Communication – it can make or break your chances of business success. Technology is a game-changer in the field, and innovative news tools such as virtual phone systems have revolutionized the face of modern telecommunication. In fact, by 2020, the VoIP user base will increase to 204.8 billion subscribers.

If you are not communicating well with your employees, partners, clients, or stakeholders, it’s high time to make a few changes and get the ball rolling. Setting up a smooth communication system for your organization is a challenging task. However, get a PBX phone system to transform your business communication for all kind of businesses

All these terms may seem a bit confusing at first. So, let us check out what is actually meant by a PBX phone system? The acronym PBX, which we commonly come across while researching VoIP options means Private Branch Exchange. They are widely used worldwide and can serve as an intelligent communication platform for all kinds of organizations – start-ups, small-medium sized enterprises, and even giant multinational corporations.

PBX is a term that describes an advanced business-grade phone system. PBX phone solutions offer vital voice functions that help organizations run their daily operations. Some key facilities include dial extension options, call routing, customer waiting for queues, music on hold, and video conferencing.

How Do VoIP PBX Systems Work?

It is difficult to convince senior management to shift to new communication systems, especially if they have been using traditional wired phone lines for a long time. Managers feel that investing in PBX phone numbers would be a complete overhaul, take time, and require lots of maintenance. That is far from the truth, as on-premise IP PBX solutions are user-friendly, hassle-free and can be set-up at hardly any time.

Nowadays, companies do not use analog PBX platforms as they cannot be upgraded or expanded. Internet protocol (IP) PBX systems facilitate users to make calls over the internet and provide high-quality audio at a cost-effective price. It is possible to connect phones to the private branch exchange over an office’s LAN (local area network). There is no need for any complex equipment, and PBX systems offer tons of diverse business functions.

What To Lookout For In A PBX Phone System?

Now that you have decided to take the plunge and get a sophisticated PBX system for your organization, what do you do next? Well, for starters, make sure that you make the right choice.

It is essential to be aware of your corporate communication requirements before you test the waters. Speak to a reliable VoIP provider, and find out the various options available in the market. Do not be in a tearing hurry, as you need to plan well and get the best communication solution for the long run.

If you have no idea what to look out for a while purchasing a PBX system, check out this curated list to help your organization make its final choice:

  • Scalability: If your company is getting a virtual phone system, make sure that it is scalable. All businesses grow at a different pace, and as they expand, so do the communication requirements. Most service providers give scalable PBX solutions so that managers can purchase extra modules at any future point of time. This will ensure that your previous communication system does not become redundant in case of organizational growth, and enhances longevity.
  • Security: Every business needs to keep its sensitive information safe so that it does not reach any unauthorized person. PBX phone systems ensure that valuable client data is safe as it has many pre-installed security measures. Since most VoIP phone systems are cloud-based, they store huge chunks of company information. It is accessible only to authorized personnel and has integrated security measures such as password protection and firewalls. Hence, investing in VoIP solutions is a smart way to keep your crucial data away from miscreants and hackers in the environment.
  • Call Screening: One great benefit of getting PBX phone platforms is that they allow users to screen and even block calls. This is very useful as at times; employees need to avoid specific calls. Team members get to know who is calling through a caller ID display system and can decide whether they want to respond. It is also possible to block specific phone numbers by directly sending them to voicemail or making sure they always hear a busy tone when they call. Call screening is a smart facility that makes sure that your team members do not receive unwanted calls.
  • Many Extensions: It is better to invest in a PBX system that has a number of extensions. This helps customers connect immediately to support representatives as they can directly connect to a required extension. Most service vendors provide great deals to buy extensions even at a later stage. Organizations should choose a VoIP phone package that includes many extensions as that is a wise business move that can bring about many advantages.

IP PBX System

    • Call Forwarding: This is one of the most significant features in IP PBX phone systems. The call forwarding features allows users to forward business calls directly from the office line to any other landline or mobile number. This facility boasts accessibility, and it ensures that not even a single customer call gets missed. Employees do not need to remain glued to the office premises, as they can easily receive business calls even if they are travelling or are in a different geographical location. Having call forwarding helps businesses keep ahead of their client communication, and increases satisfaction levels due to superior quality service.
    • Name Directory: VoIP phone platforms are highly useful for companies that need to make a high number of client calls on a daily basis. Call agents in such companies often find it difficult to know details about who they are calling, and this may make it difficult to forge a personal connection with prospective clients. IP PBX solutions have a unique facility where it can help users find details about a phone number through a call directly. Availability of all types of information such as previous call conversations and general customer history makes it easier for support representatives to engage deeply with clients.
    • Flexibility: It is important to choose an IP PBX system that is agile and responsive to the business environment. It should have all the latest technological advancements so that it can facilitate easy data sharing and streamline team collaboration. Your VoIP platform should have sophisticated call analytics options so that managers can view real-time data and improve business performance. PBX phone solutions are your lifeline to the outer world – make sure to get the best customizable package for your organization to gain a competitive advantage!
    • No Hardware issues: It is a massive myth that virtual phone solutions are complicated and heavy on hardware requirements. It actually has no significant requirements other than a high-speed internet connection. PBX phone solutions are incredibly user-friendly, and it has no complex installation or maintenance requirements. Getting a virtual phone platform gives companies a lifelong asset – it does not require hefty capital and provides a high return on investment.

If you are looking for an affordable and supportive telecommunication system for your organization, stop your search right here. Do not lose out on the chance to switch over to VoIP phone systems as they can transform your work environment positively.

Virtual telephony is the future and can change the way companies communicate with their surroundings. They open multiple channels of two-way communication for your customers and delight them with quality service. Invest in the best IP PBX phone system to boost operational efficiency and build a robust communication structure. It is the fastest way to make a splash in your business domain and increase all vital bottom-line results.

Want to dig into it more? We get it. Getting your basics right in the first place is crucial to pick the best fit for your business.

We have got your back. Here is all you’ll ever need in understanding virtual office phone systems

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Updated : July 26, 2021


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