The real estate industry is experiencing a global boom, and the United States market is witnessing a real explosion in this field. In 2017, the real estate transaction volumes in the United States alone amounted to a mammoth of 467 billion U.S dollars – this clearly demonstrated the surge in the domain.

Investing in a virtual phone number for a real estate business is a great idea as your organization can instantly achieve numerous benefits. Cost-efficiency, seamless communication, and apex voice quality – this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of more lucrative benefits that your real estate business can get through a US virtual phone number.

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Why Your Real Estate Business Needs A US Phone Number

The United States is one of the hottest business destinations, and the demand for commercial/residential housing is always present, hence their real estate market is always riding high! A study by Forbes Real Estate Council has revealed that the adoption of technological innovations in the real estate industry is on the rise. Virtual phone numbers for real estate companies can bring about immense productivity and result in structured communication practices.

Realtors and agents need to keep in touch with prospective buyers for the sale or lease of properties, hence they generally need to make a high number of telephone calls every day.  A business phone number can indeed help real estate property agents reduce their calling costs, and remain connected to clients on the move.

It is a good idea to invest in a credible virtual phone provider such as CallHippo to check out the features of a US virtual phone number for real estate purposes. The market has a number of business phone number options, and it would be a smart strategic move to make the transition to US virtual phone numbers for official purposes.

Getting a virtual phone number for real estate organizations is very simple – it requires no complicated time-consuming processes and your US phone number can be installed in just a couple of minutes. You can get a local US virtual phone number where your clients will just have to add the prefix (+1) which is the country code for the United States of America. Your customers can then dial the area codes for the popular real estate hubs in the United States such as:

1. 650- South San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley (California)

2. 202- District of Columbia

3. 907- Alaska

4. 310- Los Angeles (California)

5. 917 and 718- New York City (New York)

6. 512- Austin (Texas)

7. 312- Chicago (Illinois)

8. 415- San Francisco (California)

9. 617- Boston (Massachusetts)

10. 305- Miami and the Florida Keys (Florida)

Power Your Real Estate Business

Witness An Upsurge in Your Real Estate Business With A Business Phone Number

Investing in a virtual phone number for a real estate business is a wise decision and one that will help you capitalize on the local U.S target audience. Here are some major advantages that your real estate company can accrue through getting a US virtual phone number:

  • High Accessibility Levels:

    Real estate agents need to be available round the clock to their customers or they may miss an important business opportunity. Your real estate company can be sure that it will not lose out on prime property buyers or prospective clients as they will be able to connect with you in an instant. Even if you are not available to take their call, business phone numbers allow for voicemail so that agents can get back at a time of their convenience. So make sure to leverage the power of a virtual phone number to gain a competitive advantage in the real estate market.

  • More Professional Image:

    There is cut-throat competition in the real estate playing field – getting a virtual phone number for real estate organizations is a must-have as it can give your company a more professional appearance. Customized greetings can be played for clients, and an interactive voice response facility can direct your customers to available agents through automated self-service menus. Business phone numbers also give a higher level of privacy, as team agents will not have to give out their personal numbers to clients.

  • Enhanced Workflow Management:

    It is essential to prioritize tasks in real estate companies – appointments have to be met, current clients have to be given importance, and networking for new prospective buyers is another important activity. Various business features in virtual phone numbers such as recording, call queuing, planner, and calendar help real estate managers to maximize operational efficiency in a streamlined manner. It is a useful platform as it facilitates the prioritization of current loyal clients, and is able to block unwanted numbers. There is no doubt that getting a dedicated virtual phone number for real estate business operations is the fastest way to boost end revenues and long-term profitability.

  • Reduced Phone Bills:

    One of the most important reasons for a business phone number is that it significantly reduces the cash flow associated with the communication. . Most vendors provide a number of cheap calling options – organizations can choose a pricing plan that suits their organizational requirements and budget. Business phone numbers are highly scalable, hence real estate organizations can easily purchase extra modules to meet the needs of a growing diversifying company. So, do go invest in a virtual phone number to enhance communication prowess, and reduce all extra expenses on your call rates!

If your real estate business operates in the United States, you really need to think about investing in a US virtual phone number. It will ensure that your team agents or realtors will be accessible all the time, automate communication tasks, and lead to a more collaborative environment with external stakeholders.

So, do take the leap of faith, get a US phone number, and see how it works for your real estate business and clients – it will surely lead to a gigantic escalation of bottom line profits!

Updated : November 10, 2021


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