It has become extremely important for any company to deliver a great customer experience. In today’s world of online ratings, reviews and referrals to cement their place in the hearts and minds of the people. 

Over the years, various workforce management systems and contact centers have relied on metrics and enhancements to drive the agent performance and the overall efficiency to provide better customer service.

Recent studies have shown that improving the contact center engagement can greatly improve the quality of customer experience as well. So, it is very evident that companies that invest in the right tools and incorporate engaging and enlivening elements to empower the workforce to reap the benefits of satisfied and happy employees. This, in turn, improves the customer experience as well.

Employee experience and Customer experience are closely related: 

It is very evident and obvious that better employee experience will certainly lead to better customer experience as well. Staff or agents who are happy and satisfied will be in a better position to deliver superior customer service rather than an uninformed and disgruntled employee. 

Every company needs employees to provide any kind of customer experience. And if the employees are not engaged and happy in their work, it is impossible to deliver a satisfactory customer experience. Business leaders and managers should, therefore, take care of employee satisfaction to get the best results from them. There are again several factors that come into play while building and maintaining an efficient and high-performing workforce.

Starting right from the recruitment and onboarding process to providing a proper amount of training, recognition, and development opportunities, everything needs to be scrutinized properly in a generation where employees are always ready to jump to new opportunities. Efforts should be made to keep the employees happy and satisfied at all times to get the best results leading to improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Engagement not only involves happiness but also gives the employees an overall sense of energy and commitment towards what they are doing and what the company stands for. It also means having a positive culture in the workspace.

Importance of Hiring and training

Companies should be careful about the profile they are hiring for while recruiting. To offer optimum customer experience, companies need to hire employees who fit their ethos well. Recruiters need to identify the basic values and behaviors that the company requires, and then hire the people accordingly. Hiring should not always be done on the basis of skill alone. At times, it is important to hire the ones with the right attitude, especially, when it comes to customer service, as the skills required to excel in the company can be taught to them.

  • Proper training is key to improve the employee experience in any company 
  • The training provided should be uplifting and inspiring
  • The employees should believe in themselves about how they can impact the company and make a change
  • Effective training can make the employees committed to the aims and vision of the company and are motivated to stay for a long time
  • They can impact the customer experience greatly, eventual, leading to increased sales and overall satisfaction on both ends

It is important to have clear communication channels with the employees to get their feedback and improve their experience. Regular surveys are a great tool for this. Taking actions on their feedback helps a lot in increasing employee engagement as they feel valued and a part of the company. It is disheartening for employees to see their feedback being ignored, which brings down morale and results in degraded customer experience.


Some ways to improve employee experience and engagement:

While there are no fixed set of rules to improve the employee experience, some basic points should be kept in mind and worked on to start off with.

Making the work more meaningful: 

It is always good to share a clear vision, mission, and purpose that is based on the core values of the company and set high standards. Each member of your team needs to be made aware of how important their role is and they contribute to the vision of the company. This makes them feel valued and meaningful. Every employee needs to believe in what the company stands for and feel proud to be a part of it. Only then can they offer the best customer experience and be the right brand ambassadors.

Provide opportunities for development: 

Everyone seeks growth and development in their career. Proper development opportunities help in bringing out the best in employees. Offer personal development as well as technical and leadership skills that can help them succeed in their desired path.

Work to strengths: 

It is important for the organization and managers to identify the strengths of their employees. It is always better to build on the strengths rather than trying to fix the weaknesses. Build the team appropriately by giving the best job roles according to their qualities. Build development plans to enhance the strength of the employees. This not only increases employee engagement but also improves customer satisfaction eventually.

Providing the required resources: 

The right tools and resources can multiply the efficiency of employees and their engagement a lot more. It is important to provide the employees with all the suitable tools as per the job roles to ensure an improved employee experience leading to better customer service and satisfaction.

Role of automation in an improved employee experience:

Automation plays a great part in all industries these days. And automation helps a great deal in improving the employee experience. Automation can do a lot of tasks in real-time, which helps companies to meet customer experience expectations. For example, in a contact center, automation is used for the first layer of communication. This reduces a lot of the workload and helps them get ready with the proper solutions when interacting directly with the client.

As automation makes things easier for employees, they have a better experience and are more productive.

Focus on Cloud to improve employee experience:

More and more industries are gradually becoming dependent on cloud services due to the benefits they offer. They help with richer integrations and faster innovation. Cloud offers better scalability and faster implementation speeds. This helps in the smooth functioning of the system as they evolve more and more. Focusing on the cloud gives the employees a lot of benefits by speeding up several processes. This is important to improve the customer experience as it greatly improves the employee experience.

Wrapping up:

The employees of any company are their biggest assets and can make or break the company. It is, therefore, important to constantly make efforts to improve the employee experience. Happy and eager employees are much more productive and can deliver an improved customer experience, thus, benefiting the company in so many ways. 

Statistics have shown that companies with highly engaged employees have up to almost four times higher returns on share prices. 

So, make it a point to let your employees know their value and importance to the company, and get the best out of them.

Updated : February 15, 2021


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