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green tickPublished : August 11, 2021

What if we told you that you are not utilizing the potential of your CRM to the best of its abilities. We generally get so used to a few features in our favorite tool that we almost forget about so many other things that it can do for us.

If you’ve been using EngageBay, then we have some news for you. EngageBay, one of the world’s most affordable all-in-one growth software, has strengthened its promise of delivering more by integrating with the world’s leading business phone system provider, CallHippo.

This means that now you can call your potential audience and existing customers directly from your CRM software. Yes, with the recent integration of EngageBay with CallHippo, you can call and manage prospects directly from your EngageBay account.

This integration empowers you and your teams in reaching out to existing clients and potential customers in an instant, without having to leave your CRM. Now, you can perform a plethora of functions including, but not limited to, access call recordings and voicemails, IVR, call transfer, call recording, and managing analytics from a single interface.

To explain it better, here are some key benefits that you can derive:

  • Call directly from the EngageBay account
  • Monitor the progress and performance of your team
  • Do multiple things at once without toggling between different tabs.
  • A one-stop destination for all your virtual business telephony and CRM needs

Here’s how CallHippo is opening new doors for EngageBay users:

With CallHippo & EngageBay integration, you can connect with your audience directly by launching CallHippo dialers. In addition to this, you can also explore the wide range of features and integrating benefits offered by CallHippo.

Easily Forward Calls

As a business spread across geographies, you need to be present for your customers round the clock. After work hours, you can opt to forward your calls to one or more numbers. This ensures your continuous availability, even when you’re on the go.

Measure Performance With Call Analytics

Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the team with CallHippo. Right from tracking missed calls to displaying the call load per teammate, there is a wide range of metrics that help you in tracking the performance of your team.

Play Music on Hold

Customer experience is the key to customer success. And as waiting is inevitable, CallHippo offers a variety of on-hold music to keep your callers’ attention, thereby enhancing their experience. In addition to this, there is also an option for you to upload your music tracks too.

Time Zone-based Calling

With businesses going international, getting in touch with overseas audiences has become a critical part of commerce. However, with the difference in time zones, it’s difficult to check the clocks, do the computation, and then call every single time. But CallHippo has a solution to this. With the Global Connect feature, it becomes easy to know exactly what time it is in different regions of the world, which makes it easier so you can call international clients in the hours convenient for them.

Switch Between Providers

Sometimes, the connection can become kind of an issue, which unfairly impacts the quality of the call. To eliminate the chances of bad connectivity, CallHippo has a unique feature. With Smart Switch, your representatives can toggle between different phone companies to make sure they always have great connectivity.


This is a patent-pending technology created by CallHippo, which is specifically engineered to enhance the quality of calls in real-time. With no additional tech overheads, SDAP automatically configures your calling system resulting in enhanced call quality and improved calling experience. 

Compliance call recording

Due to multiple privacy and security reasons, call recording is a sensitive area, and the rules governing it vary from country to country. To safeguard your future interests, in case of any disputes, CallHippo offers a way to help maintain compliance by using a  compliance call recording system

CRM software has become an indispensable tool of every business. Its functionalities and wide array of features offer a lot of benefits. And with this EngageBay & CallHippo integration, you can do so much more and ease the flow of your business processes.

Updated : June 24, 2022

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