If raising the productivity of your employees is not a KPI for your business this year, then you are unaware of how important it is and the effects it has on your business. When you raise the productivity of your employees you will see many positive changes, including but not limited to, higher profits, lesser resource wastage, and lower operational costs. Office productivity is key in all areas of your business. A happier and more productive sales team is going to be better at sales prospecting. A more productive marketing team will get more done in a workday than one that isn’t. It is a very straightforward theory but one that is not optimized.

There are many ways to raise productivity in your office. And not all of these demands a massive budget. There are a few simple changes that can lead to higher office productivity. A recent study that found that an office that is empowered, one which the employee had input when deciding the decor, was up to 30% more productive.

The study also found that only 58% of people surveyed said that their office had art on the wall. This means that 42% of offices are missing out on an easy way to raise their employees’ productivity. There are numerous online companies that you can upload and print your photo to large photo prints. That is a quick fix for raising your productivity. Furthermore, If you want to raise the productivity of your support center, get them an on-demand VoIP service so that they only need an internet connection and need not be tied down to a desk.

Raising your employees’ productivity is key to any successful business. The more productive your support workers are, the better they will work and the more profits your business will accrue. 2019 is the year of office productivity. So, if you don’t have a plan yet, put one in place ASAP.

Updated : April 5, 2021


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