Founded in 2009, this freeware has weaved itself into our lives like nothing else. Not many of us can imagine our smartphones without WhatsApp, and it’s only fair to say that this messenger is at the top of its game right now.

WhatsApp is essentially a Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. that allows you to do much more than exchanging text messages. 

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Here are the 14 WhatsApp features that matter

Reliable Messaging WhatsApp helps you send messages to anyone, anywhere. In today’s day and age, where our entire world fits in our smartphones, this kind of application couldn’t be more appreciated. This messenger uses the internet to send texts so that you end up spending a lot less in comparison to traditional SMS.  

Group Chat If unlimited chatting with a single person wasn’t enough, there’s a group chat option that seals the deal. It can be quite a hassle to send individual messages to your contacts when you want to say the same thing to a set of people. Whether it’s discussing a family event or planning a work meeting, group chat will ease the process for you. How? On a WhatsApp group, you can add up to 256 contacts, and share a text, picture, video, or your location with everyone in the group at once. 

Photos and videos – WhatsApp allows you to share photos and videos from all over the world with your contacts. You do not even need a super high-speed connection for that. It can send across photos and videos even if you’re on a slow connection. Also, there’s no need to access the phone’s gallery to send these. You can use WhatsApp’s built-in camera to click and share instantly.

Bonus: You do not need a separate app to edit the pictures. You can do that on WhatsApp itself just before sending them across.

Documents Remember the time when the only option to share documents, PDFs, slideshows, etc. used to be emails or file-sharing apps? What a hassle it was! But, not anymore. With WhatsApp, you can share up to 100 MB files without having to log in to your emails. You can share any kind of file instantly just when you need it.

Voice messages – There’s no dearth of features on WhatsApp. And another interesting one is voice messages. Whether you’re feeling too lazy to type or want to put across a message too quickly, voice messages help you do both. With just a single click, you can record and send the messages to your contacts.

Search – There are multiple occasions where we need to revisit our conversations to find an important file that was shared, or for a picture or a video, or just for confirming some information. The reasons may vary. But without a search option, you’ll have to go through thousands of messages to find that one message. Through search option, on the other hand, you can search a message by its keywords or group of words and land at the exact message. Quite time-saving, isn’t it?

Video and Voice Calls Let’s face the fact – text messaging is not always enough. WhatsApp understands this well. It facilitates voice and video calls that help you connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. The app uses your internet connection to make these calls so that you do not have to worry about the expensive calling charges (especially when you need to connect to someone internationally).WhatsApp---14-Features-That-Matter-Middle

WhatsApp Web – This messenger serves its users by seamlessly integrating the devices it works on. That means it’s not only your smartphone that supports WhatsApp but also your laptop, desktop, and tablet. The best part is that the entire conversation smoothly syncs with other devices; so, you don’t have to worry about data loss. Also, if you need to share a file from your computer on your WhatsApp, you do not need to transfer it to your smartphone first. You can send it directly using the WhatsApp Web. 

Security – It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the most important feature of all. Why? WhatsApp is a platform where we share our life’s moments with our friends and family. Some of the most personal conversations take place on the platform. To maintain confidentiality, there’s a need for security so that no one (except the two people involved in the conversation) can read or listen to your messages. End-to-end encryption makes that possible. 

Platform independent – WhatsApp is a platform-independent service. Here, you do not need to own the same phone as your contact to make calls or send texts. The app is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows phones, or Mac, and Windows desktops and laptops. You can use WhatsApp on a computer to send and receive messages, but not to make calls.

Adding people – Adding people to the app requires no effort. All you need to do is – be on WhatsApp, and the contacts that are using the app will automatically appear on your WhatsApp contact list. Also, if your contacts are not using WhatsApp already, you can invite them to leverage the benefits of the platform with a single click.

Live location – WhatsApp lets you share your location in real-time. This is highly helpful when you are going to meet someone at a crowded location and unable to find them. With the location feature, you’ll not only get the exact current location but also directions to reach that location. 

Message back-up – WhatsApp is interoperable with Google. So, you get the facility to save a copy of your message history to Google Drive. If you are not on Google, you can save the same on your phone’s memory. 

No log-in – You do not need an id or password for WhatsApp. You are always logged in. 

The instant notifications never let you miss a message, and you can switch them on or off as per your convenience. 

Conclusion It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that WhatsApp has disrupted the communication service sector like never before. This is one application most of us bank on for our personal and professional needs. And so far, it has always stood up to our expectations.

Updated : May 12, 2021


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