Have you been looking for a contact center company to integrate with your organization? One can only believe firmly in a growing call center company through how their leaders are intellectually managing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Find out what makes them tick and build huge companies with unrealistic visions on attainable missions. Review the list of fastest-growing leaders of ten call center companies below:

1) Jon Browning

Company Name: Strategic Sourcing Advisors

Jon Browning, the CEO of Strategic Sourcing Advisors, carries an experience of 30 years in BPO. He successfully led the Microsoft Customer Support Services Vendor Program and Microsoft Helpdesk Contact Centers for about 24 years. He then established Strategic Sourcing Advisors, which is in the business of call center and consulting services for over 20 years now.

At Strategic Sourcing Advisor, he describes his role is to ” coordinate a team of former Microsoft directors who now help companies create contact center operations and procurement strategies and assist with finding the right providers for their business requirements.”

He is co-creator of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, which encourages the hiring of youth in underserved communities and promotes job creation. Its members represent over one million BPO workers globally.

2) Corey Kotlarz

Company Name: Outsource Consultants

Corey Kotlarz is the President and Founder of Outsource Consultants, which is one of the leading companies for outsourcing call center and BPO outsourcing solutions. He believes in spending significant time in matching the perfect outsource call centers in the world, which, in turn, provides high return over investment, peak performance, and cost-effectiveness. He is the reason why the company has the “best call center consulting experts with 20 years of outsourcing industry experience.”

Corey has 25 years of hands-on experience in the call center industry, specifically in outsourcing solutions for different businesses. His guiding principles are honesty, integrity, and treating others fairly.

3) Tim Barclay

Company Name: Apello

Founded in 2017, Apello – a live answering service is one of the fastest-growing call centers in the USA. All thanks to Tim, they have been in service for many decades, catering to over 40 industries. Tim Barclay has worked as Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director Sales, MD, and at many more positions to have a total experience of 25 years to contribute to make Apello a success. Competitive Pricing, Quality Assured Services, Multi-disciplinary experience makes Apello stand apart from the rest.

4) James Isdahl  

Company Name: PhoenixSynergy, LLC

Phoenix Synergy is an IT Services company established in Arizona with over 16 years in business. At Phoenix Synergy, James Isdahl focuses on maximizing the return on computer network administration investment. To support a perimeter network, he believes in appointing the best technology experts to apply business-centric approaches to provide solutions that meet specific needs and requirements to excel. James is an inspirational leader with 19 years of experience, which proves his mettle in IT solutions. They provide in-house IT support, server support, network support, network security, desktop support, compliance, database administration, and mobile business solutions.

5) Casey Kostecka

Company Name: BizJuice

BizJuice works to save organizations time and money by providing top-notch call center solutions in all operations based on every organization’s unique needs and requirements. All thanks to their CEO, Casey Kostecka, the company has a world-class team of professionals and technology experts in the areas of technology and its integration, performance dashboards, site selection, quality assurance, and much more. Casey is a consumer-focused leader with record-breaking performance and superior results in international business management. Bizhub itself believes in pitching the idea of working smarter.

6) Tamara Barendregt

Company Name: AnswerExcellence

Tamara founded AnswerExcellence as she always felt that there should be more effective communication in urgent care situations while working in the medical industry. She has been the President and Founder of AnswerExcellence for the last 34 years. Under her executive leadership, it has seen continuous succession and has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards representing outstanding quality in the industry. Over the past seven years, her answering service company has received the ATSI Award of Excellence.

7) Debra Simmons Wilson

Company Name: Engaging Solutions

Located in Indianapolis, Engaging Solutions was made into reality in 2005 by Debra Simmons Wilson, along with the help of her three other managing principals. Debra believes that Engaging Solutions is a business source that helps elevate any organization to a whole new level of customer support. She personally engages with the clients to create practical solutions depending on various business challenges as she believes customer experience is the best compliment a consulting firm can get as feedback to the business. Today, Debra has been able to create a company of more than 100 professionals from various fields such as accounts, outreach specialists, customer service representatives, project managers, and project planners.

8) Ken Willis

Company Name: BPOAmerican

One of the most entrepreneurial individuals who pride in being responsible for creating more than 100 jobs, Ken Willis is a dynamic President of BPOAmerican. Although he wanted to be a pilot as a kid, he instead gave a flight to his dreams the moment he graduated from college. He believes in continuously thinking of new ways to differentiate his BPO business to stay ahead in the industry. Since the availability of communication has shifted from phones to email, online chat, social media, etc., Ken believes in investing heavily in cutting edge technologies to stay ahead in the contact center industry.

9) Aaron Boatin

Company Name: AMBS Call Center

Have you ever come across a family-owned and soundly operated service center? We think not! Family businesses have their own hassles, but the AMBS call center outshines these matters differently. Aaron Boatin, one of the three sons of Richard Amb, who was a predecessor of AMBS, has been running the office ever since their father retired in 2011. Aaron has extensive experience in communication application development and deployment, which enables him to leverage the latest communication technologies for AMBS’ clients. He specializes in call center deployment, help desk, order-taking, and telephone answering applications to help the company run effectively.

10) Vasudev Rao

Company Name: Invisia, LLC

Invisia, LLC provides outsourcing BPO services in different domains such as Mortgage, Customer care, Flood Insurance, Real Estate Tax, and City Lien Search Services. Vasudev Rao is a highly motivated individual with a total of 20 years of experience, particularly in Operations in Service Industry with proven records in the outsourcing/offshoring industry. He believes in building value-added services and projects with high quality and accuracy through continuous improvement. His motto is to keep clients first – i.e., a customer-oriented and result-driven approach.

At Invisia, the experts blend process expertise, information technology, and subject matter expertise to give their best. Incorporation of BPO/ITES/KPO operations and extensive knowledge base makes them outshine other companies in competition.


These leaders definitely reflect that they are fast learners, which is crucial for showcasing entrepreneurial skills in a dog-eat-dog call center market. With technology evolving even faster than before, call center leaders are adapting to advanced automation to sell their service fiercely in the market. So, are you one of the fastest-growing call centers in your country yet?

Updated : February 23, 2021


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