With the advent of technology and the disposal of pen and paper (sadly though!), keeping a track of your tasks is easier than ever. The same is the case with the real estate business sector where agents need to juggle with so many activities all at once. In such a scenario, some handy tools on your desktop can serve as a life-saver – by streamlining your workflows, multiplying your output, and simplifying your load.


Today, let’s take you through the top 10 tools that you must have on your desktop if you are a real estate agent. 

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Top 10 tools that are a must-have on the desktop of any real estate agent


1. G Suite  

G Suite is an all-inclusive package that comes with some of the regularly used tools, including Gmail, Hangouts, and Google Docs, among others. These apps are needed to maintain uninterrupted communication with your clients and keep all your documents in one place. Google Calendar is another important tool, which enables you to streamline and synchronize your events while keeping track of meetings, conference calls, etc. Google Cloud allows you to store everything on a single platform while Microsoft Outlook, iCalendar, and Google+ are other essential apps that are embedded with G Suite. 


2. Evernote

Evernote is just like a paper notebook but digital and enhanced with several added features. It is a type of data storage where you can store vast amounts of information. You can even use this tool to share information with your contacts and clients. Other features include the Evernote PDF-search and the ability to search for anything within scanned images. 


3. Trello

One of the widely used and most popular project management tools among real estate agents is – which is complete with guidelines, Gant diagrams, and zero efficacy. It is endowed with an easy-to-use interface and offers the ability to keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. You can use Trello to add files, assign deadlines, distribute tasks, and communicate with partners. It even integrates effortlessly with other apps such as Slack and IFTT, among others. 


4. Todoist

A type of online checklist, Todoist is exclusively conceptualized for businesses and offers a simple interface, coupled with the simplest language recognition technology – which means that with a single sentence, you can schedule repetitive tasks and share information with business contacts and colleagues. It also has the option of setting priority levels and tracking the status of ongoing tasks. 


5. Contactually

Contactually is a comprehensive CRM tool that is perfect for small to medium companies, startups, and even individuals running their own real estate business. You can use it to communicate with several customers and it is endowed with multiple features, including the import of contacts from various sources, merging accounts, designing templates, bulk messaging, segmenting, and creating business reviews. You can additionally customize it as per your need and comes with an open-source API infrastructure.




6. CamScanner 

As real estate agents, you must know the urgency of scanning documents and sharing them instantly with your stakeholders. CamScanner makes this job really easy. You can install it on your smartphone or desktop to scan editable versions of documents. Moreover, it gives you the option of protecting documents through passwords or watermarks. It even allows the user to merge files to create a full document.


7. OmniFocus

A must-have tool for Apple users, OmniFocus is software that allows real estate agents to schedule tasks, manage notes and keep track of the team’s performance. It has a responsive and user-friendly interface, which enables you to dissect your project into mini segments for better monitoring. It can be integrated with all your Apple devices.


8. Mortgage Calculator

Lengthy calculations are a part and parcel of the job of any real estate agent. Mortgage Calculator ensures that all your calculations are correct and you don’t have to take the help of excel and complicated formulas. 


9. Slack

Slack is a messaging platform that merges all your communications in a single platform. You can even segment your conversations as per the primary subject. It is customizable and offers the option of sending notifications, muting unnecessary conversations, and facilitating the import and export of data – both internally and externally. Slack can be integrated with other tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and GitHub, among others.


10. CallHippo

Rounding up this list is CallHippo offering you a virtual real estate phone system that you can carry on-the-go, without a telephone line or a SIM card. All you need is a device with an internet connection. This cloud-based real estate phone solution is embedded with features like call transfer, call conference, call queuing, call barging, smart call forwarding, team collaboration, and call analytics, among others. 

So, what do you think? Which of the above tools for real estate agents will you install on your desktop next? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated : February 17, 2021


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