stakeholders. 


The best option for new companies is to opt for professional Internet business phone systems. Cloud based virtual phone systems serve as an ideal option. They are economical, scalable, and provide a diverse range of novel features that enhance productivity in the workplace. Your new business can benefit through automated interactive voice response systems, call forwarding, voicemail, and call conferencing.

There are many credible VoIP providers in the market. Thus, entrepreneurs can easily buy a customized business phone system at minimal cost.


3. Social Media Platforms:

It is an excellent idea for all new businesses to leverage the power of social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter can all be used as effective mediums to showcase your thought leadership, brand value, and creative content.

Social media platforms are the ideal way to build a loyal community of followers and frequently engage them. Entrepreneurs can reach out to customers, interact with them, and get to know them better in an informal environment. Moreover, your social media company page can provide instant support and resolve client issues proactively.


4. Online Rating and Review Websites:

Most customers frequently check out online reviews before investing in a new product or service. Thus, entrepreneurs should sign up for various online rating reviews. This will help them learn how to improve customer experiences.

A customer who has had a negative experience can share bad reviews, and dissuade potential clients from trying out your brand. It is vital to respond to all customer reviews with diplomacy and grace. Let your customers know that your business cares about their honest opinion.  Moreover, they need to be ensured that you are willing to take corrective action.


5. File Sharing and Storage Applications:

New businesses should invest in cloud-based file sharing and storage applications to enhance productivity. It promotes remote working and mobility. Also, it allows you to access business files at any place and time. 

DropBox, GoogleApps, and GoogleDrive are some popular options used as team collaboration tools by companies across the world. The best part about them is that they keep your data safe. Moreover, you can even restrict access by granting user control to specific people. It is a structured and secure way of keeping all your company data in a centralized location.


6. Analytics Software:

Entrepreneurs need to analyze vast amounts of business data to make better decisions and improve performance. One of the most crucial tools that can help them in the quest to collect, edit, sort, and manage data is professional analytical software.


Analytical systems can help startups collect transactional and non-transactional data from multiple sources such as phone conversations, customer reviews, and social media platforms. They can track the real-time activity on websites, and sort out historical data effectively. This will help entrepreneurs plan future moves, and achieve strategic goals faster.


7. Contractor Hiring Websites:

Startups need to hire the best talent in the market. It often proves to be a challenging task as they have limited funds and operate on a tight budget. Many entrepreneurs prefer to hire contractual staff or freelancers in the initial stages of starting a business, and gradually build up staff strength. In such a scenario, the best option is to join contractor-hiring websites that have details of workers according to skill set, expertise, and rates.

Entrepreneurs can check out work samples, and negotiate on the best price, even on a per-project basis. It provides access to a wide base of workers and is a highly cost-effective recruiting strategy for new firms.

The current business ecosystem is fierce and competitive. If you are starting a new business, consider it to be a battlefield. Every move made by an entrepreneur should be tactical to compete with established players. Investing in the right tools is critical as it can make a world of positive difference, and help new businesses gain a solid reputation.

Entrepreneurs should remain aware of the latest market trends and invest in the best timesaving tools. It will help to acquire new customers, engage them meaningfully, and develop a positive brand image. So, get the right tools for your new firm, and witness a massive leap in all bottom line profits!

Updated : June 21, 2021


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