In the age of customer experience, effective communication is the keystone of long-lasting company-customer relationships. The success of any kind of advertising, promotional, or marketing strategy comes down to how well the intention of your message is relayed to the target customer. If the response is positive, you know your message was delivered.

With globalization, there is obviously comfort in knowing that you can multiply your customer base all over the world now. However, the stakes for effective communication are that much higher on a global scale. A simple translation mistake/ ignorance regarding the language of another country can mean money down the drain as it did for Nike in the late ’90s when it had to recall thousands of shoes bearing a logo that resembled the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic. Businesses must be careful regarding every little communication-related aspect if they plan to go global.

Many of the new tech, apps, and software flooding the market at present are geared towards enhancing the communication capabilities of business both internally and externally. That’s not surprising, given the significance that communication assumes for business to be successful. However, there are a few unconventional tools that one might never think of in relation to making communication more effective or increasing customer sales. And yet, they do. One such left-field tool is a Dynamic Number.

For the uninitiated, a dynamic number is, simply put, a number that changes dynamically based on the source of the traffic. The process of enables marketers to measure the impact of their digital/other marketing strategies on the customer base, based on the frequency and source of the inbound phone calls.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) simply involves inserting a simple line of call tracking code on your company’s website, but though it may appear simple, it can offer a multitude of innovative advantages to your organization.

Let’s start with the basics. Simply put, Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) ensures that the right phone number is shown to the right customer. Also, an individual user when visiting your web will be shown the same number each time, regardless of the source they are visiting from. This includes the ad-source as well as the geographical source. The Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code will enable users from various countries to see phone numbers that resemble regularly used numbers in their respective countries.

Call Tracking With Dynamic Number Insertion - CallHippo

So with a Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code, what you can essentially pinpoint is:

  1. A. The exact geographical location of the caller
  2. The exact channel, keyword, PPC ad or any other online source the visitor has been directed to your website from.

What’s the prime benefit of phone call tracking? Well, if you were able to have exact knowledge of which keywords and campaigns were driving your best, most successful calls, wouldn’t you have greater insight into how best to allocate your marketing budget?  

A few seemingly small but remarkable changes you can bring about in the way your business is positioned globally with the help of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI):

  • Establish a local presence
    The Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code will display local phone numbers for you. How does this help your business? Assuming that your business wants to expand internationally, it has to establish itself locally first. But doing so the old-fashioned way can take ages. Dynamic numbers can serve as a growth-hack approach to the same.
    Firstly, when potential customers visit your website, looking for information they will see a number that won’t appear foreign or unfamiliar. This will foster trust immediately. It will encourage him to make that call to your company as he won’t have to worry about distance calling charges. Establishing a trust for your company is the first step towards building an effective local presence in any country.
  • Optimize your Budget
    As has been mentioned before, the DNI technology activates a call tracking code. Which is what makes phone call tracking possible. The Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code enables you to pinpoint the source that your customer visited your website from. Be it a specific country or a specific ad-source, when your caller analytics captures the data, it will be more than apparent to you which countries and ad-sources, PPC campaigns, etc are bringing in the most traffic, and hence the most revenue. This knowledge enables you to figure out the best way to allocate your marketing budgets.
  • Bonus: Track Social Media Effectiveness!
    Social media is still a relatively new beast when it comes to business, and advanced tools to truly gauge its effectiveness are yet to be developed. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing and phone call tracking is a great technique to get started with measuring the success of your social media content. Since the DNI call tracking code tracks the source of your caller, you are able to see how many of your callers can be traced to social media. Phone call tracking is a boon for marketers, allowing them to see the actual numbers which indicate how social is impacting their organization’s bottom line.

Bottom Line

Most customers/users will try the business phone number mentioned on your website if they are interested in your product or service. Now, if you’re still stuck with a standard landline connection, you will have zero visibility of the conversions coming through these sources.

However, if your organization is using virtual phone numbers such as those from CallHippo, you can track each and every metric down using the call tracking code and get the most out of your AdWords campaigns in the process. Invest in dynamic numbers to get complete visibility and see the numbers grow for your business!

Updated : June 11, 2021


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