[Infographic] 11 Proven Calling Strategies That Lead Your Sales Team To Success

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green tickPublished : August 30, 2021

Cold calling has become a dying art, especially with success rates decreasing over the past few years. However, many sales representatives still swear by it, claiming that it’s still as effective now as it was then. 

The art of cold calling is difficult to master. However, it is not impossible. A great place to start would be getting a good idea of which individuals can benefit the most from your products and services. After that, you’ll just have to put a little more effort into knowing what your prospects want to hear.   

In this post, we will talk about the 11 proven calling strategies that will help you make better calls and achieve better outcomes in today’s marketplace:

11 proven calling strategies that will help you make better calls

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1. Offer value in every cold call

When your reps cold call someone, they are interrupting their day. Your call was not asked for and it may happen at an unsuitable time. To mitigate your interruption you should always have something of value that you can offer your contact. That may be a useful piece of content, some sort of advice, or a true solution to their needs. It also will make your message more impactful.

2. Write an outline of what you want to say

Formulate a quick sales script that you can as a reference on the phone. The idea is to use it as a guide to help you communicate your message clearly and confidently. The goal of a cold call isn’t to pitch to someone on the spot. You’re just trying to get them to commit to a meeting at a later date.

3. Create an ideal call list with lead scoring

This goes without saying but if you are not targeting the right audience and demographic for your business, you won’t make great sales. Therefore, creating the perfect list can impact how well your business performs. Develop a promising list that will help sales reps to generate more high-quality sales leads by using lead scoring.

4. Identify the best calling times

Another factor worth paying attention to is the best time of day to call prospects. Most experts suggest that Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to call prospects. Additionally, calling between 11 am and 1 pm or 4 pm and 5 pm is preferable instead of early morning or during the pre or post-work commute.

5. Get an outbound calling service

Consider getting a VoIP phone system to support your all local and international calls. With a power dialer, your call center agent can quickly place calls from a computer and log important call notes. Additionally, they can contact global clients and display local area codes instead of international ones. Individuals are more likely to answer recognizable or local numbers instead of random, unknown ones. 

6. Don’t be robotic on cold calls

If you want to succeed at calling, your team must be natural, warm, and conversational on the phone. Scripts can be especially helpful, but should not read them word for word. You’ll sound robotic and unattractive. Instead, create guidelines or outlines for conversations and be more human.

7. Leave effective voicemails

The majority of cold calls will go to voicemail. One of the best calling strategies is to redirect call queues to voicemails after every non-answer. This ensures your dialing efforts will not go to waste, as hopefully, your prospects will call you back.

8. Ask great questions on sales calls

Great sales questions help you stand out and get incredibly useful information for further down the sales process. The right question can reveal a lot about your potential buyer and their situation and can help you win.

9. Be a good listener

Most sales reps dominate the call trying hard to make their pitch and sale. However, in order to gain their attention, you need to engage the prospect. Listen to them, pay attention to their needs, concerns, and issues. And adapt your pitch to make it flexible, allowing you to customize its relevance. 

10. Record and review interactions

It can be very helpful to see how your sales reps are interacting with customers. Use a VoIP call recorder to record calls and pay attention to customer preferences, behaviors, and more. This will give you insights into what aspects of your product or service are most and least successful. Based on that information, you can create better products and services and improve customer care.

11. Collaborate with Marketing Team

Your marketing team has a good idea of how to sell to audiences. And your sales team knows who this audience is. Putting these two teams together can help you gain a bigger picture of your target audience and how to appeal to them.

Calling strategies are a great way to connect with new prospects, Cold calling can be time-consuming and sometimes downright tedious but the rewards are worth it in the end! 

See which strategies work best for you, which don’t, and keep trying new strategies for continuous improvement. The keyword in all of this is persistence: don’t stop until you get a response, or at the very least, voicemail!

Updated : May 26, 2022

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