Virtual telephony is the future of telecommunications and has made a huge splash worldwide in the corporate arena! virtual phone systems are a real business asset and research has proven that these miraculous platforms are capable of reducing the cost of international calling by over 90% in the long run.

A virtual phone number can ensure that your organization gains a number of benefits.  Take the decision to buy a virtual PBX phone system to enhance operational efficiency, streamline business communication practices, and infuse productivity in your work environment. Companies all over the globe have accepted virtual phone systems as a game-changer that can help them achieve a significant competitive advantage over business rivals.

One major aspect that leads organizations to hesitate over investing in a virtual phone number is the price – not being sure or certain about the pricing of virtual phone systems may lead to doubts about the return on investment. Cost-effectiveness is a vital factor that has to be considered before we buy a virtual PBX phone system.

Let us understand how virtual phone number pricing works to get a clear picture of the dynamic factors involved in the pricing policy! Once you choose a service provider, here are a few factors that determine the final price package of your virtual phone number:

Telephone Number

A virtual phone number takes your communication capability to a completely new level as it is based on the web rather than traditional fixed telephone lines. It is virtual in nature unlike a landline wired system and can make your inbound/outbound calling extremely simple and structured. There are two types of virtual phone numbers:

1. Standard Number – This type of number is easily acquired for more developed countries such as the US, UK, France, Italy, and South Africa. Since the cost of getting these numbers is lower, they are generally very cost-effective for companies and can help your organization accrue massive savings.

2. Premium Number – A premium number is not very easy to procure and is acquired for developing countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and India.  Your pricing is based on the service providers negotiating ability and costing – however premium numbers also provide a high level of cost-efficiency in the long run.

You also need to decide the kind of virtual phone system you need based on your business model and company requirements. You may decide to opt for a fixed landline number, a customer toll-free number for better customer engagement, or a mobile virtual phone number. Prices are generally given on a virtual telephone service provider’s website, and you may be required to pay a one–time setup cost following which monthly charges or an annual package can be selected.

Number of Users

Most virtual telephony service providers charge for the number of users who avail of the services of the virtual phone system. The users can be individuals, entrepreneurs, and sales or support teams who access the virtual phone number.

CallHippo that is a leading global virtual telephone service provider allows for two free users per number – which is ideal for most small businesses and startups! Most companies charge differently according to the number of users, so make sure to be prepared for your price package to change depending on the number of agents who will access your virtual phone system!

Calling Credits

It is important to be aware that the volume of inbound/outbound calling can have a huge impact on your final pricing. Some virtual telephone service providers give a fair usage policy that includes a particular number of free international calling minutes – once your calling credits have been exhausted, your organization will need to pay the per-minute cost of incoming/outgoing calls.

There is no doubt that getting a virtual phone number is an amazing way to revolutionize your workflow output and promote seamless communication. Choose a reliable and credible service provider such as CallHippo to give your business a competitive edge through your virtual phone system. If you decide to buy a virtual PBX phone system, make sure to select a suitable package according to your calling needs.

CallHippo has the following packages that can be further customized for your business calling requirements:

  • Bronze Plan: This is the basic plan that is ideal for companies that have a high number of outbound calls or need to conduct cold calling operations. Since it does not cater for incoming calls, the bronze plan is the perfect option to minimize your outbound calling costs.
  • Silver Plan: This widely accepted and popular plan is the best choice for small business teams of 5-10 users. It provides calling options for 40+ countries with a standard number, and you can personalize the package according to your company requirements.
  • Platinum Plan: This is a great plan for companies as it provides 700 additional free calling minutes per extra user. This plan is economically priced at 40$ per month, and an annual package can reduce the rate to a minimal 35$ per month.

Buy a virtual PBX phone system to enjoy amazing advantages such as call forwarding and call recording at a pocket-friendly price. CallHippo can change your business fortunes – make sure to invest in an excellent business phone system to escalate your bottom line profits to the pinnacle of success!

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