Voice over Internet Protocol phone system has revolutionized the way businesses run their communications today. Remote teams and work from home is increasing a lot. It has especially risen due to COVID-19. In the coming years, it is only going to increase due to its several benefits.

It has made communication with customers and within the company so convenient and easy at much lesser costs as compared to traditional landlines and connections. VoIP helps companies to hire remote employees fluidly as well as offer great flexibility to both parties.

CallHippo is one of the leading Voice over Internet Protocol phone service providers that has changed the way businesses communicate today.

So, let’s take a look at some benefits of using VoIP phone systems like CallHippo:

1. Easier Remote Accessibility:

With cloud based VoIP telephony systems in place, call centers can allow their agents to work from their homes. Also, with the current pandemic situation across the globe, several businesses are deciding to shift the spot of operation to their homes. In such a case scenario, using an efficient VoIP phone system like the one from CallHippo can be an incredible thing to do remotely with all your business communications. It is effortless as well, as there is no such need for setting up additional hardware. If there is internet connectivity in your homes, these systems are pretty much good to go. This helps companies to become more global day-by-day. Using a VoIP system like CallHippo has made it so easy today to work remotely. Everything can be controlled conveniently with the help of the cloud; making it accessible for employees and managers from anywhere.

2. Cost Efficient:

As the prerequisite needs for the establishment of such a phone system is at its bare minimum, there is a significant amount of cost-cutting from the call center’s budget. Firstly, as there lies no need to set up the system with expensive hardware, the first part of savings in investment cost happens there itself. Secondly, even the handling and maintenance charges of such phone systems are almost negligible. Thus, all it offers is superior performance and unmatched reliability.

3. More flexible:

Using VoIP services greatly increases flexibility. It also helps employers to hire workers according to needs. Freelancing and consulting are preferred by many companies these days which is possible due to VoIP services. This also delivers a high quality of work in several cases benefiting your organization well.

4. Higher productivity:

It is a common thing that a happier workforce is more productive. VoIP systems like CallHippo can help the employers to convey their messages and tasks easily to the employee irrespective of where they are. Employees also tend to perform better when they are enjoying the benefits of working from home. It also helps them avoid the fatigue of the journey to and from the office. It saves time and energy which could be rather used to be more productive. Employees also feel more relaxed while working from home and are able to put in more attention. Thus, implementing a VoIP system like CallHippo can greatly benefit your business.


5. Less stress for workers:

As mentioned partly in the previous point, working from home saves time and energy that is otherwise spent on commuting to work every day. It takes a toll on the health of employees overtime. But using VoIP systems, all this can be avoided. Working remotely reduces the stress of workers as well. Telecommuting enables a smooth interaction between the employers and employees and makes several benefits; possible. 

6. Employee benefits:

There are many benefits that an employee gets when working from home using the services of VoIP providers like CallHippo. They can work comfortably at all times with reduced stress and fatigue. They can spend time with their family, work while eating, take care of pets, and a lot more. It also benefits the employees in case they get sick. Instead of losing a workday, they can work from home as much as possible benefiting the employer as well. 

7. Report and Monitoring:

With older and conventional phone systems, analyzing agent performance through a call center software was almost an impossible job to do. Yet, now with these modern phone systems in operation, call center agents are allowed to work from anywhere as their report management takes place most efficiently by exceptional utility tools like the call center software. Hence, this not only helps in better reporting from the agent but even helps brilliantly for the business to monitor how their agent performs in real-time scenarios. But now with so many solutions and services alike, VoIP employers can track the work done by remote workers. They can measure productivity with several reports. Even the responses of customers can be tracked and monitored. However, many employees may feel that there is an invasion of privacy but that is not the case. The tracking feature is voluntary and used only when absolutely necessary. 

8. Reliability:

VoIP systems almost have a 100% uptime. With more and more technologies coming in to make the internet more stable, things are only going to get better for VoIP systems in the future. They offer various benefits which makes it highly reliable. VoIP, on the other hand, uses the latest wireless technologies and is expected to perform consistently in the years to come. VoIP, unlike landlines, is evolving and growing every day and advancements are made regularly to improve it even further.


9. Offers great scalability:

You never know how the markets are going to operate and what is going to come next. So, it is best to be prepared for all kinds of possibilities, be it scaling up or down. VoIP systems help the companies to do this easily by offering a changeable and flexible structure. It can be used to expand or contract easily saving a lot of costs and overheads.

10. Added benefits:

VoIP systems provide you with more control over the calling experience. Several features like call forwarding, call recording, call analytics, etc. can be used without any additional costs making the entire process smoother and more efficient. It offers great portability and mobility apart from the scalability. They can also be integrated along with various day-to-day business tools like sales tools, CRM, etc. It also allows you to communicate using any device starting from your mobile to tablets to laptops. 

11. Hour utilization:

We have already seen that working from home or remotely can save a lot of time that is otherwise spent on commuting. This saved time can be used by the employees to perform additional tasks. Using VoIP systems from providers like CallHippo can help your organization to make the most out of the saved time and indirectly increase productivity as well. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are just a few of the ways in which a VoIP service can help your remote teams and your overall business. It is the way of the future and businesses should implement the system as soon as possible.

Updated : April 8, 2021


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