Closing sales deals is much more than making sweet promises to clients. Sales is a complete process and not the outcome. 

Some salespeople indeed promote sales better than their ordinary colleagues. Is it because they have studied at a top B-school? Or are they good liars? 

No. It is because good salespeople know the perfect ingredients of an irresistible offer. Nevertheless, they have mastered the exact techniques to close a deal faster. 

It is time you too learn those techniques to increase sales. We will teach you ten such methods in this blog. You can use them even on your business phone system when interacting with customers over a call.

10 Effective Sales Closing Techniques that Promote Sales

Effective ways to close more clients

Now, let us understand the ten sales techniques in detail.

1. The Take Away Close

Kids respond well to this method. Just tell them you will take away the chocolate bar, and they will behave well with you.

Let’s understand how you can use the technique to promote sales.

You’re ready to seal the deal, but your customers are hesitant. They raise some complaints and ask for a better bargain. An inexperienced salesperson would accept all of their demands and offer the lowest prices. But an experienced sales rep acts differently.

You can take away the whole deal from your prospect to push them to accept the offer in hand. This technique works on customers who consume a lot of your time by making silly excuses.

This method shows your confidence in your product. Your customers will rethink if they are missing out on a good product.

2. Something For Nothing Close

Every human on this planet loves freebies. 

When you give something to someone for free, they will usually return the favor. Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principle of Reciprocity proves that humans respond positively to goodwill.

You can promote sales management using this principle. Let us assume you gave your prospects a free add-on or an extra feature. Some of them will like your goodwill and buy your product in return.

The freebie you offer should be valuable to your customers. It should not be a loss for you either. For example, do not give away the premium features for free. Also, do not expect to increase sales by offering basic features or add-ons.

3. The Objection Close

This inside sales technique is quite simple. Ensure that your prospect has got all details of your product. Now, ask them if they have any objections about the product.

The whole idea of this method is to help customers raise any final objections or doubts. As a sales rep, clear their doubts and persuade them to go for the product.

4. The Sharp Angle Close

Customers know they have the upper hand in any sales deal. Some of them show the tendency to challenge your business abilities. As shown in the above image, you can respond to their questions well. Most customers will not expect you to accept their challenges upfront. 

Don’t persuade the client further if they are still not willing to close the deal. Either they are wasting your time, or the issue is something different. Promote sales and do business only with genuine customers. 

5. The Now or Never Close

This type of close is common and is also known as the Urgency Close. 

You place pressure on the customer to make a decision immediately. You play with their fear of missing out on a good discount. 

Online marketplaces use this technique very well. For example, Amazon has a dedicated ‘Today’s Deals’ section on its website. If you have an online presence, this technique can promote sales instantly. 

Tip: Place a timer beside the Buy button on your website. It shows the deal is running out, and customers have to grab the discount soon.

6. The Ben Franklin Close

As a salesperson, you know who Benjamin Franklin is. For those of you who do not know, he was a brilliant businessman and politician. Whenever he was doubtful of some decision, he would write down the pros and cons on paper. This technique can help you promote sales quickly.

Tell the pros and cons of your product or service to the prospects. It helps them visualize the value of your product. Once they see that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, the chances of closing the deal increase. 

Tip: If you have a Salesforce CRM integration, set up an automatic workflow for your agents. They can automatically list out the pros and cons during client interactions over text or email.

7. The Empathy Close

Empathy means:

  • Seeing the world as others see it.
  • Having a nonjudgmental motive in your interactions

In sales, you should have empathy towards your customers. After all, they will end up spending their hard-earned money on your product or service. 

Use your emotional intelligence to connect with your customers. Prioritize your relationship with customers over money. Sometimes the prospects cannot close the deal due to personal reasons. Give them time to think. You can schedule a call or meeting with them later. 

8. The Visual Close

Do you know the reason why visual aids make a better impact in marketing? According to a study by the University of Minnesota, our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. This scientific fact helps you in your sales process.

Use visual aids to promote sales in the final stages of the deal. Some examples of visual cues are:

  • Checklist showing the customer’s journey with your brand.
  • A personalized video in which you express your excitement about the product.
  • A list of charts or tables to help them understand the product or service better.

Tailor the visual cues for your type of product or service. Else, they will not appeal to your customers.

9. The Storytelling Close

This technique requires some research. You and your team have to find inspiring case studies that fit the demographics of your client. Create a video to tell that case study as a story. 

Your case study should have emotional touchpoints such as:

  • Risks: What can the client lose if they cannot find a solution to their problem?
  • Hero: Show yourself and the client as the hero of the story. Tell them how both of you met. How did you work together towards the end goal?
  • A twist: Highlight some of the unforeseen circumstances in your customer journey. 
  • Happily ever after: Show the customers how your product or service has made their lives better than before.

The above points are just a template to get started with this technique. You can use your creativity to make the story more interesting.

10.  The Thermometer Close

You make yourself vulnerable while using this technique. The Thermometer Close is all about asking for feedback from customers. Sometimes a deal fails because of a problem you have overlooked. The problem does not look serious to you, but it is a concern for the customer.

Ask your customers to rate your product or service on a scale of 1 to 10. Poor ratings mean there is something wrong. Even if you do not close the sale, you learn something from such feedback. The feedback helps you close similar deals in the future.


The success of these ten sales techniques depends on the situation. Practice them thoroughly to understand how they work in real life. Automated your routine tasks so that you can focus on the conversation with customers. 

Share this blog with your peers to spread the knowledge. Please comment below to share your experiences and suggestions with us. Your comments can help millions of salespeople promote sales in a better way.

Updated : July 22, 2021


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