One question that CEOs are often asked and have us all wondering is, how do they manage their time more productively? What is it that successful CEOs do that sets them apart and helps them achieve all their goals successfully?

A CEO’s job is perhaps the most stressful in the company, akin to that of the head of the family because he not only has to ensure that he does his job well but also has to ensure that everyone else in the company does theirs perfectly. A company can sink or swim under the guidance of an able CEO.

Let’s look at some of the best productivity-boosting tips that can help you to become a successful CEO someday soon:

1) End your day with a To-do for tomorrow

To have a successful and fruitful day tomorrow, spend a few moments of today’s night chalking out a To-Do list for your next day. 

Get into the habit of starting your day early, looking at that To-do list, and making a game plan on how to approach those goals. This habit will give you a great head start and ensure that you have your priorities right.


Zero in on the most significant and challenging tasks of the day and deal with them first – it could be a client meeting that you have been dreading or a project that’s stuck for some reason. 

Once the biggest hurdle is out of the way, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost to deal with the other tasks.

2) Take a random short break 

Many-a-times, you will find yourself stuck for no reason or with a mental block in the middle of an important task. It is an indication for you to take a pause and perhaps head out for a walk or simply walk around the desk for some time. Experts advise a mandatory break after every 90 minutes to regain the diminishing mental vigor and alertness.

3) Say ‘No’ to distractions 

While taking a short break is essential, getting your focus broken because of distractions can bring the whole business productivity down in no time. 


So, when dealing with an urgent task or working on something significant, learn to switch off all distractions even while on a break. Whether it is heading out somewhere quiet or making your work area distraction-free by instructing your colleagues and team members not to disturb, it’s best to establish a no-disturb zone sometimes. 

In case you work from home, set up a dedicated work desk for yourself because working from home has its own sets of distractions.

4) Don’t check your email always 

We all have that one habit of checking our email as soon as a notification pops up. Every time you check your email, your mind gets distracted with a new task, response, or even a query, and it would take more time to be able to focus knowledge base on the task that you were working on initially. This dramatically hampers time management.

Don’t spend your time and energy checking the inbox frequently, instead establish a schedule to review them. Communicate to your team that you won’t be checking your email during a specific period and that you will get back to them as soon as possible. An auto-responder could help you in this pursuit.

5) Delegate tasks 

Something that cannot be stressed enough – delegate! You can’t accomplish every team goal by yourself or can’t complete every critical task for the day due to impromptu requests. 

Hence, it’s best to assign some of your responsibilities to your team members. This not only takes some burden off your shoulders but also helps establish a bond of trust with your team members.

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6) Note down your ideas 

Because our mind works all through the day, the chances are that most of the solutions to an issue that has been bothering you strike when you are more relaxed or say when you are home. 

Many great ideas also appear when we are more comfortable or even sleeping. Keep a notepad handy or a note on your phone to jot those ideas so you can look at them later.

7) Automate regular tasks 

Prepare a list of all the functions that you or your team work on a repetitive basis and automate them. 

You’ll see a jump in your business productivity and that of your team immediately. It will also give you more time to focus on new tasks and to innovate, thus resulting in better time management.

8) Review your workflow once in a while 

Once you automate regular tasks, eventually you’ll get to know which ones are redundant that need elimination to streamline your workflow. Encourage your team members also to do the same. 

Don’t wait for external audits to keep a check on how jobs are done in your firm because the chances are that you will spend more time later rectifying issues. You could make it a weekly or a monthly goal for yourself as well as your team members to review the workflow. 

Always remember, streamlined processes help declutter everything from time to time.

9) Be physically active

By being always hunched in your work not only hampers your body’s physical condition but also puts you at a high risk of hypertension and heart diseases. 

Take care of yourself the way you take care of your office work. Go for walks, jogs, runs, do yoga, join a gym, or even dance away your stress! 

A healthy body is a haven for a healthy mind! While you are at it, indulge in healthy eating habits, especially while you are traveling.

10) Celebrate yourself 

Despite wanting to work like a machine; you need to realize from time to time that you are a human as well. Celebrate yourself once in a while. Do something that you fancy like having personal goals, learning a new hobby, or doing “nothing” at times. 

Indulge in anything that keeps you stress-free. Most of the CEOs fancy spending time with their loved ones and friends, which declutters their habit of micromanaging. Try to implement that as well.


There is no one-size-fits-all way to increase productivity to become a successful CEO. Instead, CEOs tend to practice new ways of boosting their productivity as they know that after once we get accustomed to one method, our brain starts to resist it. 

Hence, keep cross-mixing different methods in productivity to help you become successful in the long run.

Updated : March 19, 2021


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