There’s no denying the fact that we all wish for a phone service that doesn’t burn a hole in our pockets. With our ever-scaling need to connect with the world through our phones, it’s only fair to ask for decent pricing. 

But what if I tell you that FreedomPop has already granted our wish?


FreedomPop, much like its name, offers phone service (text, call, and data) at nominal rates and comes with a plan where you do not have to pay a penny. Too good to be true, isn’t it? That’s what we all felt when we learned about it for the first time. 

  • The Economist recognized FreedomPop and its “Wi-Fi first” technology, noting that the company developed the idea for its customers to send texts and make calls over Wi-Fi connections.
  • According to an Engadget report, FreedomPop’s service is a “seriously attractive alternative” to major carriers.

Read along to explore FreedomPop!

What is FreedomPop?

Founded almost a decade ago in 2011 by CEO Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, FreedomPop is wireless internet and mobile virtual network operator based in Los Angeles, California. The company boasts providing “free” IP mobile services (free data, text, and VoIP). Additionally, it also sells mobile phones, tablets, and broadband devices for use with their service.

FreedomPop’s Network

FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator that essentially provides its cellular service leveraging another carrier’s towers. The company started using Sprint’s network in the initial years and later added AT&T to the list in late 2016.

It currently uses networks of Sprint and AT&T in the United States, Three in the UK, Yoigo in Spain, and Telcel in Mexico.

The best part is that when you sign up with FreedomPop, you get to choose a SIM card or phone that works on either carrier’s network.FreedomPop---Everything-You-Need-To-Know-middle

Phones you can use with FreedomPop

As I mentioned earlier, FreedomPop also sells some mobile phones to use with their service. 

The list includes Moto E, the LG G4, LG Tribute 2, and Kyocera Hydro Icon. A renovated list ranges from the iPhone 7 to Galaxy S7, both available at discounted rates. 

You can also use your existing phone provided that- 

  • Your phone hasn’t been used on any network other than Sprint. 
  • You have an unlocked GSM phone. 

Why FreedomPop?

Who doesn’t want to end the overpaying loop and save hundreds of dollars every year? 

Data shows that people who ditch their expensive smartphone giants save about $1,400 annually. 

I’ll give you an example – Using service such as Sprint, people are paying approximately $60 per month for unlimited service. FreedomPop, on the other hand, provides the same nationwide coverage as Sprint at $19.99 per month for unlimited calls, text, and 1GB data. 

And even that’s not all! There’s more –

  • No lengthy contracts.
  • 90-day warranties.
  • Free monthly service if you prefer smaller plans. 
  • “Bring Your Own Device” program wherein you can bring over your old phone to use the service. 

FreedomPop’s Services timeline

FreedomPop is majorly designed for light users. However, there’s also a whole range of paid options that include talk and text wherein you can add high-speed data too. 

  • May 2015 – The “Unlimited Everything Plan” was introduced that drops from 4G LTE data to 3G after 1GB of data is used within a billing cycle. 
  • June 2015 – This drops to 256kbit/s for users that signed up before June 2015 or 128kbit/s for users who signed up after June 2015. 
  • November 2016 – FreedomPop launched FreedomShop in the United States, Britain, Mexico, and Spain. It started selling refurbished smartphones at up to 80% off.

Best FreedomPop plans

  • FreedomPop’s plans start with a free option wherein you get to exhaust 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data.
  • In case you opt for unlimited talk and text, your monthly bill increases as per your data addition. However, the pricing also depends on whether you use one of FreedomPop’s phones, or bring your own GSM device.
  • If you opt for FreedomPop’s own phones, you’ll have an option to buy a 4GB plan (not available to other customers).
  • The service provider also offers data-only plans (no text or call features). The free option here offers 500MB of data and exclusive access to the carrier’s 4G LTE network.
  • At a nominal rate, you’ll get the Pro 500MB plan – it adds support for FreedomPop’s 3G network. After that, at increasing rates, you get to opt for 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 10GB. 
  • On buying a SIM card from FreedomPop, you get 2GB of free 4G LTE data for the first month. After that, you need to log in to your FreedomPop account to select the free option to avoid charges.
  • There’s more! The provider also has family plans in store. Here, each member of the family can draw data from one pool of data. It offers free 50MB of data per line, which helps to grow the pool of data, especially beneficial for larger families. You’re allowed to have up to 10 lines on a FreedomPop family plan.

FreedomPop’s Special Features

  • Through FreedomPop, you can make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi. The features also include mobile hotspot support. 
  • You also get the benefit of rollover data. Here, you get to carry over 500MB per month of unused data to the next month. 
  • There’s also another option called Rollover Plus which lets you carry up to 1GB of data. 
  • The standard Rollover plan allows you to store 20GB, whereas the Rollover Plus allows 40GB.  
  • Finally, by referring FreedomPop to your friends, you can also earn additional data.

Wrapping Up – FreedomPop is a boon for the phone service industry that is no longer in disguise. With so many features to bank on, the provider rightfully describes their service as – 

  • Free to Connect – You get to connect with your family and friends for free.
  • Free to Travel – You get to travel anywhere in the world while being connected.
  • Free to Play – The obvious one! With so much money that you save, you get to do all that you enjoy.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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