We live in the 21st century – it is truly the digital era and unified communications is the latest buzzword in current times! There is no need for businesses to use traditional phone lines.

Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology has taken over the business world by storm, and companies across the globe have invested in virtual phone systems for rapid growth. In fact, the VoIP phone market is expected to touch 55 billion USD by the year 2025, a figure that clearly depicts its popularity.

Any kind of organization – a new start-up, mid-sized enterprise or a big multi-national corporation can benefit by adopting virtual phone systems. It can help organizations accrue a diverse range of benefits such as speed, flexibility, and high accessibility. Not only that, virtual phone solutions can bring about massive cost savings, as they can reduce local phone bills by 40% and international call expenditure by 90%.

VoIP phone systems are an asset that can enable businesses to gain a competitive edge. The best part about VoIP technology is that it is not industry-specific; hence companies from various industrial domains can successfully adopt this innovative platform for better communication. Let us find out how VoIP phone number help organizations in various industrial fields:

Education: The growing number of schools, colleges, educational institutes, and coaching centers require integrated communication solutions. VoIP can serve their requirements by unifying student data across all centers and optimizing call interaction between all stakeholders such as teachers, parents, and guardians. Here are the various ways VoIP phone systems can benefit the education system:

  • Monitor student calls and maintains data records
  • Categorize and store student data
  • Record phone calls to serve student and parent queries better
  • Provide support to local students by enabling call agents to give feedback even after office hours.

Food & Hospitality: The food and hospitality industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth. Food chains, restaurants, hotels, and lodging houses require the convenience, speed, and affordability of VoIP phone systems for superior service. Here are the various advantages of virtual phone systems designed for the food and hospitality sector:

  • Better order management through automated self-serve menus
  • Automated reservation management
  • Reduced dependency on front-office staff members
  • Call forwarding to multiple outlets leads to better accessibility
  • Integration of customer databases from multi-site properties for unified information control

Tourism: The travel industry is at an all-time high and many tourism start-ups and small business firms have adopted VoIP technology. It can help organizations resolve ticketing queries, and respond to customer issues at a much faster pace than traditional wired communication networks. Here are certain specific ways that business phone systems empower tourism companies:

  • Better deal closure
  • Call routing to available agents
  • Interactive voice response system to track and record conversations for superior service
  • Minimized unattended leads or travel inquiries


E-Commerce: Online business websites and E-commerce transactions are immensely popular nowadays. Most E-commerce firms utilize VoIP phone systems for better productivity and task flow management. It helps in dealing with customer issues in a proactive manner and boosts availability. Here are certain advantages of adopting VoIP phone systems for E-Commerce organizations:

  • Virtual numbers allow agents to attend multiple calls simultaneously
  • Business call reports that make follow-ups easier
  • Caller database for remarketing and cross-selling
  • IVR to facilitate callers to connect to the required department independently

IT: The IT industry focuses on excellent service through a high level of customer support. VoIP phone systems can enrich two-way communication in the IT field, and provide a multi-dimensional platform to resolve customer queries effectively. Here are some ways a VoIP phone solution can help organizations in the IT function:

  • Provide multiple phone lines to Business Process Outsourcing Units
  • Analyze key metrics through call analytics
  • Measure and improve agent performance through call recording
  • Handle high call traffic through efficient routing
  • Follow up on any missed customer calls automatically

Hyperlocal: Hyperlocal industry is now a budding arena that caters to customers by providing the products of their daily needs. Hyperlocal delivery start-ups and services have a high innovation quotient; hence the industry has majorly adopted Internet phone numbers for higher productivity. Here are certain advantages that hyper-local organizations can accrue by investing in VoIP phone numbers:

  • Reduction in outbound and inbound calling expenses to clients
  • Minimizes wait time for customers to order as they are directed to available agents
  • Customized ‘music-on-hold’ and company messages for callers while they wait in a queue
  • Mobile-friendly phone features to provide a holistic customer experience

Healthcare: Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics require a robust communication network so that they can serve the community efficiently. Virtual phone systems are an ideal solution as they are convenient, hassle-free, and enriched with novel features. Here are certain advantages that the healthcare industry can benefit from by adopting virtual phone numbers:

  • Accurate call transfer to the right department for instant health support
  • Customized IVR menus for setting up patient appointments
  • Shorter call wait time for critical patient care
  • Automatic electronic integration of patient health records

Real Estate: Contractors, real estate agents, and construction companies need a structured communication system to remain in touch with clients. VoIP phone lines can give real estate agents access to a wide variety of features and can bring down communication expenses to a large extent. Here are some advantages that real estate businesses can accrue by investing in VoIP phone systems:

  • Customized cloud-based platform to keep in touch with clients
  • Reduce call drops so that clients can resolve problems effectively
  • Keep track of customer databases for audit purposes
  • Reconnect with prospective clients through SMS marketing

Marketing: The marketing department of most companies revolves around effective two-way communication. VoIP powered call centers can ensure that your agents communicate with clients through economical outgoing and incoming call plans. Here are some great advantages that any marketing organization can gain by adopting virtual phone numbers:

  • Minimize the call hold time for clients during cold calls or inquiries
  • Helps managers access voicemail through email
  • Live call monitoring for better agent performance
  • Call analytics to gauge individual agent performance and improve training

Finance: Organizations in the financial sector have mostly transitioned to virtual phone systems for their business communication. It gives them access to novel features, scalability options, and it is highly cost-effective. Here are the various ways through which VoIP solutions can benefit financial sector companies:

  • Lesser customer churn due to more effective communication
  • More positive outcomes in deal closure through automated voice technology
  • Call monitoring through analytics and detailed reporting

VoIP phone systems serve as the perfect solution for all your business needs. Any organization that makes or receives a high volume of phone calls daily will definitely benefit by adopting a VoIP phone system. Office phone systems result in a more collaborative culture where there is higher visibility and easier data sharing between team members.

Many people may consider VoIP technology to be complex, expensive, and complicated. However, that is far from the truth, and these are just myths. The entire world has realized the power of this radical technology, and most business firms are ditching traditional phone systems to move towards virtual telephony. It is high time to get on board with virtual phone systems as they can transform business operations by automating all communication tasks.

So, research all the available options in the market, and connect with a credible VoIP phone service provider. You can customize a personalized solution for your organization that works best for your industry. This will help you inspire trust in your customer base, and enhance your business reputation. Novel business features, economical calling plans, and personalized service will ensure escalated performance parameters in every field and enhance revenues to the greatest heights!

Updated : June 9, 2021


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