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Tedious training for freshers, robust filtration processes in recruitment’s, hiring experienced yet flexible people from that market, enhancing technologies, working on projects—what for? Let us focus on the ultimate goal of any company or business establishment, and that is absolutely nothing but PROFIT. And for-profit to arrive, the first and foremost things that almost every company pays heed to is nothing but sales. It is needless to say that lead generation is the first step to achieve the objective of high sales and more profit. 

Have you ever heard of job fascinations that freshers have? Well, surveys reveal that in the past decades nearly 98.89% of total freshers across different departments across the globe, aspire to work at the developer’s end or the tester’s end. The remaining either crave for higher education and the rest are least bothered about career. Only a negligible number of students aspire to work in the sales departments of companies. But what is the reason behind this unbalanced ratio? Statistics reveal that lead generation is one of the toughest processes among the processes that are carried on in different companies. But now, with the implementation of Saas (Software as a service), things are getting better in terms of both speed and cost-efficiency.

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Let us now focus on some suggestions based on which a company can enhance its lead generation process:

Eliminate unnecessary options:

If we take a glance at the statistics of MySiteAuditor, we will be able to understand what it means to reduce the options that are just not necessary. But this step should be taken with care because, in the process, one might end up in removing important choices. The removal of navigation options from MySiteAuditor has resulted in nearly 26.39% of enhancement in the rates of conversation. Thus, it is quite evident that the elimination of unnecessary choices is one of the most significant leads generation techniques as far as surveys reveal. The presence of less number of choices is bound to ensure the reduction of confusion among customers.

Limiting access to content:

Gating content is one of the most significant yet ignored business strategies. It is not a good practice to limit the access of every content related to the company irrespective of its importance. Contents which are related to basic information about the company and other general facts should be available without any opt-in form. Once the viewer starts using the site, they should be provided with some valuable information which must be viewed through opt-ins. In this way, lead generation can be made very easy and hassle-free, without bombarding the customer with advertisements and high-value content unnecessarily.

Changing the method of delivery:

Quoteroller’s story is worth listening to when it comes to changing the method of delivery. The strategy of content marketing is very significant, and Quoteroller is well aware of that. But focusing only on high-value content lead them to nearly no progress in lead generation. So, Quoteroller then changed the format slightly. They introduced a PDF document which contained their content and allowed the customers to download it only after the customers opted in with email ids. This had to improve the lead generation process for Quoteroller, and the results just worked wonders. Surveys reveal that the overall enhancement was so much that every day, almost five leads got generated in Quoteroller on an average.

Take a Tour of SaaS

State who you are clearly:

In some cases, due to the highly unprofessional designing of the “About Us” page of websites, people fail to understand the real service that the company provides. In addition to that, sometimes people get confused about whether a particular feature or product is available on the website. Thus, if any company chooses to implement the best of the business strategies, this point should not be missed. Apart from that, the About Us page enables the viewers to understand more about what a company has done before and what it is doing now.

Connect to LinkedIn:

If Facebook helps us to connect to a vast chunk of people, like relevant pages, and follow people of our choice, LinkedIn provides the best social media network platform for official purposes. In today’s zone of rowdiness, it is a sage thing to use social media as one of the lead generation techniques. Statistics reveal that more than 5000 micro-businesses were able to strengthen their feet in the soil of business just because of the correct timing of pushing content on LinkedIn. Compelling CTAs are an absolute necessity when it comes to connecting with LinkedIn. 

Q and A:

It is one of the most popular business strategies that companies need to learn. Questions and answers should be designed very well in the form of FAQs. While designing them, people associated with the process must look at things from the customers’ point of view. That is the most important criteria while designing these questions. It is also very important to keep in mind that FAQs won’t be able to cover all of the doubts that customers are more likely to create a query. It is good to have a chat-bot that will engage in conversations with people.

Trial of Products:

What does a sales report contain? A good number of figures, some bar graphs, and pie charts. Due to this, most of the customers refrain from checking these sales reports. What they prefer is testing of the product. Have you heard usability testing examples? That is what we call product testing. This testing is entitled to the best of all lead generation techniques. It must be noted that through product testing, the companies gain the customer’s belief in them. Customers also get validated output from whichever product they buy. This practice, if continued, will surely take business across the globe to a higher level.

Using the boon of SEO:

Google, Bing, and Yandex are some of the popular search engines that we use most of the time in our daily life. As soon as we type something that we want to see, its picture and some websites pertaining to it surround from everywhere. From where did these websites come, and how do they choose between two different websites? Thus, it is needless to know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology enables a quick view of the websites and lists a preference according to which the options are displayed. It is important to remember that the SEO is of two types—On-Page SEO as well as Off-Page SEO.

This facility is also equally responsible in order to improve the lead generation process. It is not at all wrong that inbound marketing causes a noticeable decrease in the expenditure of AdWords. But at the same time, it has to be remembered that people do not refrain from clicking on to the SEO advertisements. So, it will not be a wise decision to nullify the opening of pay per click very quickly. Generally, people don’t want to remove the opportunity of having pay per click. But in some cases, people do not want to avail this facility.

Advantage of co-marketing:

Peaceful co-existence is what needed in the system of co-marketing. The basic idea of co-marketing is that two companies with the common objective of marketing their contents can come up together and start co-market campaigns. 

SaaS, in today’s world, can almost build a one-step solution for problems like maintenance of electric kettle. Most importantly, the company should first know what they want to do to promote the lead generation process. SaaS has already come. In no time, it will start grabbing the market. Thus, we all need to analyze first and then implement the suggestions that we believe will work for.

Updated : August 11, 2021


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