Every kind of business tries hard to come a little close to the customers, save a great deal of operational cost, and have a better local presence. However, only having local phone numbers by their side, can achieve it. 

A perfect example of high-grade cloud technology, a local phone number allows a business to explore the farthest business opportunities spread within and outside the US without running out of limited investments. 

Local business phone number- Integrating success without any boundaries 

A local phone number is a type of business cloud telephony system that represents a particular region/location. You can identify it by the 3 digit code used as a prefix in the number. Businesses seeking global expansion can be benefitted from this type of cloud telephony service. 

As all of its components are already deployed over the cloud, you can gain a local presence in any community/location without being actually present there.

For example, if you want to expand your business in West Los Angeles (310 area code) while you don’t want to move from South Bay (424 area code) then getting the local phone number of 661 area code is the ideal way out. You can easily use it from a number with 213 area code while your customers situated in California will think that you are located near to them. 

This kind of freedom makes a huge difference when it comes to your business success. Here is how a local phone number supports your success. 

  • Be omnipresent 

To upkeep your promise of 24/7 availability, you must gain some superpowers. Well, CallHippo local number is that superpower. By using it, you can work from a remote location as long as you have an internet connection and data-driven device. 

Calls can be routed anywhere in the world based upon the criteria selected. For example, your newly opened office in New York City (332 area code) is still under construction but the marketing has made the customers aware of your presence in the area and they started calling you.  

In that case, you can choose to route the incoming calls to another well-established office in Illinois (464 area code). Your agents sitting in that office will entertain the calls for a while. Isn’t it easy? 

  • Work without a physical office


Having a virtual local presence is easy but a physical presence demands huge investments which are not everyone’s cup of tea. To have a physical address in area code, you either have to rent commercial property or own office space. Both options come with huge upfront investments and some legal formalities. 

Needless to say that doing this is a time-consuming affair as well. The process of buying a local phone number from a leading service provider like CallHippo is free from all these hassles. You can buy it just as you buy any other online utility. 

A valid email ID and payment resource are enough to get it. Without having a physical presence in any area code, you can gain reliable virtual presence using a local number. Not only the location but the time zone of your physical address and business local number can also be different. 

That being said it won’t make any difference in your virtual local presence in the targeted area code. You can still answer the incoming calls, send emails, create reports, and do whatever you want to do without facing any hassles.  

  • One solution for all requirements 

We know that calls are not the only way that customers use these days to connect with a business. They can post on your social media pages, fill an inquiry form on the website, prefer to live chatting with you or drop a voicemail and expect the callback. Hence, you must get hold of something that can handle every bit of the mentioned things. 

The unified communication ability of a local number makes it an ideal tool to get hold of all these communication abilities. 

Getting the right kind of local number  

We know that the benefits of a local number are highly impressive and can’t be ignored and must have tempted you to get it today. However, before you make any further move, you must learn that you should always get it from a trusted service provider. 

Local phone number bears a lot of operational burdens and carries forward your business. Hence, you can’t be casual while choosing it. Make sure you must get it from a trusted service provider like CallHippo. If you are on the right path, you can grow twice your actual size in no time. In that case, you would like to explore other promising local markets as well. 

With CallHippo, you can easily get a local number of any area code throughout the US. 

213 area code

310 area code

312 area code

323 area code

332 area code

347 area code

424 area code

464 area code

646 area code

661 area code

708 area code

773 area code 

all are available under one roof. 

This makes sense when we talk about saving crucial work hours as you need not hunt for a new service provider each time you seek new local expansion. So, make sure that your business is having a local presence in almost every promising market with 213 area code, 310 area code, 312 area code, 323 area code, 332 area code, 347 area code, 424 area code, 464 area code, 646 area code, 661 area code, 708 area code, and 773 area code. 

All area codes are the most popular choice throughout the US. Pick any one or more than one of your choice and start expanding today with the right local number. 

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